Ponta do Ouro

The small Mozambique Beach Holiday town of Ponto da Ouro is only 10 kilometres from the South African border therefore highly accessible for most travellers. A wonderful combination of pristine beaches and lush indigenous vegetation, this beach destination is also well developed to offer visitors shops, banks, restaurants and nightlife.

Mozambique Accommodation choices at Ponto do Ouro range from rustic campsites, dive camps, motels and B & B facilities to self-catering, luxury guest houses, chalets, spas and lodges. Visitors to this holiday hub are there for the diving with dolphins, whale watching, excellent scuba diving, game fishing, sightseeing – and of course, socialising.

Ponto do Ouro is a veritable cache of experiences and biodiversity waiting to be explored: inland lakes, sweeping grasslands and thick forests make this a place of adventure and relaxation all in one.

Ponto do Ouro is a fantastic Mozambique Holiday Destination. Visitors cannot get bored: explore the dense dune forests with a 4×4 scenic tour or walk the main streets visiting the open-air markets and eager curio sellers. Lastly, sit down and enjoy the local cuisine at Ponta do Ouro restaurants and bars while watching the sun go down.

Ponta do Ouro or “Point of Gold” is so named because early Portuguese explorers believed unreliable maps which informed them that gold could be found there. Upon arrival however, they found that the dunes were rich in black titanium instead – the only gold was the sun setting into the infinite ocean!

Understated chic meets sea at Hotel Phaphalati. Located at the southern tip of Mozambique just a short drive north of the coastal village of Ponta do Ouro and close to the Kosi Bay border, this magnificent hotel is ideally placed to afford South African visitors a memorable beach holiday.

2017 From: R 690 per room per night

Deep down in the south of Mozambique tourists will find a sublime place to stay on a spectacular piece of coastline where the dolphins play – this is Paraiso do Ouro Resort .

2017 From: R 450 per person sharing per night

Mar e Sol is tranquil Mozambique Accommodation yet close to busy facilities if need be.

2017 From : R340 per person , min 4 people

Start a Mozambique Special Package from this small town only 12 kilometres from the South African border at Kosi Bay.

2016 From : R1 600 per apartment

Kaya Kweru Resort is a friendly Mozambique Holiday Resort only a few steps from the beach at Ponto D’Ouro.

From : R 650 per person sharing per night