Why We Love Nghunghwa Lodge

Stunning tropical sunsets, shimmering beaches and sultry hot weather on the magnificent coast of Mozambique and Bilene Lagoon.

It’s so easy to relax here where an enormous lagoon meets the sea and where water sports dominate every day in a summery paradise.

Experience the spectacular show of Turtle Bay, where leatherback turtles breed and a kaleidoscope of fish can be seen dancing around the reefs when diving or snorkelling.

Savour the lively a-la-carte restaurant and bar with its upbeat atmosphere and menu delighting in Mediterranean flavours and nuances.

Luxury Accommodation at Nghunghwa Lodge on Bilene Lagoon

Nghunghwa Lodge in Bilene is named after the regal Fish Eagle, a magnificent bird of prey which soars here above the vast dazzling Uembje Lagoon. Our amazing holiday packages to this first-class accommodation in Bilene can’t be ignored and neither can the haunting cry of the Fish Eagle as it draws ocean lovers from South Africa and beyond. On the magnificent coast of Mozambique, you will find Bilene. The home of Nghunghwa Lodge, a hidden piece of paradise. Special holiday deals just 180 km north of Maputo!  

Nghunghwa Lodge lies nearly 5 km from Bilene’s Uembje Lagoon and entices guests to its sparkling swimming pool, tropical garden, bar and Portuguese restaurant. Picture 12 luxury timber chalets perched strategically in the dune forests on 15 km of lakeside beauty and the Indian Ocean just beyond that. Nature is the playground for families, couples and friends on holidays away from busy lives. Untouched beaches and clear snorkelling waves make Bilene the Mozambique destination of choice for all visitors who want to bird, dive, boat and swim. 

Luxury accommodation at Nghunghwa Lodge offers various modern amenities for special comforts on a beach vacation in a presidential or honeymoon suite, 7 houses with two bedrooms and 4 houses with three bedrooms. Amenities include ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, spacious patios overlooking the lagoon, Wi-Fi and fully equipped kitchens. 

The Bilene market sells fresh vegetables and bread while local fishermen sell fresh fish and prawns. Guests at Nghunghwa Lodge can enjoy a Full English breakfast with ocean views before making the most of pleasurable activities such as snorkelling and canoeing. If you are looking for relaxed beach accommodation, Bilene is the place to be. Whether water or land activities attract your attention, your days will be filled with excitement – 4×4 and quad trails crisscross the area and the lagoon and sea provide great fishing and water sports activities.

Weddings at Nghunghwa Lodge are First Class 

Bilene can be your wedding destination and the honeymoon venue for a romantic first night in paradise. Newlyweds will appreciate the lengths that Nghunghwa Lodge goes to for couples in love and their following honeymoon in the Presidential Suite. Imagine the perfect beach wedding in Bilene as the sun sets behind you into the lake and ocean and the Fish Eagle serenades the lucky couple from the sky. The venue offers different layouts and themes and the bride usually crosses a quaint wooden bridge to get to the beach where her proud groom awaits. Start your new life together at Nghunghwa Lodge and revel in the plush honeymoon suite with special meals in the restaurant for two. 

Ocean and Land Activities at Bilene Nghunghwa Lodge 

Take to the Uembje Lagoon for days out on the water skiing, tubing, jet skiing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, sailing and swimming. Go diving and snorkelling in the ocean just beyond the lagoon mouth where long beach walks await and turtle watching is a thrill at night as these ethereal creatures emerge from the tides to lay their eggs in the sand. Fishing from the shore, the lagoon or out at sea is a huge attraction here so hook a huge sailfish if you can!

For the kids, Nghunghwa Lodge has created a small artificial lagoon and reef to kayak and explore underwater in safety while adults can plunge into the freshwater swimming pool and a 700-kilolitre saltwater pool.


  • 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Self-catering Houses
  • 1 Luxury Presidential Suite
  • Air Conditioning, showers
  • Laundry
  • Braai/Barbecue
  • Swimming pool, terrace
  • Restaurant, bar 
  • Wedding Venue, conferences & company events
  • Private Beach
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Terrace
  • Mini market


  • Beach, swimming pool
  • Water sports 
  • Snorkelling
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing

How to get to Nghunghwa Lodge

The lodge is accessible via boat and 4×4. You can park your vehicle safely in Bilene and the skipper will take your luggage to the boat. Upon booking you can arrange your method of transportation.

Via 4×4 it takes about 45 minutes from Bilene on thick sand. 

Via boat, it takes about 15 – 20 minutes.