Winter in Mozambique is the perfect time to travel which is why business people like to set up meetings and conferences during the months of June through to October in Mozambique. Mix business with pleasure during these dry, cooler months, still tropically balmy with daytime temperatures still reaching a very warm 30°C daily. Conference specials abound and Mozambique becomes your one stop shop for all business deals!

Did you know that Mozambique is presently faring very well with regards to foreign investment and that 2015 will be a bumper year for corporate travel? According to the African Economies Outlook 2014, the Mozambique economy should grow this year up to nine percent! This developing country still holds plenty of opportunity for business, industry and technology. We at Mozambique believe in the highest quality business travel and conferencing facilities. We, therefore, offer you superior accommodation, fantastic extras, special package deals and more.

In this blog, I will chat about what I call the top 5 business destinations in Mozambique – Zambézia Province, Tete, Sofala, Niassa and Nampula Provinces, all in the north where rich natural resources, history and tourism opportunities abound. Send your company into Mozambique with our experienced consultants for a team building experience that will change the way they operate forever!

Zambezia Province

Zambézia Province is the second largest in Mozambique, renowned for its spicy chicken and its montane forests. Biologists have recently discovered several new species here, which remained undiscovered in pure wilderness areas until now! Agriculture and fishing are huge in Zambezia and the locals also grow tea, cotton, citrus fruits, coconuts, sugar cane, cashew nuts, maize, rice and sugar cane. This makes it a rich resource destination.

The capital, Quelimane, is a good place to base yourself for business forays into the region: take special note of the hundreds of bicycle taxis, the amazing historical evidence and the sandy beaches. Get the best of all worlds when you stay at Zalala Beach House, an hour away from the city and close to destinations you may need for business reasons. At least you can enjoy intimate conferences in the facilities fit for 20 delegates – and it is peaceful here, in the 10 thatched chalets under the trees with private patios facing the sea. The lodge caters for all business needs and is lauded by many larger corporations.

Tete Province

Tete Province is bordered by Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, on the Zambezi River which actually splits the province in two. It is also the destination of Cahora Bassa Dam, the world’s fifth largest dam and a major water source for African countries in this region. Tete is a very hot place! Temperatures are known to rise to a scary 50°C in this centre for Mozambique coal.

The city has evolved to supply business travellers with all their necessary requirements from ATMs and banks to good hotels, cell phone reception and amazing local food.

Tete is also rich with history, situated right in the middle of the gold route which led from central Africa to Sofala port where the valuable metal was shipped to the Arab world. If you stay here on business be sure to explore the old architecture blending now with the new concrete and steel structures, the wonderful restaurants and the Samora Machel bridge over the wide Zambezi.
We recommend you stay at the Hotel Zambeze – yes, right on the river! Close to the airport and recently renovated, this Mozambique hotel boasts 84 chic rooms with room service, Wi-Fi, phones, satellite TV, minibars, private verandas and a laundry service. Appreciate the conference facilities and staff who can organise seminars of all sizes and expectations – catering and technology requirements are of world-class quality!

Sofala Province

Sofala is vast and best known for its wildlife and dense forests. Its capital, Beira, and its proximity to the mind-blowing national parks of Gorongosa and the Zambezi Delta are huge attractions for business people. Picture the magnificent floodplains, fever tree forests and endless wilderness of Gorongosa, a must on your bucket list whether you are in the province for business or leisure.

Years ago, the port of Sofala was the centre of the gold trade but today, it is a shadow of its former important self.

Most of the old stone buildings have long since collapsed and today, resources include timber, sugar and giant shrimp – not the slaves and ivory of decades ago!Mix your business dedication with your tourist wishes when you stay at the earthy M’Phingwe Lodge on the edge of the Inhamitanga National Forest. The furniture you use and admire in this timber hotel is all made locally, by Mozambicans. This is the kind of destination where naturalists will meet and seek out unusual wildlife great and small, where conservationists will gather for meetings and observations and where those who want to get back to nature will meet and get the most out of this unique setting.

If you are meeting most of the day, you will also be walking, bird watching, game viewing, recording tree species and meditating when you stay at M’Phhingwe. Chat to the receptionist to visit the TCT-Cheringoma Herbarium and its more than 1 400 samples of local plant life.

Niassa Province

Niassa Province is the largest in Mozambique and probably the most beautiful, remaining mostly uninhabited and brimming with wilderness areas. Lake Malawi, the Ruvuma River and Niassa National Reserve are the main attractions here, the capital being Lichinga.

This city is perched high on the Lichinga Plateau with views over the pine forests – a cooler city than most other Mozambique centres. Your business and conference needs are met at the luxury Girassol Lichinga Hotel where you will find a welcoming staff, air-conditioning, internet access, room service and a laundry service. Dine on quality international cuisine in between meetings and be sure to explore the cool and friendly town.

Nampula Province

Nampula Province and its capital city, Nampula, are growing in terms of natural resource production and tourism. It is a wonderful destination to explore the mangrove forests along the coast, the beautiful beaches, lush forests and the huge granite rock faces. Farmers produce things like cotton, cashew nuts, tobacco while fishing is hot in Nampula. For eco-tourism, this province is a growing attraction, rich in natural heritage.

It is natural to want to stay on the beach, with immediate access to the sea for magical swims.
So head to Nuarro Lodge on the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula in the Memba District of Nampula Province. Each rustic chic chalet has been built using local, natural materials and the lodge is set up on the dunes, looking out over Memba Bay. You don’t need aircon with all the sea breezes blowing through your large doors. Enjoy the huge beds, comfy living areas and private patio – essential for business delegates and their total relaxation. After meetings, take a stroll to Nuarro Point, an ancient coral formation and a restaurant where you can sample fresh seafood while watching the sea ebb and flow.

You may find that your business takes you to these centres one day so take our advice and book your conference and accommodation through Mozambique for the best packages and specials out there.

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