If you’ve just booked yourself a stay in beach resorts in Mozambique, you’ll be pleased to hear that an old ammo dump in Malhazine on the outskirts of Maputo is going to be turned into a nature reserve.

According to Travel Pulse, the dump saw an explosion back in 2007 caused by unprotected explosives and rusty missiles, which led to 100 local residents being killed.

The plan for the tip is to transform it into a nature park with a zoo, observation tower, botanical garden and water park, filled to bursting with all sorts of native species like antelope.

First, however, local teams in the area will have to make sure that all mines and other explosives have been safely removed before construction can begin on the 1,500-acre site. The aim in mind is to provide holidaymakers in Mozambique with an alternative to Gorongosa, where they can get a taste of the local wildlife without having to travel too far.

However, you shouldn’t discount Gorongosa based on how far away it is. It’s one of the most magical places to visit in Mozambique. Make sure you go on a safari around the park, where you’ll see all sorts of amazing animals from lions and baboons to waterbuck and wading birds.

Hiking around Mount Gorongosa is also a must for anyone on holiday in Mozambique. Make sure you take your camera so you can capture the wonderful waterfalls on film that can be found in this part of the world.

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