Mozambique is a country of many wonders

Mozambique is a country of many wonders, a place where you can stay in some of the most exotic beach resorts in the world. Furthermore, this east African country, with its wonderful Indian Ocean coastline, is also home to many welcoming and friendly towns and cities, each of which has its own character. Maputo, the colourful and fascinating capital, is one such, and the second biggest city in the country, Beira, is also popular with visitors. With a wide choice of Beira hotels offering a range of accommodation options, this bustling and lively port is as far removed from the quiet island resorts as it could possibly be.

Beira is in the central region of Mozambique

Beira is in the central region of Mozambique and is popular with tourists thanks to its multicultural heritage. Built by Portuguese rulers in the late 19thh century, it fast became a thriving city thanks to its busy port, and also shows influences of the Arabic and Chinese traders who frequented the city. Many Beira hotels hail from the early days of the city, including the spectacular Grande Hotel, which exhibits typical colonial style and occupies a location facing the Indian Ocean that is difficult to match.

As a city still developing, Beira is finding its feet rapidly in the tourism industry, and is often included as part of packages and special deals that allow visitors to stay in the city and perhaps also visit Maputo or the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, where the tranquil and exotic islands offer a chance to stay in some of the very finest of luxurious Mozambique accommodation. With more Beira hotels joining those that already exist it is clear that this is a city ready to embrace tourism, but for now, it remains a largely untouched colonial city that still reflects the influences of more than a century ago.

Beira is perhaps not as popular a holiday destination as Maputo, Pemba or the island resorts, but that should not put visitors off exploring this unexploited and unspoilt place. With excellent deals on accommodation in Beira, and access to the very best deals on the finest Beira hotels, we are the leading experts in Mozambique holidays, and our team of advisers can help put together the best package so that you can explore this amazing country to best effect. For the right deal on Beira accommodation, Maputo hotels and Mozambique beach resorts, get in touch now and we’ll help you book the holiday of a lifetime.