Breath-taking Benguerra Island accommodation in the Bazaruto Archipelago

Benguerra Island is a legendary Mozambique destination, an intricate part of the dazzling Bazaruto Archipelago. Read all about the islands and top lodges here. Breathtaking Benguerra is an isle of spectacular beauty, enormous environmental value and the best beach resorts in Mozambique. We have all the Benguerra Island information in this travel guide including all the background on luxury accommodation and ocean activities.

aerial view of Benguerra Islands
Did you know? Benguerra Island in Mozambique is the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago.

The second largest island in the string of 6 idyllic isles, Benguerra is big enough to host a few luxury lodges. The idyllic destination therefore features world-class villa accommodation at renowned beach resorts where lavish facilities pamper every guest. Exquisite powdery beaches, impressive ocean-related activities and decadent spa treatments for body and soul make these island lodges sought-after holiday destinations.

Mozambique Travel has all the inside information about Benguerra Island accommodation where people and planet matter most.  This tropical paradise in Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago is for you if you love sunshine and warm ocean water, delicious fresh seafood and plenty of solitude in nature.

Benguerra Island Accommodation

Flawless island lodges on Benguerra Island promise designer accommodation created in harmony with the environmental ethos. Villas merge with picturesque dune forests and flat white beaches while lush grasslands, wetlands, freshwater lakes and huge dunes inland create refuge for wild animals. Natural elements enhance upmarket accommodation in three chic eco-lodges that embrace pure ecotourism principles. Designer décor, opulent interiors and professional wellness facilities ensure that guests are treated every hour of their stay.

Choose exquisite villas on an island where luxury and landscape draw from each other at Benguerra Mozambique.

andBeyond Benguerra Island Lodge

Benguerra Island Accommodation AndBeyond in Mozambique
The lodge is situated on the western coast of Benguerra Island, overlooking its own beautiful palm-fringed bay about a kilometre down the beach from Azura.

AndBeyond Benguerra Island is the quintessential lavish island retreat peeping out from a lush indigenous forest onto a calm lapping ocean, so crystal clear you can see the seabed below. Tall coconut palms line the shimmering beach sands and attractive villas provide deluxe accommodation for honeymoon couples and families alike. Cool havens in the tropical heat with fans and shady decks, sparkling plunge pools, huge bathtubs and outside showers on Benguerra Island Mozambique.  &Beyond Benguerra Island has designed a unique solar lamp to assist island communities who lack electricity as candles can be dangerous. Guests can buy a solar lamp for the community when they come to stay at this ethical eco-lodge.

Rustic Chic Setting for &Beyond Benguerra Lodge

Azura Benguerra Island Lodge

Benguerra Island Mozambique Azura Retreats
The presidential villa outdoor deck at Azura Retreats

Not far down the beach, meticulously designed beach villas sprawl through the shady dune forests at Azura Retreats Benguerra. Impressive, ultra-luxurious and spacious air-conditioned chalets boast king-sized beds with mosquito nets and massive en-suite bathrooms. Picture private plunge pools, free Wi-Fi, and a spa! The community friendly Azura was the first ever resort to be built on beautiful Benguerra Island and has always been part of the island landscape conservation and community upliftment.  Beautiful furnishings were handmade by the local community and artefacts reflect other community projects from Southern Africa. Solar-powered showers and eco-detergents contribute to the ethos at Azura. The best of Benguerra Island Mozambique.

Eco-Conscious Azura Benguerra Retreats

Kisawa Sanctuary Benguerra Island Mozambique

View of Kisawa Sanctuary in Mozambique
Kisawa is the perfect blend of sustainable luxury, escape, indulgence and culture, set on the pristine Benguerra Island off the coast of Mozambique.

The new kid on the block is the Kisawa Sanctuary, a gorgeous 300-hectare haven of forest, beach and sand dunes right on the tip of Benguerra Island. Kisawa means ‘unbreakable’, an apt name for a lodge that aims to connect people, land and life. It’s a unique merging of sustainability principles for the environment, social and economic success.  Kisawa Benguerra Island strives to create a refuge for tired tourists who need wellness therapies, outdoor activities and the sheer beauty of this island environment to rejuvenate body and soul. The elegant, modern lodge incorporates ethnic Mozambican styles with upmarket and contemporary designer trends. Only 11 bungalows host privileged guests within the sanctuary with private beaches, decks, private swimming pools and sunny living areas on Benguerra Mozambique. Food is organically grown by the local people and fish is brought straight from the local boats to the table.

Kisawa Sanctuary is in a league of its own

Activities on Benguerra Island

For satisfying deep-sea diving and fishing, look no further than Benguerra Island Mozambique. Fully equipped dive centres at select beach resorts will sort out all your diving needs. Deep sea fishing trips on modern boats sporting powerful engines take eager anglers out to the big blue sea to catch marlin, barracuda, sailfish and more.

The strict catch and release policy allows fish to breed and survive in these waters. Jump into the water at the famous Two Mile Reef which is exactly two nautical miles offshore to see the incredibly rich marine life of the Indian Ocean around the Bazaruto Archipelago. The reefs have bounced back from overuse thanks to the conservation of the marine reserve. Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot the elusive, endangered dugong, grazing seagrasses on the seabed.

Surfing, kite surfing, boat cruises to the islands, stand-up paddle boarding and more keep the family entertained on Benguerra Island. Horse rides to the inland lakes, hikes to the dunes and birding outings to the beautiful mangrove swamps keep environmentalists happy. The great outdoors beckons at Benguerra eased later with a cold cocktail on the deck and a full body massage with unique natural oils.

Benguerra Island Mozambique Facts You Should Know

  • Benguerra Island Mozambique is a little smaller than the largest island in the archipelago, Bazaruto, and broke away from the mainland thousands of years ago – freshwater crocodiles still live on the island!
  • The island is 11 km long x 5.5 km wide and lies 14km offshore from Vilanculos. Portuguese explorers also gave the island the name Santa Antonio after one of their saints and today it offers a spiritual retreat in nature – hikes into the dune forests, picnics on pristine white beaches, PADI dive courses into exceptional dive sites, brilliant horseback riding and mind-blowing fishing.
  • Declared a national park in 1971, the Bazaruto Archipelago is a refuge for marine megafauna and includes all island communities in vital ocean conservation initiatives – Benguerra Island lodges all support the schools, fisherfolk and farmers.
  • Extremes between high and low tides create the perfect picnic sites on isolated sand banks that arise out of the sea on Benguerra Mozambique. At high tide, access to the ocean for swimming is much easier.

Benguerra Island Mozambique promises visitors days filled with outside action balanced with plenty of chill time. Island adventures for the family, cosy romance for honeymoon couples, it’s all here. View some of the over 140 bird species including pretty pink flamingos on inland hikes.

An aerial view of guests having a picnic on the beach at Azura Mozambique
Guests having a stunning beach picnic near Azura Retreats in Mozambique. Nothing beats the stunning clear waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago!

Imagine Benguerra Island holiday experiences like these in a customised Mozambique holiday package deal with inclusive helicopter flights. Imagine waking every morning to a crimson sunrise, a flat blue sea and pure silence. This travel guide will surely whet your appetite for a dream island break in Africa with all the Benguerra Island and lodge information you need.

Benguerra Island is our top honeymoon destination.

How to get to Benguerra Island?

Direct international flights from South Africa into Vilanculos Airport every day give you easy access to Benguerra Island and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Combine the islands with Southern Mozambique package holidays with daily flights from Maputo.

LAM (Air Mozambique) and Ethiopian Air operate one flight daily, every day of the week from Johannesburg (OR Tambo) and return. Flying time is around two hours.

SA Airlink offers scheduled flights from Johannesburg International to Vilanculos on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. (Daily flights into Vilanculos)

A Kruger Safari combined with a Mozambique holiday package is now easily achievable. Check with our consultants for our beach and bush packages.