Maputo is the Bleisure Capital of Mozambique

Hotels and tourists in Maputo Mozambique have rated the capital city as the best ‘bleisure’ travel destination in the country because it offers a unique blend of business travel highlights and leisure delights. Business travel is growing the economy as flights to Mozambique increase and improve, and hotel accommodation offers luxury clean, modern facilities. The new business visa to Mozambique has been extended from 30 to 90 days to attract more companies to enjoy and invest in the country.

Tourists can use the new e-visa to travel to Mozambique and visa waivers now apply to a total of 72 countries to benefit both leisure and business travellers – or ‘bleisure’ enthusiasts. A new conventions bureau will soon be launched to assist Mozambique in hosting meetings, conferences, seminars, team-building events and special occasions. The incredible Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre is already attracting business delegates from far and wide.

pool courtyard at Southern Sun Maputo Hotel in Mozambique
Mozambique and it’s capital, Maputo, has become an attractive destination for business and commerce with some of the best accommodation to support it!

Business travel to Mozambique is growing in 2024 as the country develops and attracts investors. Business travellers to Mozambique are usually seeking a convenient and professional base from which to operate. They need to work in comfortable surroundings and an appropriate place in which to meet people, hold conferences or seminars and eat and drink well. They seek luxury accommodation with quality amenities, excellent food and drinks – and somewhere to exercise or enjoy leisure activities. 

Maputo offers all of these and more! Most conference delegates start and end business trips in Maputo. The capital city is a fantastic city featuring premier hotels, ocean-view lodges, welcoming guest houses and bed and breakfasts. Maputo is also humming with top nightclubs and a range of world-class restaurants and bars.

Browse the best restaurants and nightclubs in Maputo here

Maputo is the conference capital of Mozambique, the convenient base for business travellers who join seminars related to industry, education, construction and infrastructure, human health, the arts and sciences, the medical field, and recreation. Mozambique business travel can be easy! Flights to Maputo land regularly from South Africa and abroad, and hotels usually have transfer services. 

Business Accommodation and Incentives in Mozambique

Maputo is the best business base for delegates to book a luxury room with a view over the city lights. Prime hotels showcase upgraded meeting rooms, high-tech gyms, spas for massages and beauty treatments, and swimming pools for those hot summer days. Business accommodation and incentives in Mozambique start and end in Maputo.

Large dining room table with numerous chairs and lanterns above in Hotel Cardoso
Hotel Cardoso is a 4-star hotel boutique in Maputo. The perfect hotel for your holidays or business trip!

From business meetings to international conferencing, Mozambique accommodation for business travellers is diverse – a choice of small, intimate guest houses with adequate meeting rooms to large, fancy, high-tech conference rooms in five-star hotels. These include the grand old lady, Polana Serena, built in 1922 and offering full conference packages and banqueting services with outstanding visual and technological equipment. The famous Radisson Blu Hotel is on top of business demands with a choice of 9 air-conditioned meeting rooms for both large and small conferences, board meetings and team-building events.

Mozambique Travel offers accommodation specials in Maputo

In addition, many business people travelling to Maputo are gravitating towards the new Maputo Millennium Centre in the heart of the city. Companies that require conference facilities or meeting rooms can hire a space in this state-of-the-art building. Not far away is the landmark Joaquin Chissano International Conference Centre (JCICC), a gemstone in the cluster of venues available for professional seminars. 

The JCICC can take up to 1000 delegates in its Grand Plenary Hall and there are also grand banqueting rooms with glass walls and stunning gardens where events or functions can be arranged! Take six-star business services, audiovisual equipment and various seating arrangements and add to this internet access, onsite catering, wheelchair access and easy accessibility and you have a remarkable conference centre in Maputo. 

Mozambique is a fantastic team building destination for business travellers.  Incentive travel is on the rise as more companies give their staff rewards for hard work, discounts on beach holidays, adventure sports on team building bleisure holidays and added perks to try harder at work the following month. 

View of Mount Gorongosa in the distance, Mozambique
Gorongosa National Park is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world, and is home to a number of endemic bird species.

This tropical African country is brimming with choice when it comes to interactive activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, dune boarding, kite surfing, sailing, pubbing and dancing the night away. Some of the best safari tours entertain companies from all over the globe who seek thrilling game drives as incentives between conferences – Gorongosa and Maputo National Parks offer ideal venues for bleisure trips in Mozambique.

Visit Gorongosa National Park after a meeting

Many organisations resort to incentive travel to see Mozambique and meet new cultures from a luxury hotel with all expenses paid. Choose the fabulous Maputo Southern Sun Hotel with its two fully equipped conference rooms accommodating up to 20 delegates – complete with flipchart, overhead projector, slide projector and whiteboard. A full business centre, courier service, secretarial services and postal services ensure nothing is left undone.

Getting to Mozambique for Business Meetings

  • Drive: Jump on a large ‘luxury’ bus that travels daily between Johannesburg and Maputo via the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post. Easy travel on the new tarmac to Maputo, Ponta Mamoli and Ponta do Ouro has cut travel times by several hours for leisure and business travellers from South Africa. Enter Mozambique in the south at the Kosi Bay border or self-drive from Limpopo and cross the famous Katembe suspension bridge to Maputo. It is easier to access Ponta do Ouro accommodation from Natal Kosi Bay the new tar road ends within the boundaries of Ponto do Ouro and the roads then become potholed and very sandy.
  • Fly: Fly into Maputo International Airport (MPM) on daily flights from Johannesburg then travel to Southern Mozambique. The Bazaruto Archipelago is easily accessible from Johannesburg with flights to Vilanculos, and the Kruger area with direct flights three times a week. Northern Mozambique is also accessible via Johannesburg, and other Mozambican hubs such as Maputo, Nairobi, and Dar es Salaam. So, it is a possible add-on to an East African safari. Once into the major hubs, you are transferred to your lodge by road, boat or aircraft.
Maputo and bridge aerial view
The Maputo Bay Bridge has laid the foundation for the development of Maputo. The bay divides the city into two parts.

Business Visas to Mozambique 

The new business visa for serious travellers to Mozambique has been extended from 30 to 90 days. Applying for a business visa costs 60 Euros, valid for 30 days, but once in Mozambique, business travellers can extend this visa for another 30 days – and using this visa for multiple entries will cost 120 Euros. Business visas apply to these activities: looking for business,, attending meetings or seminars, and receiving training. No one may provide training on a business visa, especially if it is considered part of day-to-day work activities. 

Business travellers applying for business visas need these documents:

  • An invitation letter from a company in Mozambique
  • Company documents from employers in Mozambique
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel reservation) for the stay in Mozambique.

Apply for a business visa at the relevant Mozambican mission. It is not permissible to change from a business visa to a long-term work permit from within Mozambique.

Check out the Mozambique Visa Policy here

Doing business in Mozambique is a Cultural Activity

Get to know Mozambicans face-to-face in business meetings so that they can get to know you. It is always better than email or phone meetings where not only is technology challenging but the communication is distant. Meet Mozambican businessmen in top hotels in boardrooms, restaurants and at seminars or conferences. Most conference venues provide top-of-the-range meeting rooms for all business meetings and break-away sessions. Mozambique companies are often in meetings with Portugal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Middle East, Brazil and India. These meetings relate to commerce and economic growth. Business delegates commonly exchange business cards after meetings.