Cheap flights to Maputo for Christmas

Book a cheap flight to Maputo for Christmas and enjoy a very hot holiday in a very exciting city. As temperatures soar, your feet will burn on the sand while you join in the festivities. Head straight for swimming pools in top hotels and popular Mozambique beaches!

A Christmas in Maputo is fun and great Mozambique accommodation makes that holiday even better. Stay in luxury hotels or lodges, for the necessary comfort after a day out in vibey Maputo. In this typical African city, Christmas is a happy occasion!

Most Maputo hotels create a festive atmosphere for their guests – you too can be part of a Christmas lunch or dinner at hotels where traditional Christmas trees, tinsel, music, and gifts are part of your special package.

Our travel consultants will make sure that you spend the best time of your life during December in Maputo in hotels like the VIP Grand Hotel, the Radisson Blu Hotel, the four-star Cardoso Hotel, the five star Hotel Polana and Avenida – the list is endless. So what do you do for Christmas when enjoying your summer holiday in Maputo? You head out of town on Christmas Day to a beautiful beach nearby. Go by boat to Macaneta Beach with big surfing waves or drive about 30 kilometers to Marracuene village on the Incomati River, catch the ferry and drive another few kilometers to the beach on a sandy road.

Christmas special packages to Maputo

Christmas special packages to Maputo will include accommodation and food deals where a party night on Christmas Eve may just be the answer. Book a table at a popular restaurant and let waiters serve the most amazing seafood, rice, bread and side dishes. Make sure the hotel is just a wobble away and get there many hours later, to the treatment of a soft double bed, TV and a deep hot bath.

Maputo is a very entertaining city and Christmas in the city will be even better. You can always just spend your Mozambique holiday at your hotel swimming pool enjoying the views!

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