Christmas in Mozambique

Exciting holidays in Mozambique during the Christmas break are brimming with swims in the warm sea, relaxing in shady beach resorts or villas and taking part in myriad outdoor activities. December in Mozambique is hot and humid – real beach and sea weather. Make sure you have a range of water sports at your fingertips.

Tourist accommodation is rife with potential and choice – you can choose something family-friendly for this long school holiday, or go for something more intimate and secluded where the crowds won’t impact on your need for peace. Ask one of our consultants who have been there to assist you with your holiday package deal today.

Popular Christmas destinations in Mozambique hover around the Inhambane region where Tofo and Barra offer a coastline full of lodges, bungalows and funky resorts. There is plenty to do in these areas – water sports galore, from diving and fishing and boating to wind surfing, kite surfing and snorkelling. There is no such thing as boredom in Mozambique during your Christmas holiday!

A little further north, Massinga Beach is the ideal spot for romance – honeymoon couples book their special suites there all year round.

The best part about being in Mozambique in December for Christmas is the beauty of the place – the coastline is still largely rustic and not crowded with bling hotels, restaurants or shops.  You can walk kilometres along sandy beaches without seeing another soul!

Even in Maputo, the vibrant capital of the country, you can choose a festive Christmas with all the trimmings – food and drink and noisy nightclubs. Or you can choose to chill at an expensive hotel on the waterfront where restaurants and beaches beckon. Most luxurious hotels along this strip boast fantastic swimming pools and decks where you can see Christmas come and go.  Click here to learn more about Maputo.

For those who want to experience an island Christmas, you need to fly into Vilanculos to get to the Bazaruto Archipelago, or to Pemba, the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago. These chains of glorious, unexploited islands are extremely good choices for a holiday away from the crowds, in paradise. Sumptuous villas do everything for you and all you have to do is choose a water sport daily and which meal to order from the menu or buffet!

Come on, plan a Christmas in Mozambique and you certainly won’t be disappointed!


Hazel, Published on:- September 15, 2015