How much money do I need?

This should be decided at your own discretion, taking into account the diverse choice of entertainment on board and the stops you will do along the way. You will need cash for drinks, Duty Free shopping, games for kids, laundry, the beauty salon, gambling, photos and extras you need when doing excursions on shore.

How can I pay for things on board?

You can pay with cash and credit cards but not debit cards. MSc cruise ships accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners cards.

What plugs can I use on board?
The cruise ships use American 110v and European round 2 pin 220v plugs. The South African 3 pin plug needs a European 2 pin round adapter. You will find hairdryers in your cabin.

Is there internet access on board?
Yes! You can surf the web on your laptop or PDA if you connect to the ship’s network – all you have to do is register and then you rely on satellite links which are not as reliable as your broadband at home. Read the daily program to find out how strong the internet link is every day. You can access the hot spot service if you choose your credit amount which will be charged to your on-board account.

Are the cruises wheel chair friendly and will disabled people cope?
Guests with special needs are very welcome on board MSc ships. Please inform MSc in good time (in not less than 72 hours) that you require assistance with special accommodation, use of medical equipment or that you may need special help with mental or physical disabilities, including wheel chair access. While MSc does offer some wheel chairs to disabled people, they encourage you to.bring your own wheelchairs and preferably travel with someone who can assist you at all times. There are rooms that are wheel chair friendly but some are not and when guests go on shore to see islands or ports, sometimes guests in wheel chairs will not be able to join them.

Is there a doctor on board?
There are medical centres which are open at specified times. If you call the Medical Emergency number you will get hold of emergency services at all hours. MSc has realised in its experience that most injuries or illnesses can be treated on board but if and when there is a case that requires special treatment, they do make a special stop at a port of call but often these medical facilities are also limited. The ship’s doctor is an independent contractor. Please ensure you are fit and well enough to travel.

If I want to visit the Spa must I pre-book my treatment?
Yes, you book on board.

Is there a gym on board?
Yes, it is a fully-equipped fitness centre to ensure you stay fit and healthy during your cruise.

What happens if I get sea sick?
Most passengers do not get sea sick as today’s ocean liners are designed with sufficient stability to avoid this. Some people get motion sickness and can then visit the ship’s pharmacy for suitable medication. Fresh air works wonders.

Can I smoke during the cruise?
Yes you can smoke but only in permitted areas which are few, to respect the needs of other passengers. You may not smoke in your cabin or in any public areas. Please use ashtrays provided. Do not throw butts overboard as this is not only bad for the ocean but the butts can blow straight back into the ship and start a fire.

What do I do if I have a complaint while on board?
You need to approach the cruise staff as soon as possible and we will resolve your issue. If the staff cannot help you there and then, you need to write to the company within 14 days of your cruise end.

Will I feel cooped up?
It is not true that MSc cruises are oversubscribed and crowded! There may be more people enjoying the swimming pool at certain times of the day, and the pubs at night may be lively, but there is so much to do and so many places to be that you will find some solitary corners all for you, often. Cruise staff can also ensure your privacy as much as you need it. You will also battle to feel cooped up on these enormous floating entertainment holidays. There is more than enough fresh air and space to run, exercise, visit the gym and spa and get away from it all.

Are there any luggage restrictions?
Each guest is allowed one bag on cruises of four nights and less. Any additional bags will be allowed if there is enough space or guests will be charged US$25 per extra bag. On longer cruises, guests may take 2 suitcases per person. Remember to pack some smart clothes for shows and dinners.