Book a Maputo day tour with a difference

If you want to get the feel of the vibrant city and experience cosmopolitan life in southern Africa, take a night safari! The best way to experience Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, is when the sun sets. Choose a night safari designed for fun – meet the local people, taste the local food and dance the night away!

The best time to go out in Maputo is a Friday or Saturday night when the town relaxes and comes alive. Eat delicious Mozambique prawns at a fantastic restaurant and visit popular bars brimming with local people. Then dance the night away in a pulsating nightclub where the trendiest people hang out.

Ask one of our knowledgeable consultants to assist you to book a day tour of Maputo to suit your needs.

Maputo offers tour groups plenty to see and do!

Your guide will drive you down Ave Julius Nyerere past the huge Polana Hotel and embassies towards the attractive beachfront. Visit the local markets to buy fresh foods, curios and clothing. See some of many historical sites including the Railway Station, the Catholic cathedral, the oldest building in the city since 1781, Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.

You will find that you are entranced by the combination of old Portuguese colonial architecture and newer, trendy Art Deco. No one hurries in Maputo so be aware that it does take time to tour through some very crowded areas of this very African city. On the other hand, wide streets, a pretty waterfront and tall jacaranda trees make the city especially attractive to walkers and day trippers.

Some day tours include a guided stopover at the Natural History Museum, with the world’s largest elephant collection, graphically depicting the gestation of baby elephants. Most tours stop at the Iron House, partly designed by Monsieur Eiffel who designed the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Tour groups will be given time to buy crafts and curios from local vendors on the sides of the roads. Guides usually speak both English and Portuguese which helps with the bartering! Enjoy a hearty lunch at a seafood restaurant.

Remember to pack cool clothing and a raincoat. Suntan lotion, sun hats and sunglasses are vital. Do not photograph people without their permission.