Medjumbe Romantic Beach Dinner

Disappear in the Utterly Wow at Anantara Medjumbe

Everyone loves it and everyone hates to leave it. Landing on such a tiny island can be hairy and as you land in your tiny plane the humidity hits you. Until a freezing scented towel greets you and reminds you that yes, you have arrived.

Disappear from your Life as it is Now

At Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa you CAN disappear completely from your real life. You can actually retreat from what you think is the real you and become someone else – or, actually, you can find out who you really are. Finding yourself in this breath-taking paradise is Utterly Wow.

Feel the Space

With only one kilometre in which to play, you think immediately that maybe that is not enough room to move…. Then you start to relax, and suddenly that 1000m of space feels far too huge to even contemplate. The island is so tiny that you can jog around it in 10 minutes. But you will be so busy reclining on your villa deck, drink in hand, that the mere thought of such a jog will bring out the sweat on your brow. You get spoiled rotten at Anantara Medjumbe, believe you me.

Is this for Real?

Magic can be made on this floating isle that is part of the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique. Imagine a destination yet untouched by crowds, huge ships, airports and roads? Imagine a haven untouched by smudgy brown skies and greasy water surfaces? Medjumbe Private Island remains part of one the last remaining authentic paradises on Earth.

Reconnect with You

You will not believe the dazzling whiteness of the sand – do not forget your shades to remove the glare. You will not believe the solitude, the peace, the huge silence of such a tiny piece of land where your presence matters, nothing else. If you need to reconnect with nature, with your inner soul, then get to Medjumbe. Staff make sure that you feel and live every moment. You may even think that you have gone to heaven!

  • Dhow sailing
  • Medjumbe Paradise
  • Sunset at Medjumbe

High 5 at 7 Stars

“Thanks Medjumbe! We will never forget you!” is a cry that resounds into the silence when happy clients leave on their small planes back to their lives all over the globe. After disappearing completely in the Utterly Wow, coming back to earth with a bump reminds you that holidays on islands in Mozambique count. And at Anantara Medjumbe, you can give your holiday a huge high five and 7 stars for being there for you. Be tempted to change, to take control of your life – when you disappear on a tiny island, completely…

Revel in the Afterglow

The light fills your villa, fills your sunglasses, fills your heart. You cannot get away from all the light, unless you go diving, into the blue. And missing out on diving at Medjumbe is like missing out on dessert after seafood. You will be thrilled by the quality and variety of the dives here. Explore the Edge of Reason wall and wonder about this name as you feel the ecstasy of being there, in the moment, in the big blue.  You will be glad for your personal dive instructor who becomes your friend later on…

  • a private island beach
  • Exquisite diving
  • Aerial view of Medjumbe Private Island

Being Alone Matters

You will dine in style and be active all day long – a superb balance – at Anantara Medjumbe. So, take our advice and dissolve into the Utterly Wow of this tiny jewel in the Indian Ocean. Be surprised and exult in the beauty of varying dining locations every night for you and your loved one. Once on your private villa deck where being alone feels so huge, and once on the beach as the stars smile winking down at you. Safe and sound, in the light.

Nothing is too much Trouble

At Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa. On this private island, you can disappear into many secret places. And you will never know such service, anywhere, in the Utterly Wow of utopia.  Let our Mozambique Travel specialists tailor-make a package for you. Here are a few to entice you.


Hazel, Published on:- June 27, 2018