Fair Trade Tourism

Mozambique is proud to announce its four new certified members of Fair Trade Tourism who are excited to be a part of this new expansion which is based on responsible tourism and yes, fairness in the tourism trade.

The latest additions to the FTT portfolio for certified tourism products in South Africa, Madagasar and now Mozambique are Odyssea (dive specialists), Bahia Mar (boutique resort), Dunes de Dovela (eco lodge) and Terra Agua Ceu (tour operator).

Environmental biodiversity

Fair Trade Tourism is excited about these new Mozambique clients who add their own special qualities to the portfolio. They are being recognised for their contributions to a more sustainable tourism that revolves around the preservation of cultural values and resources, indigenous knowledge and environmental biodiversity.

Casa Babi AccommodationDive centre,Odyssea, is based in Vilankulo and operates within the Bazaruto Archipelago where owners Denis Dujardin and Sabrina Rocco are passionate about marine wildlife and its increasingly threatened underwater habitat. They love the archipelago and are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of local people in this region.

Also in Vilankulo, Bahia Mar luxury boutique hotel has splendid views of the Bazaruto Archipelago and as a new accommodation establishment in this region is already showing its commitment to the local economy. Not only is this resort known for its five star accommodation but so too is its service remarkable, bringing tourists back again and again.

Bahia Mar is directly contributing to the development of skills and the general empowerment of local people by employing them in the hotel and training them extensively in the hospitality industry. The hotel therefore views their membership of the Fair Trade Tourism as an enhancement of their environmental and cultural values anyway.

Further along the coast, an hour from Inhambane, Dunes de Dovela sits within the dunes above Manhame Beach, an eco lodge that developed hand in hand with the local community. The lodge owners immediately involved more than 50 local inhabitants in the building and staffing of this rustic lodge with its natural ideals.

Established with as little impact as possible on the surrounding environment, Dunes de Dovela is committed to adding value to the live of the Chope community who share this land. The lodge therefore has provided access to building skills for community members who can then remain in their villages without having to source work far away.

Also based in Inhambane is the new tour operator, Terra Agua Ceu (TAC) owned by a German entrepreneur who loves Mozambique. Marcus Trerup set up TAC to be a leader in the world of sustainable tourism and ethical travel and he set out to assist local cultures to gain more from tourism in Mozambique.

He also aims to concentrate his business ideals on the company’s three arms (earth, water and sky), taking into account the natural environment in which they operate. Trerup is pleased to be part of Fair Trade Tourism as these are the values he believes in – enriching the lives of the local people while ensuring that tourists get the most out of their holidays in Mozambique.

FTT is a non-profit organisation which sets out to help tourism businesses to be more sustainable in everything they do. This applies to accommodation establishments, tour operators, tourism services and basically any business involved in some way in promoting tourism and its values. They aim to encourage as many organisations as possible to get their FTT certification to show their commitment to fair and responsible tourism. This includes just remuneration and working circumstances, respect for human rights, culture and environmental conservation.

Travellers who choose FTT certified operators and accommodation venues then know that they are also contributing to something ethical and meaningful – sustainable tourism is about preserving the environment and indigenous cultures, all of which carry and enhance tourism in most destinations!

There is a very real threat from uncontrolled development in the name of tourism and some communities see no benefits at all from tourism in their regions, which relies upon the same environments which sustain them. Global tourism is a complex subject where ongoing development and environmental conservation need to be balanced with the needs of people who have lived in their regions for years.

FTT aims to ensure that by 2020, “at least 17 per cent of terrestrial and inland water areas and 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas, especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, are conserved through effectively and equitably managed, ecologically representative and well-connected systems of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures, and integrated into the wider landscape and seascape (Aichi Target 11).”

It is also vital that the private sector comes to the party to conserve the environment and human rights and ensure that those who share their land and labour and knowledge to the world of tourism also benefit in the long-term.

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