Gay-Friendly Holidays to Mozambique

Mozambique is not only one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Africa but so too is it also one of the most LGBT-friendly African nations. There is a desirable choice of gay-friendly hotels in Mozambique and many of them belong to the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) for top tourism accommodation. Look no further. Gay-friendly accommodation in Mozambique. We treat all our enquiries and client preferences with dignity and respect. Let us help plan your holiday.

two gay women dancing on the beach
We regard Mozambique as one of the more LGBT-friendly nations in sub-Saharan Africa.

So, why are gay-friendly holidays to Mozambique so attractive? Read our advice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travellers in Mozambique where surveys have found reasonable levels of support for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.  Same-sex sexual activity became legal in Mozambique under the new Criminal Code of June 2015 and discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment has been illegal since 2007. The reality is, however, that even in LGBT+-friendly countries, violence or stigma against LGBT+ people can still occur so it’s wise to take the same safeguards you would at home. 

Meanwhile, discover genuine opportunities for escapes into private spaces – and there’s no better place for this than the dazzling Bazaruto Archipelago. Start the adventure with a thrilling helicopter transfer from Vilanculos to the larger island of Bazaruto and stay awhile at the exclusive use Vila do Mar, so private that special guests feel as if they own Bazaruto Island – yet not far away is the beautiful Bazaruto Lodge with fantastic facilities. Kick back and relax as your private chef creates nouvelle cuisine and pours your teas and coffees, champagne and beer.

Mainland beaches from Ponta do Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north attract diverse travellers to captivating views, pearly sands and non-stop ocean activities. Gay couples can swim with dolphins in Ponta do Ouro, learn a new water sport at Barra Beach, surf the waves in Tofo, grab a second honeymoon in Massinga and party all night in Maputo! 

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Mozambique 

Mozambique’s tourism industry serves a diverse range of guests and gay-friendly hotels can easily provide double or twin rooms. It is advised for all travellers, regardless of sexual orientation, to avoid public displays of affection or sexual behaviour to prevent any potential offence in conservative African nations. Our top LGBT accommodation will blow your hair back!

Cardoso Hotel Maputo

the exterior entrance of Hotel Cardoso in Mozambique
Cardoso Hotel is a gay and lesbian friendly hotel in Maputo, Mozambique. A member of the World Rainbow Hotels collection of LGBT friendly hotels.

Sought after in LGBT circles, the beautiful, stylish 1930s Cardoso Hotel radiates elegant décor and a serene outdoor pool area. Guests appreciate comfortable rooms with sweeping sunset views over the harbour and bridge. Friendly local staff and fresh food choices with a 4-star flair.  Recently refurbished, the popular Cardoso also offers an airport shuttle and an upmarket fitness centre. All 130 rooms provide essential amenities for outstanding comfort and relaxation. The perks include a fantastic on-site restaurant with exceptional menu choices and a sociable bar for meeting new friends. Easily accessible from the CBD and the airport, this Maputo hotel is a winner for LGBT guests, families and business functions.

Fantastic accommodation at the Cardoso Maputo

Sentidos Beach Retreat

Outdoor swimming pool surrounded by the deck and sunbeds at Sentidos Beach Retreat in Inhambane
Sentidos Beach Retreat is a gay and lesbian friendly hotel in Inhambane!

Head on out of the cities to the three-in-one luxury nature retreat at the new Sentidos Beach Retreat perfectly located on a mangrove lagoon, pearly beach and ocean playground. This gay and lesbian-friendly hotel in Inhambane Mozambique belongs to Design Hotels and uses a blend of colonial-style furnishings, modern finishes and Mozambican tropical flair.  It’s an imaginative design with a stylish, polished covered boardwalk linking the dazzling infinity swimming pool, restaurant, bar, spa and gym with the 12 sophisticated chalets.

Be sure to book a Sentidos package deal today

Bahia Mar Club Boutique Hotel

An aerial view of the Bahia Mar lodge
The Bahia Mar Club boutique hotel is located where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean touch the palm fringed beaches of Vilanculos on mainland Mozambique.

An absolutely beautiful Vilanculos hotel with private baths resembling small swimming pools and home-from-home luxury décor. This is the Bahia Mar eco-hotel on the edge of the sea. Picture a welcoming guest house right on the beach and add chic amenities, tasteful furnishings and awesome eco additions – and you get this well-loved Boutique Hotel in Vilanculos. Couples can book exclusive boat tours to the islands or a vehicle to town to eat authentic Portuguese food and stop at every local bar and market on the way home. It’s not only an extremely beautiful location, but also very safe. LGBTQ guests can enjoy the à la carte restaurant featuring locally sourced and fresh fish and ingredients. 

Bahia Mar Honeymoons are special

Azura Benguerra Lodge

The walkways on the beach at Azura retreats in Mozambique
Enjoy a relaxing and adventurous island getaway at gay-friendly Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique.

Feel like kings and queens on the top-rated island destination in Mozambique – Azura Benguerra welcomes all partners to feel natural and private in a picturesque tropical refuge. Azura Benguerra Island is very gay-friendly and one of the top accommodation options recommended to diverse LGBTQ+ travellers. Meet fellow ocean lovers around the beach bar at sunset and book exclusive-use dhow sailing trips to isolated beaches, bays and inland dunes. The famous Peri-Peri Beach Club is an inviting stroll away where flawless food and wines grace your palate. 

Diving and snorkelling holidays on Benguerra Island

Massinga Beach Lodge

The chalets at Massinga that are part of the Vilanculos accommodation options in Mozambique
A unique Mozambican experience with an endless stretch of sandy beach, luxury accommodation and attentive staff to ensure your stay is an unforgettable one.

Squeaky white beaches, rustling palms, and an abundance of seafood abound along Mozambique’s Inhambane coastline. Welcome to the enlivening pulse of a distinct Afro-Portuguese culture and make sure you choose a heady mix of pleasures at Massinga Beach Lodge. A clean, untouched, private paradise offers 14 romantic oceanfront rooms complete with 180 ̊ sea views, private splash pools and sun loungers on sunny decks. Rambling walks on the beach, whale watching, beach picnics, and snorkelling.

Private luxury at Massinga Beach Lodge

LGBT Rights in Mozambique

The global tourism industry has reopened, offering travelers the opportunity to explore new and exciting destinations. Gay-friendly destinations provide alluring holidays, tours, and hotels for LGBT travelers. Read our guide to LGBT rights in Mozambique and enjoy a natural beach or island holiday where gay-friendly hotels are geared for privacy and relaxation. 

In Mozambique, gender identity and sexual orientation are considered personal matters and should not be of interest to others if kept private. While Mozambique is relatively progressive in its views towards homosexuality and the LGBT community compared to other African countries, it is generally deemed inappropriate to display public affection, regardless of sexual orientation. It may face criticism from more conservative Mozambicans.

Legally, Mozambique stands out as one of the few African nations to have implemented laws against sexual discrimination. In 2007, legislation was introduced to protect gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees from workplace discrimination. The legalization of same-sex sexual activity followed in June 2015 with minimal opposition. Peaceful protests in support of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights have taken place in Mozambique for many years, indicating moderate levels of support for these causes.

A gay pride flag being waved in the air
Mozambique has decriminalised homosexuality in its new penal code, making it one of a few African countries where same-sex relationships are legal.

LGBT travelers will find Mozambique to be one of the more LGBT-friendly nations in sub-Saharan Africa. The population in cosmopolitan areas, like Maputo, tends to be more open-minded than those in rural regions where prejudice does exist. In remote parts of the country, any public displays of affection or explicitly sexual behavior, regardless of sexual orientation, is usually heavily frowned upon. It is important to note that in traditional African culture, it is common for same-sex friends to hold hands, without any sexual connotation.

While travelling abroad, it is important to be aware that violence or stigma against LGBT+ individuals, even in LGBT-friendly countries, can still occur. It’s a reality that in some countries, there may be campaigns to entrap LGBT+ individuals, including through popular dating apps. Sensible precautions should be taken when arranging meetings with unfamiliar people. If faced with unwelcome attention or remarks regarding sexual orientation or gender identity, it is generally best to distance oneself and find a safe place. Local LGBT+ inclusive charities, organizations, or travel agents may also be available to provide support if needed.

FAQs About Gay (LGBT) Travel in Mozambique

  • How LGBT-friendly is Mozambique?

Mozambique is highly welcoming and accepting of LGBT tourists. Homosexuality was legalized in 2005, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment. While some locals may still face discrimination, we ensure that you stay in the finest gay-friendly destinations.

  • Is Mozambique safe for same-sex couples?

Absolutely! The luxurious accommodations we provide are incredibly gay-friendly. Feel free to stroll hand in hand along the beaches without any concerns.

  • What are the best LGBT-friendly experiences in Mozambique?

Simply enjoy a wide range of experiences just like any straight couple. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving, sailing on a dhow, fishing, or exploring wilderness areas on safari, there is never a dull moment. 

  • What are the LGBT-friendly accommodation options in Mozambique?

Your accommodation options are endless. Choose from luxury villas located right on the beach, island resorts and spas, eco-luxury chalets, ultra-modern luxury suites, or secluded luxury chalets in the unique wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Who can LGBT tourists contact for assistance?

Contact the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice it’s a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-identity organization that grew from a lesbian feminist vision. Or the Deep Engagement Programme for the Frontline Aids Organisation.