Gorongosa Opens New Camps and Lodge for 2024 

Gorongosa National Park is now open for 2024 safaris in Mozambique. Special deals with Mozambique Travel.

Fantastic game viewing and wildlife sightings are on the cards as Gorongosa National Park opens its new luxury accommodations in April 2024! One of the very best Mozambique safaris featuring more wildlife, better facilities and the start of the winter game viewing season.

Mount Gorongosa in Mozambique
Since it was reopened in 1998 the park has undergone an ambitious restoration project, which has been widely hailed as a remarkable conservation success story.

The best part of a Gorongosa safari is staying in the delightful Muzimu Tented Chalets, Wild Camp and Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge

And there some exciting news from the heart of Africa and Gorongosa National Park’s very own Wild Camp & Muzimu Lodge. As testament to each property’s exceptional commitment to sustainability, conservation they are on the prestigious Africa Safari Awards 2024 shortlist. 

Nestled within the untamed landscapes of Mozambique, Gorongosa National Park is a beacon of conservation success, showcasing the remarkable resilience of nature in the face of adversity. From lush floodplains teeming with wildlife to rugged mountain ranges cloaked in ancient forests, Gorongosa Park offers a truly immersive safari experience like no other.

Conde Naste Traveller also rates Mozambique and Gorongosa as one of the “Best Places to go in 2024” and they reckon that Muzimu Lodge is one of the “most exciting lodges to stay in in 2024”! Enjoy luxury tents overlooking the Mussicadzi River, cozy chalets and safari tents deep in the untouched wilderness.

Muzimu boasts six spacious East African canvas chalets featuring decks, outdoor seating areas, bar services, tea and coffee-making facilities, ceiling fans, and en-suite bathrooms with showers. Further off into the bushveld awaits an authentic safari experience in Wild Camp Gorongosa, a modern luxury outdoor camp with canvas tents, fine linens, solar lighting and showers, USB ports for charging phones, evening campfires, and outdoor dining areas. All meals are expertly prepared by experienced chefs.

Stay in Muzimu Safari Camp this 2024

Ecotourism Safaris in Gorongosa 

Gorongosa is a conservation success story and every safari guest automatically contributes to sustainable wildlife tourism and ongoing ecotourism efforts. From majestic elephants and graceful antelopes to elusive big cats and colourful birdlife, the park is teeming with all things wild. Experienced community guides lead guests through the park’s vast plains and dense forests, educating them about the region’s massive biodiversity. 

A herd of elephants walking in the park during sunset
Did you know with regards to the elephants in the park. Gorongosa has between 800 and 1000 of these beautiful animals today. Each family is led by the oldest, wisest female: the Matriarch.

So why wait? Make 2024 the year you experience the magic of Gorongosa National Park whether you’re a seasoned safari-goer or planning your first African adventure in Mozambique. One of the main attractions is the community empowerment initiatives and meeting the graduates from the Master’s in Conservation Biology Program, offered in partnership with Mozambican institutions and supported by international organizations. 

Biodiversity Research and Gorongosa Community Scientists

Scientific research, conducted at the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory, not only enhances ecological knowledge but also provides training for future generations of Mozambican scientists. The Park is proud to announce the recent graduation of 12 Mozambican students who completed the two-year Gorongosa Master’s in Conservation Biology program. This is the third unit to graduate in February, bringing the total number of graduates to 36 over six years from the only master’s program conducted entirely inside a national park!

Staff employee of Gorongosa National Park chatting
The rehabilitation of Gorongosa National Park in Central Mozambique represents one of the great conservation opportunities in the world today.

Recent studies highlight the vital role of tree canopies in maintaining soil functionality and diversity, particularly in ecosystems threatened by prolonged droughts. Collembola, or springtails, serve as indicators of soil health and are essential for decomposing organic matter. This is a six-legged anthropoid (not an insect) and an important part of the food chain being a central player in the processes of decomposing and turning organic matter into fertile soil. The springtail needs that perfect balance of rainfall, soil moisture, pH levels, acidity, and calcium concentrations to be able to do its job and survive. 

Gorongosa is Open – Community Tourism for All

It all goes to show that Gorongosa National Park offers not only an extraordinary safari experience but also an opportunity to support conservation efforts and contribute to the preservation of Africa’s natural heritage! It is good news that new economic opportunities for residents on the boundary of Gorongosa are reducing their dependency on activities that could harm the park, such as illegal poaching or unsustainable resource extraction. Initiatives like agricultural programs on Mount Gorongosa, tourism-related employment, and craft cooperatives have provided viable alternatives that benefit both communities and the park.

An aerial view of Gorongosa wetlands in Mozambique
Gorongosa National Park is one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world, and is home to a number of endemic bird species.

Integral to Gorongosa’s success is its commitment to research and education – ongoing studies, led by dedicated scientists and researchers, provide essential insights into the park’s ecology and educational programs engage local communities, instilling a sense of pride and responsibility for this natural treasure.

Read about the empowered community of Gorongosa here

As we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, Gorongosa National Park is a true example of what can be achieved through dedicated conservation efforts and the support of local communities. The expansion of buffer zones and the creation of new conservation areas stress the park’s commitment to protecting its natural heritage. Conserving these vital ecosystems means more intensive park management, the removal of fences hindering species’ migration, and financial support for communities surrounding national parks.

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