Health Requirements – It is imperative that you obtain malaria prophylactics before entering Mozambique. When purchasing these, please tell your doctor or pharmacist that you intend visiting Mozambique. Whatever prophylactics you use, remember to complete the course as directed after leaving the malaria area. If you suffer from side effects, try taking your malaria prophylactics at night after dinner. Resistance to prophylactics is widespread so the best way to avoid getting malaria is to avoid being bitten.

Take Precaution

Take precautionary measures to prevent contact with mosquitoes, like: sleeping under a bed net or in a room/tent with mosquito proofing (remember to keep the flaps zipped at all times); spraying your accommodation with insecticide; making use of a mosquito repelling lotion or stick; and wearing long sleeved clothing, trousers and socks when outside at night.

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