The beautiful east African country of Mozambique, with its glorious Indian Ocean coastline, exotic islands and wonderful towns and cities, is a perfect choice for a family holiday with a difference or a well-deserved romantic break for a couple. With plenty of superb hotels in Mozambique to choose from there is something for every budget, and many of the finest beach resorts are among the very best in the world. A largely unspoilt country, Mozambique offers plenty of opportunity to take a genuinely relaxing and rewarding holiday, and there are many choices when it comes to Mozambique accommodation packages.

If you want to take a trip to the capital city, Maputo, then there are a number of fine Maputo hotels to choose from. The city is a friendly and welcoming one that still reflects its colonial past, and you can find some of the best hotels in Mozambique close to the famous Maputo Elephant Park, a place where you can see these magnificent animals, and other indigenous species, in their natural habitat. With excellent package deals on accommodation in Mozambique you may be surprised to find that you can afford an exclusive, exotic holiday in a genuine tropical paradise.

For many people the true wonders of Mozambique are to be found on the islands; the Bazaruto Archipelago offers superb accommodation in the form of luxurious lodges such as those at the popular Bazaruto Anantara resort, and some of the finest hotels in Mozambique are to be found among these wonderful islands. Pestana Bazaruto is a superb resort in a prime location where you can stay in luxuriously finished villas and enjoy some of the best weather in the world, and is just one of many such resorts that the Bazaruto Archipelago has to offer.

The Quirimbas Islands, considered by many to be the more exotic and remote of the two main island groups also offer the opportunity to stay in some of the best hotels in Mozambique as well as a choice of truly beautiful lodges. The likes of Quilalea, for example, provide a chance to experience a private island resort where only a handful of exclusive villas are present, and the stunning waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling over the amazing coral reef. For the most luxurious in Mozambique accommodation you cannot beat the island resorts, and they are perfect for families or even a special Mozambique honeymoon.

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