Although this island in the Nampula Province, Mozambique is minuscule, it has a wealth of culture and history that to this day, draws many guests from far and wide. Located about 3 km off the mainland coast, this historic island is linked to the rest of the continent by a bridge.

Visitors to Ilha de Mozambique leave its shores with fantastic memories and most of them are so giddy with excitement and delight that they share their experiences on Trip Advisor. Some choose to dream, others pretend not to care and the wise refuse to be left out and head straight to this island paradise to experience it too.

Mozambique Island is a harmonious blend of African, Portuguese, Arabic and Indian cultures, evidenced by the local population and architecture. As you stroll along in the town, you will discover old colonial buildings that date back to the 16th century alongside mosques, churches and traditional houses. One of the most fascinating landmarks on the island is the 400-year-old Sao Sebastian Fort, which is found at the northern peninsula of the island. Within the fort lies the oldest European building in the southern building, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte. Check out the candid photos of this stunning island to see some of the interesting things you can find.

You can enjoy a variety of watersports and land-based activities in between cultural tours and visit the several bistros and sidewalk cafes. Browse through the busy street markets for a souvenir or simply sprawl on the powder white beaches. After the excitement of the day’s activities, you will need to relax and wind down in your room, which is why you need to make informed decisions on the best Mozambique accommodation that suits your budget and preferences.

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