The tropical landscape surrounding Inhambane on Mozambique’s long coastline is green with thousands of coconut palms blowing in the sea breeze – you’re really in the tropics now! Glorious beaches, fantastic weather, splendid seafood and friendly locals all make a honeymoon in Inhambane an unforgettable experience. Regular sightings of Giant Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles and other teeming marine life are the norm in this idyllic Mozambique honeymoon destination.

Spend your honeymoon in Inhambane

Inhambane is a sleepy, historic town some 485 kilometres north of Maputo. It is considered by many to be one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique, with its colourful markets and ports. Picture deserted beaches, clear tropical water and palm trees, just like the photographs you may have seen.

Nothing else can compare to Inhambane when it comes to romantic havens for couples in love. Spend your honeymoon in Inhambane and you will know you have arrived!

Honeymoon accommodation in Inhambane

Honeymoon accommodation in Inhambane is tailored to suit your special private needs – yet still allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the full Mozambican experience. There are rustic villas right on the beach, or luxurious hotels raised on the dunes overlooking the huge blue ocean.

Honeymoon couples are choosing Inhambane for the excellent weather on Mozambique’s pristine coastline. Here, you can choose to relax or indulge together in some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling in clear blue ocean waters. You can surf in Tofo, snorkel in Barra and swim alongside the gentle whale shark or huge manta rays together. At the end of the day, sip exotic cocktails as the sun sets into the sea. Bliss!

Relaxing beaches, brilliant weather and the freshest seafood around enhance your memorable honeymoon getaway. Book a romantic dhow cruise and sit back and relax, allowing the unique slow-paced atmosphere of Inhambane to enter your bones.

Make your honeymoon enquiry now. And if we don’t have just the right honeymoon package combination for you, we promise to tailor-make your perfect Inhambane Honeymoon special!