The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of a string of 32 islands that stretch for one hundred kilometers along the Mozambican coastline. The Quirimbas National Park is made up of eleven of the southernmost islands, as well as a large portion of mainland forest. The declaration of this area as a conservation site has allowed it to remain largely untouched by development, which is what makes this area such a paradise.

The preservation of parts of this Archipelago means that the extensive reefs are bursting with marine life; the clear blue of the ocean gives snorkelers a chance to see hundreds of reef fish that have been identified in the area. Divers will also be able to see numerous species of shark, dolphin, big game fish and even turtles that nest on the beaches. In spite of there being little development on the islands so far, there are enough accommodation choices to suit the holiday you have in mind. Regardless of whether it’s a family getaway, an intimate honeymoon or a trip with friends, the Quirimbas islands have a range of options available, from cost-effective to stylish or even luxury.

Activities will vary depending on where you stay, five-star lodges offer the most by way of water-sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and wake-boarding as well as other sports facilities at the lodge itself like tennis courts and a swimming pool. Budget accommodation will still give you the opportunity to experience the immaculate beaches and the surrounding landscape, but you may have to travel a short distance to get to the nearest dive centre.

Time on the islands should also be spent getting to know the rich Afro-Portuguese culture and the other islands of the Quirimbas, in particular Ibo Island that has a lot to offer tourists by way of its history, food and architecture.

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