Enjoy the resorts of Ponta Do Ouro

Should you decide that a holiday to southern Mozambique or a Maputo holiday is on the cards in the next few months, you’ll certainly be pleased to hear that the suspension bridge between  Maputo Bay and a tar road all the way to Kosi Bay in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)  is now complete and Linked. This will make it much easier to enjoy the resorts of Ponta Do Ouro and Ponta Malangane without having to pay for expensive air transfers or endure a four-wheel drive road trip! It’s also easy to do a day visit over the border from Kosi Bay now with this new road. Have lunch in Maputo and return the same day!

Completion of the suspension bridge

The completion of the suspension bridge – which is the largest in Africa  – has really helped holidaymakers from South Africa make their way into Mozambique a lot quicker.  As a result, motorists will be able to cross the border from Durban KZN and arrive at Maputo in around four hours. Mozambique has of course officially opened the Maputo to Catembe bridge and at  3 041 meters, it is the longest suspension bridge in Africa. This bridge now connects the Mozambican city of Maputo on the north bank with Katembe on the southern side of the bay and is already having a direct impact on South Africans and Mozambicans travelling between the two countries.

The drive from Maputo to Kosi Bay is 90km and previously a hell ride that took six hours by four-wheel drive. This project has cut that travel time considerably and it is now only 90 minutes. This means easier access not only for tourism but for trade partners as well.

This also comes alongside a parallel announcement that the border between Mozambique and South Africa will be open all the time from the middle of 2019. This means it will be much easier for tourists to travel between countries and the beach resorts of Southern Mozambique and Maputo Elephant Reserve easily.

So if you are thinking about booking some accommodation at Ponta Mamoli like White Pearl Mozambique you can now drive yourself there and save a fortune. Book one of the amazing beach pool suites and holiday there in style! We can help you plan your Mozambique holiday here and anywhere else in the country. Get in touch with us today!

For more information on road conditions in Mozambique and updates check here for the latest news. And there are some handy hints and guidelines for border crossing formalities from the SA High Commission in Maputo here. From all accounts, the harassment of tourist vehicles by traffic police in Mozambique has declined considerably after a proactive approach from the Tourism Department in Mozambique in association with the various police departments.

Useful contact numbers in Mozambique:
  • Anti-corruption/help
: +258 82 396 9890
  • ER24 Maputo
: +258 84 124 3724
  • TRAC EN4 Route – Emergencies
: +258 82 303 4303
  • South African High Commission in Maputo
: +258 82 303 4303
  • After hours
: +258 84 304 4600