Incentive travel to Maputo is all about combining business with leisure in this capital city of Mozambique. If you are a company boss and you want to send your staff on an incentive trip, contact us for the right package. We will assist you to design the right package for the right incentive, including flights and food, conference information and great Mozambique accommodation.

If you are a happy staff member setting off to Maputo for the first time because you have earned an incentive, then you need to know more about the city. Maputo is a commercial capital where political and social issues meet. The city is the main centre of export of cotton, sugar, chromite, sisal, copra and hardwood. The city also produces cement, pottery, furniture, shoes and rubber. All of this draws business people to Maputo, often as part of a business travel incentive.

But Maputo is also a fun city, full of life and pleasurable activities such as eating out, dancing, music, beaches, shops and cultural interaction. Whether you need to acquire or divulge information on behalf of your work, you also need to blend into Maputo.

What you need is an upper class hotel with fantastic facilities including posh bathrooms, double beds, mini bars, televisions, Wi-Fi and views, of course, over the capital city, not so? Surely companies aim to improve their production if their staffs are happy?  The travel incentive works both ways and Maputo is the destination of the moment.

Business people congregate here from all over Africa and further to discuss issues affecting the continent and Mozambique. Meeting places and conference venues abound in the wide streets lined with jacaranda and acacia trees.

Maputo is a centre for trade shows or other huge events which draw businessmen so if you are planning a business trip to Maputo and you require incentives and meetings to enhance your travel, and then you need to contact someone who knows the destination inside out!