Sometimes travel to sunny Mozambique is not for pleasure, but must be strictly for business. But business travel in Mozambique can be carefully blended with leisure activities, ensuring a well-rounded trip where the business is done and the time off totally enjoyed. Corporate clients are coming to Mozambique more and more, enjoying the business and conferencing facilities and their state of the art equipment.

Business travel is on the rise, especially with the opening up of foreign business markets, and it is safe to say that the requirements of a business traveller differ from those of a leisure tourist. In this coastal African paradise, business travellers can discover tropical island accommodation and hotels which are suitable for seminars or corporate break-aways.  From business meetings to international conferencing, Mozambique offers venues of sizes to accommodate all budgets and corporate groups.

Why should a good businessman come all the way to Mozambique to hold a conference? Because Maputo is the conference capital of the country which provides companies with a variety of stunning destinations for the ideal conference package breakaways. Team building activities can also be incorporated.

Conferences and business go hand in hand in Mozambique – a developing African country with rich environmental resources, therefore an attractive destination for business and commerce. So you need to book your next conference in Mozambique where great venues and important issues draw business delegates from Africa and beyond. Our consultants can arrange your conference package at world-class venues.


For all your conferencing needs, look no further than the facilities in Mozambique. This southern African country attracts business delegates to participate in a range of pertinent seminars on political, social educational and environmental issues. You too can sit in a conference on the latest developments in the industry, mining and energy, construction building, coal processing, power, transport infrastructure, Portuguese language, HIV and more.

Now you know that Mozambique is a hub of economic and commercial activity in Africa and requires space and time for meetings! Mozambique is known for its islands, beach and safari holidays but it also provides a welcome space in which to conduct meetings or conferences to discuss deeper issues. The warm Indian Ocean, beautiful beach scenery and tropical paradise setting after some intense conferencing will leave delegates feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many hotels in the area have the venue and facilities required for a stylish conference, as well as top class leisure options including spa treatments, gyms, great food and swimming pools.

Team Building

It has been found that team building creates a strong foundation for unity, improvement and triumph. Mozambique is a fantastic team building destination where this comes true. A diversity of luxury and rustic accommodation is brimming with various interactive activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, bush safaris and adventure sports. There is just something about sharing experiences that bring people together!  Most of the accommodation in Mozambique is suitable for small to medium sized groups, ensuring comfort for everyone.

Preferred Destinations

Business delegates like to stay in accommodation that offers them the best of two worlds – high-class facilities and service blended with great leisure opportunities – and they want things to run smoothly. Some companies offer incentive travel bonuses for their staff who perform well and Mozambique business travel destinations are ideal for this. Corporate visitors also like to relax and unwind which means they seek fun times – restaurants, bars, exercise and outings.

Maputo – Introduction

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is in the south with two sides of the city facing the Indian Ocean. This thriving metropolis is slowly being developed and has an interesting atmosphere, offering travellers some excellent seafood restaurants, pavement cafes, a busy fish market and vibrant nightlife at clubs. Maputo international airport is just north of the city and offers regular flights with LAM and South African Airways, to and from South Africa.


Maputo, the “City of Acacias” as it is widely known, is the capital of Mozambique and is a holiday destination for discerning accommodation seekers from around the world. Maputo is the business hub of the country and attracts many business travellers to the area.

Maputo offers travellers interesting sights to see and a unique culture to experience and a wide choice of accommodation options. Being a city, Maputo features grand hotels with every mod con, friendly home-from-home guesthouses and self-catering apartments. You can also find lodges and chalets outside of the city which range from 5-star luxury to rustic self-catering venues, depending on your budget and your expectations.

When you visit Maputo, you can select luxury accommodation in the heart of the city where you can immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of an African urban experience – trendy nightlife and traditional markets. If you would like something more relaxing, then you can head for the bush and spend your days surrounded by wildlife in a luxury lodge which caters for all your needs. Perhaps a beach holiday is what you had in mind? If this is the case, then you won’t be disappointed. The coastline offers travellers white sands and crystal clear waters which are warm all year round – find a beach hotel and swim and play in the sea all day long. So if it is paradise you are looking for, then Maputo may be just the place for you!


  • Visit the capital of Mozambique, with a range of sightseeing attractions and nightly entertainment
  • Experience the atmosphere of this African city’s Portuguese colonial past and its interesting architecture
  • The modern buildings combined with old style markets and a buzzing cultural way of life
  • Great seafood restaurants, shops and street sellers – soak it all in.


Beira is Mozambique’s second largest city.  Constructed north of the ancient town of Sofala, once one of the most important ports in Africa, Beira now hosts plenty of business travellers who land at the international airport and enjoy the range of comfortable conference venues and accommodation. During the 1950s and 60s, before the independence of Mozambique, Beira was a playground for rich Rhodesians but today, this important port city attracts few tourists. Those who do arrive will discover a beautiful, but crumbling, city by the sea with great food and hospitality. The development of the port and railways to Zimbabwe and Malawi have placed the city of Beira firmly on the map.


Tete is mainly a supply town and crossing point for business in the area. Tete accommodation and hotels are largely limited to business travellers as tourists rarely visit the area except for an overnight stop en route somewhere more interesting, or to go fishing in the Cahorra Bassa Dam. Tete is situated on the Zambezi River in northwest Mozambique and the site of one of only three bridges across the river in the entire country. The one-kilometre long suspension bridge at Tete is the main crossing point of the Zambezi river in Mozambique, close to Cahora Dassa Dam. Tete means ‘reed’.


Nampula is the centre of business in northern Mozambique, therefore, boasts several hotels and restaurants although it is not the main tourist destination. It is more often frequented by business travellers but does offer several notable attractions including museums, markets and cathedrals.

Nampula is the capital city of Nampula Province in Mozambique and the third largest city in Mozambique after Maputo and Beira. It is home to the historical Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island) which floats in the Indian Ocean some kilometres away.

Pemba – Introduction

Business travel is popular to Pemba, with its bustling airport, port and beaches. Wimbi beach just outside Pemba is a popular swimming and relaxing beach where most of the accommodation and hotels for the town are located. Find the five-star Pemba Beach Hotel and some friendly backpackers along the same 12-kilometre sandy Mozambique beach.  Pemba is also the stepping stone for flying out to the remote Quirimbas Islands that dot the Indian Ocean offshore. So you can combine business with pleasure when you visit this attractive seaside town.

Pemba is also renowned as being a prime destination for water sports and scuba diving enthusiasts who like to explore the coral reefs close to the shore. Pemba has increasingly become a tourist destination, particularly for upper-middle-class Mozambicans and South Africans. There is now a weekly flight from Johannesburg to Pemba, restaurants, lodges and other forms of entertainment.


Business travel to Pemba is ideal as this harbour town boasts great accommodation and meeting facilities, wonderful leisure activities and even better views. Picture perfect Pemba. The town is completely revived after the turmoil of the civil war, and the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago. Located in the far north of the country near the Tanzanian border, Pemba is the perfect port city in which to lay your hat this holiday, with the offer of first class accommodation and pampering.

You will be spoilt for choice, from simple, rustic settings right on the beach such as Pemba Dive and Bush Camp to the ultimate luxury of retreats such as Chiuba Bay Hotel and Pemba Beach Hotel and Spa. Establishments in Pemba offer quality facilities for business and leisure travellers including air-conditioning, satellite TV and minibars – with even the more rustic alternatives offering internet cafes and laundry rooms.

Restaurants in Pemba offer an amazing array of fresh seafood as well as traditional island fare that will have you longing for the lunch and dinner ‘bell’ all day every day. Without a doubt, once you check in, it will be difficult to check out. And once you have completed your business deals for the day, you can unwind in a picturesque setting or go and try a new water sport such as kite surfing in the bay.


  • Explore some of the world’s richest coral reefs situated close to the shore
  • Various hotels, bars, dive centres and beachside restaurants
  • Tropical setting with an un-spoilt coastline
  • A prime Mozambique holiday destination for water sports and scuba diving enthusiasts

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