Experience world class diving

You too can experience world class diving when you book a Mozambique diving holiday in the azure seas around the two strings of islands making up the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos. Mozambique is one of the most beautiful diving destinations worldwide, with kilometres of pristine beaches and coral reefs.

Every diver knows that new discoveries happen daily and you will bring to the sea your own interpretation and joy. Diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago is rated as one of the best experiences on any Mozambique holiday. International divers travel to the warm Indian Ocean off Mozambique to explore one of the biggest marine conservation areas around.

Stay on Bazaruto or Benguerra Islands

Stay on Bazaruto or Benguerra Islands in a luxury lodge and marvel at the world underwater. Here, you could come face to face with Humpback whales, Manta rays, Whale sharks and the endangered Dugong!

Further north, get away from it all in the uninhabited Quirimbas Archipelago Islands. Local fishermen still use traditional sailing dhows to navigate the sea between these 30 odd Mozambique islands and mangrove swamps, casting their nets as they have done for thousands of years. Contact one of our consultants today to plan your unique diving trip.

Some divers will be lucky to come across plentiful starfish, anemones and seahorses. Imagine diving these crystal clear waters with a 14 metre long fish? Whale sharks seem to be inquisitive about people and are mostly seen near the surface of the water in the Bazaruto Archipelago where they suck in tiny plankton and small fish.

Diverse corals grow in the Quirimbas Marine National Park due to several underwater channels running deep near Quilalea, Ibo and Matemo Islands. Diving at Quilalea Island reveals hidden untouched inshore and offshore coral reef, sea-grass beds which turtles eat and many incredible fish species. Ibo Island is perfect for casual and serious divers alike – head for the Ibo Island lighthouse for a dive of a lifetime!

Just off the southern tip of Matemo Island play with dolphins, turtles, and bright neon fish. Lying off the sandbank beach is the wreck of an old coal steamer vessel and divers can still see scattered pieces of coal, once on the ship over 100 years ago because the water is so clear here.

The tiny island of Medjumbe offers phenomenal vertical drop-offs, some up to 400 meters. These walls are filled with coral covered caves and tropical fish ranging from Gobies to mammoth Napoleon Wrasse and game fish including Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel.

So pack that diving gear and book a special diving package to Mozambique.