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Mozambique flight schedules for 2023 have recently been updated and finalised for all flights into the major airports. Read more here about which airlines have flights to Mozambique and how to get from South Africa to Mozambique. Fly from South Africa to Maputo to connect with private charters to the lodge of your choice on your Mozambique holiday. We know which airlines operate flights to Mozambique and we can guarantee you the cheapest flights to Mozambique from South Africa. 

Flight schedules to Mozambique from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport to Vilanculos allow you to connect to your transport to the magical Bazaruto Archipelago Islands. We recommend flights from Johannesburg South Africa to Inhambane via Maputo if you are heading to mesmerising Massinga Beach Lodge or elegant Eclectic Beach Retreat on Barra Beach.       

Read the flight schedules below to find out more about arrival and departure times between the major South African and Mozambique airports and on the major airlines. We recommend flying with Mozambique airlines (LAM) or SA Airlink if you are looking for flights to Maputo, Vilanculos, Inhambane, Xai-Xai, Beira and Nampula.  We also record all available flights from Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport to Mozambique airports. 

The flying time from Johannesburg to Maputo is about 1 hour but some flights take 1 hour 55 minutes from Johannesburg to Maputo. There are now direct flights from South Africa to Mozambique so you can choose the best times, the cheapest flights and the best airlines to suit your dream holiday trip to Mozambique.

Let’s take a closer look at arrival and departure times with these Mozambique flight schedules and flights from South Africa to Mozambique.

Air Mozambique (LAM) has several flights a week:

Fly from Johannesburg to Maputo every day of the week, Monday to Sunday, twice a day in the mornings. There are also two regular morning flights from Maputo to Johannesburg every day of the week, Monday to Sunday. Plan a trip to Mozambique from South Africa, taking in authentic game reserves and then serene beaches under coconut palms, transfers included. 

Air Mozambique (LAM) Flights:                                                                                        logo of LAM

Flights from Johannesburg to Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Maputo
Monday 08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Tuesday 08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Wednesday 08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Thursday 08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Friday 08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Saturday  08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40
Sunday  08h50 / 19h20 10h10 / 20h40

Flights from Maputo to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM301 / TM315 / TM305

Day of the week  | Depart Maputo  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h30
Tuesday 06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h40
Wednesday 06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h30
Thursday 06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h30
Friday 06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h30
Saturday  06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h40
Sunday  06h50 / 17h20 08h10 / 18h30

Flights from Johannesburg’s Oliver Tambo International Airport also land at Inhambane International, north of Maputo and just south of Vilanculos. Here tourists hop out and skip off to idyllic beach locations at Massinga, Travessia Beach Lodge and Eclectic Beach Retreat. The way to go if you also want to take in the sights of Maputo as flights go via Maputo! Stay overnight in a heavenly hotel chain like the Maputo Southern Sun Hotel where a huge swimming pool overlooks Maputo Bay and three restaurants offer delicious foods and drinks. 

You may be wondering when is the best time to book a flight from Oliver Tambo International to Inhambane – make sure you choose your time according to your own plans on the other side. Get a free transfer to your beach hotel, resort or lodge in a great package deal to Inhambane. The flight schedule that lists all the fights from Johannesburg to Inhambane via Maputo leave the city of gold at 08h50 am and land only at 13h10 or 14h10 or 14h40 in Inhambane. Inhambane fights that land in Johannesburg and go via Maputo leave at 13h40 on a Wednesday, 15h10 on a Thursday and 14h40 on a Sunday only arrive in Johannesburg 5, 3 or 4 hours later. 

Flights from Johannesburg to Inhambane via Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Inhambane
Wednesday 08h50 13h10
Thursday 08h50 14h40
Sunday 08h50 14h10 

Flights from Inhambane to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Inhambane  | Arrive Johannesburg
Wednesday 13h40 18h30
Thursday 15h10 18h30
Sunday 14h40 18h30 

Good news for holiday makers flying from South Africa to Mozambique on LAM airlines is that the flights from Johannesburg to Vilanculos are direct and only take 2 hours. This is a morning flight on a Monday and Friday only and the return flights are only in the afternoons, Monday and Friday. Plan your holidays accordingly – many of our guests like to see Kruger for a few days then fly to Vilanculos to link with private transfers to the Bazaruto Archipelago islands. 

The other way to do it is to fly via Maputo to see the city lights and eat out at fancy Mozambican restaurants or to head off to the Santa Maria Peninsula for a few days at Machangulo Beach Lodge or a self-catering adventure at Cabo Beach Villas. We love the idea of hiring a car and self-driving to Maputo Special Reserve National Park! These flights via Maputo happen three times a week, mornings from Johannesburg and afternoons from Vilanculos.

Flights Johannesburg to Vilanculos Direct: TM332

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Vilanculos
Monday 11h00 13h15
Friday 11h00 13h15

Flights Vilanculos to Johannesburg Direct: TM333

Day of the week  | Depart Vilanculos  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 14h05 16h20
Friday 14h05 16h20

Flights Johannesburg to Vilanculos via Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Vilanculos
Monday 08h50 15h00
Wednesday 08h50 14h25
Thursday 08h50 13h25
Friday 08h50 13h05 
Sunday 08h50 13h00

Fly from Vilanculos to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Vilanculos  | Arrive Johannesburg
Wednesday 14h55 18h30
Thursday 13h55 18h30 
Sunday 13h30 18h30

Book a cheap flight to Mozambique’s Xai Xai coastal town to see the sights of Gaza Province and retreat to an eco-beach lodge called Naara Eco beach Lodge that relies on solar energy in the dune forests. This LAM flight leaves Johannesburg in the mornings only twice a week and stops in Maputo, so is a long haul but check with your travel consultant first to check transit times in Maputo.

Fly from Johannesburg to Xai-Xai via Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Xai-Xai
Tuesday 08h50 15h20
Friday 08h50 12h00 

Fly from Xai-Xai to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Xai-Xai  | Arrive Johannesburg
Tuesday 16h00 18h40 / 19h55
Friday 12h40 18h30 / 19h55

Air Mozambique (LAM) also has regular flights return between Johannesburg and other Mozambique destinations: Beira via Maputo, Nampula via Maputo, and Pemba via Maputo. Flights to Beira are useful if you want to go and see the magical and mighty Gorongosa National Park for an authentic immersion in one of the best game reserves in Mozambique. 

Book a plane ticket to Nampula International to explore the beautiful coast of Memba By near Nacala and stay in the stunning Nuarro Beach Lodge in its own mind-blowingly beautiful 800-hectare private concession also boasts three kilometres of its own shoreline.  Pemba is home to Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort so book your flights with us to avoid disappointment. Regular arrivals and departures to Pemba are scheduled for 5 days of the week, just not Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Flights Johannesburg to Beira via Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Beira
Monday 08h50 13h30
Tuesday 08h50 14h20
Wednesday 08h50 14h20 / 19h40
Thursday 08h50 14h20 / 19h40
Friday 08h50 14h25 / 19h40
Saturday  08h50 14h20 / 19h40
Sunday  08h50 14h20 / 19h40

Flights Beira to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Beira  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 08h40 18h30
Tuesday 15h00 18h40 / 19h55
Wednesday 15h00 18h30
Thursday 15h00 18h30 / 19h55
Friday 15h05 19h55
Saturday  15h00 18h40
Sunday  15h00 18h30 / 19h55

Fly from Johannesburg to Nampula via Maputo: TM156 (code share with Airlink)

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Nampula
Monday 13h55 19h20
Tuesday 13h55 19h20
Wednesday 13h55 19h20
Thursday 13h55 19h20
Friday 13h55 19h20
Saturday  13h55 19h20
Sunday  13h55 19h20

Flights Nampula to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Nampula  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 09h00 18h30
Tuesday 11h55 16h50 / 18h40
Wednesday 09h00 18h30
Thursday 11h55 16h50 / 18h30
Friday 09h00 18h30 / 19h55
Saturday  11h55 16h50 / 18h30
Sunday  11h55 16h50 / 18h30

Fly from Johannesburg to Pemba via Maputo: TM312

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Pemba
Monday 08h50 13h30
Wednesday 08h50 13h30
Thursday 08h50 13h30
Friday 08h50 13h30
Sunday 08h50 13h30

Fly Pemba to Johannesburg via Maputo: TM315

Day of the week  | Depart Pemba  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 14h10 18h30
Wednesday 14h10 18h30
Thursday 14h10 18h30
Friday 14h10 18h30
Sunday 14h10 18h30

Cheap flights from Kruger National Park to Mozambique go mostly to Maputo, Nampula or Tete. Most tourists prefer to fly between Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) and Maputo which then gives them easy access to the rest of Mozambique, going south to Ponta do Ouro or north to Vilanculos, Inhambane and Nacala. Plan your Kruger-Mozambique bush beach combo package holidays with Mozambique Travel and we can customise your deals to suit your budget and time in superb safari loges and beach resorts! 

KMIA has a great flight schedule with regular lights to Vilanculos sot that tourist can hop on their private transfers to Bazaruto or Benguerra islands to experience the best luxury accommodation in Mozambique. We recommend our favourite bush and beach combo –  a few nights in the famous Kruger National Park region on safari in the fanciful Lion Sands River Lodge and then a few nights at the blissful Azura Benguerra island Lodge for ocean sports and beach walks. Chat to us about our range of safari beach island special deals made for the tourist who wants the best of both worlds, a bit of game viewing and a bit of marine diversity. 

SA Airlink has direct flights to Vilanculos from Johannesburg every day of the week at 11h35 so make sure you plan your beach holiday well in advance to take advantage of this service.  Other SA Airlink flights, according to set flight schedules fly from Johannesburg return to Nampula and Pemba. Which means that tourists can choose to fly on LAM or SA Airlink according to their holiday plans, times and budgets. 

Flights from Johannesburg to Vilanculos Direct: 4Z260

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Vilanculos
Monday 11h35 13h05
Tuesday 11h35 13h05
Wednesday 11h35 13h05
Thursday 11h35 13h05
Friday 11h35 13h05
Saturday 11h35 13h05
Sunday 11h35 13h05

Flights from Vilanculos to Johannesburg Direct: 4Z263 / 4Z261

Day of the week  | Depart Vilanculos  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 13h30 / 13h45 15h15 / 15h30
Tuesday 13h45 15h30
Wednesday 13h30 / 13h45 15h15 / 15h30
Thursday 13h45 15h30
Friday 13h30 / 13h45 15h15 / 15h30
Saturday 13h45 15h30
Sunday 13h45 15h30

Flights from Johannesburg to Nampula: 4Z230

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Nampula
Tuesday 10h30 13h00
Thursday 10h30 13h00

Fly Nampula to Johannesburg: 4Z231

Day of the week  | Depart Nampula  | Arrive Johannesburg
Tuesday 13h35 16h30
Thursday 13h35 16h30

Flights from Johannesburg to Pemba: 4Z204

Day of the week  | Depart Johannesburg  | Arrive Pemba
Monday 11h30 14h20
Wednesday 11h30 14h20
Friday 11h30 14h20

Flights from Pemba to Johannesburg: 4Z205

Day of the week  | Depart Pemba  | Arrive Johannesburg
Monday 14h50 18h10
Wednesday 14h50 17h45
Friday 14h50 17h45

See if you can fly to Vilanculos on a Monday, leaving Nelspruit (KMIA) at 11h50 and landing in your dream Mozambique town of Vilanculos for the holiday of a lifetime. Jump aboard your boat or helicopter transfer to the islands and choose a lodge with everything that opens and shuts, dazzling white beaches and ocean sports deluxe! We love our five-star Kruger safari lodge and a deluxe island lodge double deal that begins in the magical AndBeyond Ngala Safari Lodge in the midst of Ngala Private Game Reserve, then climaxes in the dazzling Bazaruto Archipelago at mind-blowing &Beyond Benguerra Island Lodge. Spend the entire week there learning how to relax and self soothe!

Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport to Vilanculos Direct: 4Z258

Day of the week  | Depart Nelspruit KMIA (MQP)  | Arrive Vilanculos  |
Monday 11h50 13h00
Friday 11h35 13h05

East Africa is something to think about too one day and we know that the flights there are ultra-convenient and easy to add on to your Mozambique safari. LAM flies on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Pemba to Dar es Salaam at 11h15, and this flight returns on the same days at 14h25. 

EAST AFRICA – Air Mozambique (LAM) Flights to and from Dar es Salaam:

Flights Dar-es-Salaam to Pemba: TM461

Day of the week  | Depart Dar es Salaam  | Arrive Pemba
Tuesday 14h25       14h35
Saturday 14h25       14h35

Flights Pemba to Dar-es-Salaam: TM460

Day of the week  | Depart Pemba  | Arrive Dar es Salaam
Tuesday 11h15 13h25 
Saturday 11h15 13h25 

We can tailor make your Mozambique family holiday to include all flights and transfers to make your life so much easier! Business travellers will appreciate direct flights to Maputo and leisure travellers can decide which times suit their transfer links to chic lodges in the coastal cities or on the islands in the Indian Ocean. Call us to book flight to Mozambique from South Africa, to Kruger and to the east African centre of Dar es Salaam.

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