Adventure of a lifetime

For that adventure of a life time, browse our fantastic range of Mozambique guided tours. Discover the wide range of attractions, sights, landscapes and highlights that this southern African tourist destination has to offer.

If you are a discerning traveller who enjoys the finer things in life, then you should book a luxury guided tour in Mozambique to explore the many attractions without the hassle of doing it all yourself. Contact one of our consultants today to assist you make that choice!

Luxury holidays in the Bazaruto Archipelago allow you to experience the stunning beaches, the magical diving and the pampering spa facilities. Here you will find elegant villas and lodges offering some of the best service in Africa – you can book guided tours to see the whales and turtles in season, or other remote islands.

Keen anglers will be pleased to know that the islands offer world class game fishing tours where you can reel in Giant Black Marlin, Blue and Striped Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna – boats explore deeper waters with fast trolled lures with excellent results.

Explore the beaches of Inhambane and Vilankulo

Mixing beach and wildlife holidays in guided tour packages is the most stress-free and dynamic way to see Mozambique. You can start in Maputo, explore the beaches of Inhambane and Vilankulo, then head north to the Gorongosa National Park to see the lions and elephants in their pristine habitats.

Pack up your whole family to explore the Indian Ocean’s treasures – stay on an island and take a guided ocean safari to see fantastic reef fish, Moray Eels, sharks, stingrays and more! Watch turtles laying their eggs in the sand and whales breaching if you are lucky.

Or book a luxury resort at Ponta Mamoli and you and the kids can go on a guided dolphin tour where the special experience of swimming with such ethereal marine species can only change your feelings about the environment forever.

Stay at Ibo Island Lodge to experience unique mobile island-hopping dhow safaris from Ibo Island with kayaking and snorkelling thrown in for added pleasure. Ocean cruises to tidal sand backs and deep sea diving tours are all offered especially for the entertainment of international tourists.

Mozambique is a paradise offering guided tours for all ages and budgets.