Kite Surfing in Mozambique

Kite surfing is all the rage in Mozambique and can be enjoyed all along the coastline as well as around the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago off Vilankulo and the Quirimbas Archipelago off Pemba.

If you are keen enough, you will already know that Pemba is one of the country’s best kite surfing spots with some of the most amazing accommodation for surfer dudes like you. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and find an intimate lodge where great food and soft beds reward you after a day spend on the water.

Novice kite surfers can find great teachers all along the Mozambique coast including the Archipelagos, and experienced kite surfers can explore wonderful routes on good windy days. From Bazaruto and Benguerra Islands in the south, to Ibo and Medjumbe Islands in the north, it’s the erratic tides, calm glassy solitary waters and occasional 20 knot winds that decide when kite surfers go out!

Hire equipment and surf at some of the best spots in Mozambique – kite sizes range from 9 metres to 14 metres for the winter windy months when the Southeaster (Kusi) blows. The Northeaster (Kazkazi) blows in summer. Kite surfers can try out a power kite if that suits their fancy and level of experience. Courses are available everywhere! Contact one of our consultants to find out where you can do a course.

Kite surfing safari

On a kite surfing course, level one will teach you how to understand the natural conditions of the area, what equipment you need and how to apply it, safety procedures, the concept of the wind window, launching and landing the kite and kite control. The second level involves body drag, water starts and riding and level three is all about riding upwind, transitions and first jumps. Then you are ready for a kite surfing safari!

Young and old kite surfers hit the beaches now in Mozambique to test their skills in winds they don’t know and on seas they have never before seen. Kite surfers get to observe the many sea creatures swimming near them, birds flying by and coral reefs far below. The Bazaruto Archipelago offers a wide variety of kiting experiences!

Check out the conditions, book your course and your gear and head for a kite surfing island or bay somewhere in Mozambique.