Scuba is short for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, an excursion which deep-sea divers do use gas cylinders with which to breathe. Don’t get left out in the fun, go on your Mozambique scuba diving holiday for an experience of note!

For those who haven’t experienced scuba diving, then some divers will agree that they haven’t lived. Venture into a world unknown and unveil the mysteries of the underwater realm. For long periods of time, you get to see rare marine creatures, shipwrecks, unusual seabed plants and caves.

Pemba is one of the best places for Mozambique scuba diving, with a selection of dive sites rich in coral. One such site is the Penguin Shoal, a marvellous place with huge banks of coral at a deep 30m, enticing divers with their fabulous colours and resident crayfish. Baobab Rocks offers exceptional diving experiences, where divers can explore the rocks on a sandy slope going deep to another 30m. This site is only for advanced scuba divers. Look out for crocodile fish and black marlin.

Perhaps the best place to dive in Mozambique is Ibo Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Head straight for the lighthouse dive with its deep walls and overhangs where astonishing reef sharks, reef fish, and rays live. A hop, skip and a jump away is Rolas Island, which is a great place for beginner scuba divers who like shallower waters. Divers may see the shy pipefish and nudibranchs!

Vamizi Island has a truly healthy coral reef system one of which is Neptune’s Arm, which is now one of the most famed dive sites in the world. Mozambique Scuba diving opens up so many doors to so many outstanding places. Contact one of our consultants who can help you find the ideal scuba diving opportunities for you.

Mozambique scuba diving is always sensational, with reefs going down to depths of 10 to 40m, and some 6,000 diverse fish species and corals to see. In the amazing Bazaruto Archipelago, the islands of Benguerra, Bazaruto and Magaruque offer impressive diving in crystal clear waters with rare occurrences of boats.