Dolphin Encounters

Be counted amongst the privileged few when you go on a Mozambique Dolphin Safari. Discover unadulterated pleasure when you swim with these amazing aquatic mammals. If you are lucky enough to find these inquisitive animals in the mood for play, then you are destined for one of the most fantastic time of your life, if not, you will have to just stand on the sidelines and watch them feed.

Stay at Ibo Island Lodge for a couple of days to enjoy this spectacular encounter. Thanks to the Dive Quirimbas activity centre, visitors can enjoy unique dhow island hopping safaris that can include dolphin encounters, depending on the weather and the occurrence of these social creatures when you are there.

You don’t have to be an expert diver to interact with these friendly dolphins. You can tailor-make your dhow safari into your superlative adventure, and experience a Dhow-Dolphin Safari over 3 days. Your dhow-dolphin safari entails sailing off to uninhabited islands under the expert eye of a guide and local crew. You will snorkel off deserted white sandbanks into clear blue seas and then camp overnight on secluded Quirimbas shorelines and tucking into fresh seafood on the fire.

Other islands and lodges also offer visitors a chance to encounter dolphins almost cheek to cheek in the Quirimbas and at Ponto do Ouro. See these friendly creatures as part of your dive excursion on Matemo Island. Pemba Dive and Bush Camp on the mainland also offer brilliant snorkelling trips with the 4 dolphins species which cruise this Mozambique coast.

The Dolphin Encounters have for many years guided their visitors to swim cautiously and passionately with dolphins to better understand them and ensure their ongoing protection. These forerunners of dolphin swims provide ethical marine encounters according to strict codes of practice.

Bottlenose Dolphins

In Mozambique, the intelligent Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common, often coming into the warm bays to play. Book your Mozambique Accommodation and add on a dolphin safari with Mozambique Travel and be part of this strict supervision dolphin encounter!