Completely luxurious and completely relaxing holiday

For a holiday that is completely different, completely luxurious and completely relaxing, look no further than an ocean cruise on one of the MSc ocean liners. And, for an affordable, exotic vacation to destinations, you never dreamed of seeing, contact your travel agent for some very exciting packages all designed in the typical Italian style of the MSc cruise liner way.

Explore the magnificent coastline of South Africa

Explore the magnificent coastline of South Africa, heading north to Mozambique’s Portuguese Island, Maputo or Ilha de Mozambique. Or travel further afield to Madagascar, Reunion Island and Mauritius. The other option is to take the West Coast cruise to see Walvis Bay in Namibia and the spectacular Skeleton Coast. And all of this from the comfort of an elegant, Italian styled ship with everything that opens and shuts! Itineraries are planned carefully to blend the relaxation of slow cruising on board your ship with the excitement of these stops to see interesting places and do a bit of shopping and exploring.

The best part of your decision to take an ocean cruise with MSc cruises is that everything is done for you and you simply have fun and enjoy the ride. We guarantee you a safe ride as safety regulations are taken very seriously when you book your cruise on an MSc ship. As part of the company’s comprehensive security programme, all access to the ships is controlled and those boarding are screened. In addition, there are security personnel on board while you travel, as well as 24/7 medical services and doctors.

There are logical steps you can follow in case of a medical or security emergency where a rapid response by ship personnel will make sure everything is sorted out. MSc guest services are professionals who only have your enjoyment at heart. Your unique cruise vacation should be worry-free and stress-free, as safe as can be. In fact, each ship runs a General Emergency Drill while you are on board enjoying your holiday – all guests must attend this drill to know what to do in case of an emergency and everyone must read the emergency instructions behind their cabin doors.

Read on to find out more about the best cruise prices and the variety of entertainment that awaits you as step on board one of the elegant Italian styled ships. Think European charm blended with an adventurous spirit. Think nouvelle cuisine and dressing up for dinner. You will become part of the comfortable and chic interior design that are trademarks of MSc cruises.

Your ocean cruise will take place on ships with romantic names like Armonia (rated for her high guest-crew ratio), Divinia (with her infinity pool ideal for sunsets), Splendida (with her Top Sail Lounge under a dome of sparkly stars), Opera (with incredible marble fittings and glass walls), Sinfonia (being revamped with 200 new cabins), Fantasia (offering 5 restaurants and 4 swimming pools) and the list goes on. Each ship features unique luxuries perfect for individual tastes and styles and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Find your cruise using the cruise calendar, the best rates for cruises to your best destination and interesting information about your favourite place to be when you are on board and sailing along in elegance and style. And so much enjoyment awaits you on this huge floating hotel: spa treatments, cinemas showing the latest movies, kids’ entertainment all day, amazing foods and wines, spectacular views and cabins to ensure your contentment. You can exercise and move too and there is plenty of room for everyone.

For a special cruise holiday that includes transfers and hotel accommodation, contact one of our travel consultants for more information. We guarantee you a stress-free holiday when you cruise with MSc Cruise Liners as we know how to play this game and have been doing it for years. We know that you, our customer is always right and that you are looking for the best time you have ever had.