If you’re about to embark on a package holiday in Mozambique, there’s one place you must see before you head home again and that’s Gorongosa National Park, a place that really does have something for everyone.

It can be hard choosing what to see and do, however, so here are a few activities that we consider absolutely essential for those seeing the park for the first time.

Guided game drive at dawn

A Mozambique safari is an absolute must and you’ll certainly regret it if you leave without going on one. Going at dawn means you’ll be able to see the wilderness come to life, with baboons, waterbuck, wading birds, lions and more all waking up with the light.

A trip to the village of Vinho

You should do your best to really experience what life is like in rural Africa and there’s no better way to do this than paying the village of Vinho a visit. Head across the Punge River to meet local residents, have a walk through the maize fields and learn all about just how important agriculture is to this particular region.

Mount Gorongosa hike

Time to stretch your legs! Hiking around Mount Gorongosa is truly spectacular and there are lots of amazing waterfalls for you to discover. Make your way to Muombodzo Falls which is more than 100m high, you certainly won’t regret it.

You’ll have a wonderful time no matter what you do but these are three of the best activities to consider including on your travel itineraries. Bear them in mind when booking your Mozambique vacations!