The wheel has made a full turn in Mozambique and it’s a delight to watch, particularly for southern hemisphere travellers, where despite profound political turbulence in the 60’s and 70’s, this lovely stretch of the Southern African coastline managed to retain an ‘island style’ status for many South Africans.

These days it’s a done deal as visitors flock to this stretch of paradise with the locals wishing you bemvindos (welcome back). Picture Perfect Pemba located in the far north of the country near the Tanzanian border is the perfect port city to lay your hat this holiday, with the offer of first class accommodation and pampering. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from simple, rustic settings right on the beach such as Pemba Dive and Bush Camp to the ultimate luxury of retreats such as Chiuba Bay Hotel and Pemba Beach Hotel and Spa. Establishments on Pemba offer quality facilities such as air conditioning, satellite TV and mini bars – with even the more rustic alternatives offering internet cafes and laundry rooms.

Restaurants are key features of all establishments and offer an amazing array of fresh seafood as well as traditional island fare that will have you longing for the lunch and dinner ‘bell’ all day everyday.

Without a doubt, once you check in, it will be difficult to check out.