The best island getaways in Mozambique

Bazaruto Resort Clube Naval

Mozambique is known as the land of milk and honey thanks to its glorious sunny and warm climate, its pristine white beaches and turquoise ocean waves. While the mainland coastline stretches more than 2000km between South African and Tanzania, Mozambique’s islands lie in chains off its shores. Start with the Bazaruto Archipelago, a smaller group of larger islands which is renowned for its deep sea diving, fishing, and rare marine species. There are only 5 islands ranging from the largest Bazaruto, then Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and tiny Bangue.

Supreme accommodation in luxury villas makes the first three islands worth a decadent holiday in the tropics. But the other two can only accommodate interesting day trips and beach picnics on undiscovered beaches. Then the Quirimbas Archipelago further north lures visitors to its remote, undeveloped status quo – an attractive destination where more than 30 islands entice adventurers, divers, anglers and water sports enthusiasts to really live out their dreams. We have to mention here the best island getaways in Mozambique:



  • Benguerra Lodge – recently snapped up by a syndicate and given a makeover, this awesome island lodge is now managed by the well-known &Beyond team. Discover this rejuvenated destination laid out in traditional safari camp style with luxury villas flanking a central dining and living room. Enjoy private plunge pools, outdoor showers, chic colonial style décor and inviting glades for chilling away from the glare of the sun. Elegant traditional dhows ply the seas every day as you sit at the charming beach bar in front of the lodge – built from one of these dhows that are still used by local fishermen.
  • Azura Benguerra Island- from budget backpackers’ hostel to barefoot opulence, this elegant setting attracts guests of higher caliber to enjoy its fine treats. The luxury of the lodge contributes to the lifestyle of the island people who rely on this kind of chic sustainable tourism. These people helped build the lodge from scratch and now have a school and other facilities funded by guests like you.
  • Anantara Bazaruto Island on Bazaruto island – from budwhat a beautiful place to visit. If you thought there were only beaches and blue seas, think again. There is so much space on this larger island and in that space, you will find several freshwater lakes. See the pink flamingos, flocks of white-breasted cormorants, grey herons, pelicans, and wonderful great ibis. Book into the beautiful island accommodation at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa and appreciate the luxury of all facilities  including the mind-boggling views. Make the most of the large spa, the two swimming pools, bar in the swimming pool and buggies to get around on.
  • Ibo Island Lodge– housed within three beautiful, historic mansions overlooking prime waterfront on Ibo Island in the Indian Ocean off northern Mozambique in the Quirimbas Archipelago, this unique resort offers a great destination for both families and romantic getaways. Rooms feature luxury furnishings of exquisite antiques, handcrafted furniture and carved wooden doors. Delight in plush facilities at this award-winning island lodge such as the two swimming pools, hired the chef, private dinners and massages. Children will love their hands-on activities while adults indulge in historical island tours, boat cruises, mangrove excursions, fishing, hiking, and scuba diving.
  • Jardim dos Aloes – Mozambique Island– this quaint accommodation on Ilha de Mozambique will please you as soon as you arrive. Feel as if you are visiting the home of friends as you enjoy the beautiful items the owners have collected and taken them up on excellent recommendations regarding where to eat, where to visit, and which day excursions to book. Or you can simply enjoy lounging in the cool shade in the courtyard to escape the heat of the day. Staff is all very friendly, the rooms comfortable and imbued with history and character. Learn about the special role of the Aloes that are growing around the house. Each room has its dose of aloe extract to be used generously during one’s stay. Each compote dish is mixed with aloes. A stay at Jardim dos Aloes is a trip in itself, a trip within the trip.

Jardim breakfast-in-the-terrace

Jardim breakfast-in-the-terrace

These are just some of the best island getaways in Mozambique for honeymoon couples, families, business travelers and adventure seekers. Just find the right
package deal for your needs and book your flights as soon as you can.

& Beyond Benguerra Lodge

& Beyond Benguerra Lodge

There are some truly stunning holiday destinations in Mozambique, a country where glorious beaches, wonderful weather and a friendly welcome are all guaranteed. While the mainland, with its wonderful towns and cities such as Maputo, the capital, and fascinating Inhambane is a fine place to visit, most holidaymakers head to the splendour of the stunning islands, in particular, those of the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago. This glorious group of islands is home to Benguerra Island, and the finest of Mozambique accommodation can be found in the shape of AndBeyond Benguerra Lodge.

With many fine lodges and villas on the island in some of the best of Mozambique beach resorts, and  &Beyond Benguerra Lodge is guaranteed to be a luxurious, high-quality choice of accommodation in one of the finest spots on this glorious island.

The Casinhas at Benguerra Island Lodge are literally on the beach and have some of the finest views available over the Bazaruto Islands. Perfect for honeymooners who want privacy and a Mozambique honeymoon of epic proportions!

Casa Familia at Benguerra Island is obviously for families who want a holiday here. Theres loads of activities for the kids and that you can do as a whole family. Go snorkel two mile reef or have a horse ride along the beaches of Benguerra at sunset.

Carefully chosen locations mean access to the very best beaches available, while the sheer tranquility of locations such as Azura Benguerra, which offers genuinely exclusive villas in an amazing beachfront setting, is something to behold. With a choice of luxurious private villas like Villa Amizade at Benguerra, or the more price conscious Royal Beach Villas.there is something for everyone – and every budget – in this tropical island paradise.

andBeyond Benguerra Lodge
andBeyond Benguerra Lodge
Benguerra Island

Anantara Bazaruto is another destination that comes highly recommended. Located on the largest island in the group – Bazaruto Island – this wonderful place is a very attractive resort with fine facilities and is popular with couples and families alike. Nothing beats lounging in the African sun on a soft sandy beach, cocktail in hand in the shade of a palm tree, and that’s exactly what you can enjoy in this fine and wonderful place. As Mozambique holidays go, both Benguerra Island and Bazaruto Island make excellent choices and you will not be disappointed with your exotic holiday experience.

Whether you want a peaceful and tranquil island holiday or one where you can enjoy water sports such as diving – the coral reefs here are amazing – swimming and fishing there is something from you with Beyond Benguerra Lodge, and the glorious weather is only part of the appeal. As experts in Mozambique holiday packages, we have access to the very best in specials and packages on luxury beach villas at &Beyond Benguerra, and our team of experienced and knowledgeable advisers are adept at finding the best-priced deal for you. Why not get in touch right now, and book a dream holiday in Mozambique for you and your family?