Why take a Holiday in Mozambique?


The gloriously friendly east African country of Mozambique, with its amazing Indian Ocean coastline and stunning white sand beaches, is fast becoming a popular place as more tourists discover its hidden delights. As the experts in travel to the country this is one reason we recommend you come now – before the best resorts begin to attract crowds as the similarly priced resorts in the likes of Zanzibar and Mauritius. So what other reasons are there to holiday in Mozambique? There’s the weather, the amazing choice of resorts and accommodation, and then there’s the cuisine.

Just as it is famous for some of the best beaches in the world – especially those on the amazing Inhambane coast and the islands off the shore – so Mozambique is famous for exquisite food. Dine in any of the many restaurants in the delightful capital city, Maputo, and you will be able to try a range of exciting seafood dishes that display a combination of African and Portuguese influence, which results in a fine combination of flavours that can only serve to delight and inspire.

If you are in self catering accommodation then the markets in the provincial towns are ideal for getting fresh produce to cook on the barbecue of kitchen back at you accommodation; in cases where a houseman is present you will find they may be more than happy to drive you to the nearest town and help you buy the best goods. Inhambane town is particularly revered for fine seafood, fruit and vegetables, cooked and grown locally and ready for use. Mozambique really does offer a chance to enjoy a taste of cuisine that is unique to the region, and that seafood lovers, in particular, will enjoy.

Why should you book your stay in Mozambique with us? As we have such a lengthy relationship with the best resorts we are able to offer you great deals on accommodation in the finest locations, and we could save as much as 15% on the cover price in some instances. Our team of expert travel consultants know Mozambique better than anyone and can help put together  package ideas that includes everything you could need. There’s no need to shop around more for the best deal – get in touch with us right now, and we will help you book a Mozambique holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

Medjumbe Quirimbas Islands

Medjumbe Private Island Twin Room

The Quirimbas Islands are some of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world, and in Medjumbe you have chosen one of the finest of all. Lying off the coast of Mozambique in the beautiful Indian Ocean, Medjumbe Island is a stunning resort that is difficult to beat, and offers a range of facilities that are second to none. With a reputation as the leading name in Mozambique Travel, we can find you the very best packages and deals on holidays on Medjumbe Island, and you will soon see why this truly stunning place is a genuine exotic treat.

The beauty of the Quirimbas Islands, and of Mozambique beach resorts across the country, is that they remain exclusive and unspoilt. Whereas you would spend a holiday in similarly priced destinations in Zanzibar or Mauritius with a wealth of other holidaymakers, in Medjumbe you get a secluded, private villa and much less of a crowd. It’s a relaxed, beautiful and friendly place that rewards visitors with its welcoming ambience and ability to move around easily, and is somewhere you can enjoy everything from relaxing on the soft white sands to taking part in vigorous water sports.

Furthermore, we make booking your Medjumbe holiday as easy as can be, and with 20 years experience in Mozambique travel can make sure you get the best package and deal for your requirements and budget. We have access to the best resorts on the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Islands, and we offer guaranteed cheaper prices than booking through the hotels, Indeed, in some cases you can save as much as 15% when booking with us, including at some of the most exclusive private resorts on the Quirimbas Islands. Look no further, you’ve found the perfect place to go ahead and book your dream Medjumbe Island holiday.

Our team of consultants are passionate about Mozambique and have travelled to Medjumbe to experience it for themselves; this makes them the perfect people to find the best deal for you. We can even tailor an itinerary to make sure you enjoy everything there is to see on the islands, and are experts in package deals in Mozambique. With access to some of the best resorts and accommodation in Mozambique, and an understanding of the island that goes far and above beyond the norm, why not get in touch right now? We’ll get back to you in a short while, and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and help book that fabulous Mozambique holiday you’ve always wanted.

Mozambique Beach Vacations

Anantara Bazaruto

The beautiful country of Mozambique, one of the jewels in the crown of African holiday destinations, occupies a prime location on the south east coast, with the glorious Indian Ocean lapping at its amazing beaches. With a wealth of beach resorts, towns and cities, and the adjacent Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, this stunning place is one where you can find an affordable family holiday or romantic break in a genuine tropical paradise, and the sheer variety of opportunities for enjoyment is hard to match anywhere else in the world. Mozambique beach holidays take advantage of some of the most astonishing locations and great weather, and with excellent package deals and specials available, you may be surprised at what you can afford.

Your choice of Mozambique beach holidays ranges from those on the glorious Inhambane Coast on the mainland to the fabulous tropical islands, and it is perhaps the latter that offer the best options in terms of exciting, exotic locations. The Bazaruto Islands, inclusion the island of that name and the fabulous Benguerra Island, are as tranquil and relaxing as it gets, and there are many fine Mozambique lodges to be found in some great resorts. Benguerra Lodge, the first to be established in the islands, is a wonderful place decorated in a traditional style and offering a variety of suites at great prices. With fabulous facilities, and a magnificent beach-front location, this amazing place is somewhere you will never forget.

At the Anantara Bazaruto resort, on neighbouring Bazaruto Island, you can enjoy equally fantastic Mozambique beach holidays, in superb accommodation with stunning views of the ocean, where you can take in snorkelling trips to view the wonderful coral reef wildlife and enjoy the ambience of this relaxing, yet exciting, resort. With restaurants serving fine local dishes, especially the seafood that the area is famous for, and a bar, pool and much more, this popular resort is one for families and couples alike and is among the very best of Mozambique beach resorts.

Ibo Island Lodge, on the Quirimbas Island of the same name, is a truly exclusive choice of a beach resort that offers much more than simply a holiday. This is an experience like no other, a place where you really can let the world pass you by, and represents the very best in Mozambique beach holidays at surprisingly affordable prices. On the mainland is White Pearls Resorts, an equally exclusive place with luxurious accommodation and fine facilities, and ranked by many as one of the finest of all resorts in Mozambique.

As experts in package deals on Mozambique beach holidays, we can help you find the very best package for you, and our friendly and helpful team of travel advisors will be more than happy to help you put together the very best package at the right price. With many specials and offers available on Mozambique travel, and our acknowledged expertise on Mozambique accommodation, we are here to help, so get in touch now and book a dream holiday you will never forget.