Why a Mozambique Gourmet Holiday is in order

Dining in Mozambique

There are many reasons why you should have a gourmet holiday in Mozambique. The biggest reasons relate to food and eating but other reasons relate to the lifestyle, the water sports, the sublime accommodation on dazzling white beaches where crystal clear ocean waves beckon. Your gourmet holiday includes picture perfect sunsets, romantic strolls along deserted beaches and time to discover the meaning of life.

Eating Traditional Food is Delightful

Let’s start with eating food in Mozambique – so much part of the cultural experience. The fine weather is conducive to fresh food so wherever you go, there is ample choice of fresh produce, seafood, fish, nuts and more. The Mozambicans like their Portuguese heritage when it comes to eating – a diet rich in healthy oils, spices and vitamins. Tuck into tasty prawns, Matapa, Pao, Peri Peri Chicken, Prego rolls, cashew nuts, fish and tropical fruits.

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Matapa and Pao

Find Matapa in all the local centres, from Maputo up to Pemba – a delightful stew created from cassava leaves, ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk, eaten with prawns or rice. Eat Pao for breakfast, freshly baked white bread rolls in wood-fired ovens smothered with butter. And the Peri Peri Chicken is marinated in garlic and lemon juice then peri-peri sauce and eaten with cooked chips. Yum! What are you waiting for?

Mouth-watering Memories

When you go and holiday in Mozambique on the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago or the Quirimbas Archipelago, you find gourmet cuisine based on Portuguese, Mozambican and international ingredients. Some of the best memories of meals will be those you enjoy outdoors, either on the beach with expensive champagne, or sitting alone on your villa deck as the sun sets. Freshly grilled seafood and fish tastes so much better eaten in tune with the elements, don’t you think?

Casa Rex Culinary Adventure

Why not stay at the luxury Casa Rex Boutique Hotel in Vilanculos and organise an island hopping excursion to the Bazaruto Archipelago, to experience a culinary adventure?  Leaving the comfort of your suite and discovering the life of local villages is refreshing and educational.  Your traditional dhow will sail you to Magaruque for a day of snorkelling, walking, chilling and regal picnicking. Local Mozambican guides will sail you there on a dhow, start your lunch fire and serve you the tastiest grilled seafood, pao and tea you have ever tasted.

Dining at Casa Rex
Benguerra Island Food

Vanilla View Self-Catering

Another unique way to have a gourmet holiday in Mozambique is to holiday at the comfy Vanilla View Guest House on the outskirts of Tofo where mangrove swamps beckon and the views are indescribable. Sip drinks on your private deck or join other guests in the infinity pool to cool down and dine in the boma while the sun sets.

Barbeques at Sunset

Buy your own fresh produce and cook it outside, just Wlike the Mozambicans do. Throw a lobster on the grill in the large barbeque area and visit the fresh market again the next day. Offering bed and breakfast or self-catering, this Mozambique beach resort is the ideal honeymoon destination. Three luxurious rooms offer exclusion and peace with king size beds, private open air showers and a sunken bath. Tuck into a breakfast of gourmet fruits and pao then hit the beach for swims and walks.

Azura Benguerra Fine Dining

And if you want to be pampered, then the Islands are your destination of choice. Benguerra Island is the second biggest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago yet offers the biggest taste sensations when it comes to fine cooking. Make room for the fresh seafood and Portuguese dishes where traditional local ingredients are used with help of local villagers. Your pro chef at Azura Benguerra Island Lodge creates mouth-watering meals for all guests who appreciate the finer things in life. Choose complimentary wines from the extensive wine cellar on site.

5 Reasons why Mozambique holidays are becoming so popular

Dunes de Dovela

Wonder why so many people are escaping to Mozambique when they get the chance to have a real holiday? Holidays in this east African country are becoming so popular and we want to find out why. Is it the beaches, the game reserves, the diving or the weather? Is it the food, the friendly people, the open air markets or the remoteness of destinations? Check out our 5 reasons why holidays in Mozambique are becoming the in thing:

1. Beaches and Islands

Explore the endless coastline of Mozambique and never be lost for choice. Starting in the south at Ponto Mamoli, you can experience 5-star holiday luxury and hands-on service while you lay back and simply soak up the sun. White Pearl Resorts reflects a lot of what Mozambique stands for – the six Beach Pool Suites open out onto the beach, deluxe heated plunge pools nestling in wooden decks with luxury loungers and awe-inspiring views.

Maputo is next where beachfront hotels draw the tourist who wants modern facilities, water sports and time to shop and dance. The Catembe Hotel is 10 minutes from Maputo by boat and sets itself apart from other mainstream Maputo hotels. Visit the hotel’s small in-house museum that commemorates Samora Machel’s visits to the hotel during the anti-colonial liberation struggle and first years of Independence. Situated right on the beach, this Maputo hotel offers a wide range of leisure activities that appeal to the whole family!

Inhambane is literally the postcard perfect palm fringed coast you see in magazines – enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Barra Beach Club as you sprawl by the poolside sipping on exotic cocktails from the beach bar or head out to the beach for a stroll whether the water will gently caress your feet. A Mozambique beach holiday to Barra Beach Club will see guests enjoying a whole gamut of activities including watersports, day tours and many more.

2. Sunny Weather Most of the Year

The sun shines in Mozambique most of the year and this warm tropical climate attracts visitors from all round the world. Drop in during the dry times, between June and September, timing your holiday for whale season and fantastic water sport delights. Summer can be very hot and humid and rainy but you take your chances. Some people prefer summer for the blend of sun and rain while others want to revel in cooler temperatures, no rain and more energy to walk around.

Avid deep sea divers will head to Mozambique during the winter months between May and September when the winds are less, there are fewer storms and the currents are not as strong. All the better to see the fish. Mozambique has a warm tropical climate which makes it a wonderful holiday destination. The dry season is considered to be the best time to visit Mozambique and is the peak tourist season. Kite surfers go when the winds blow and the prevailing winds are SE to SW. Sea breezes affect the coast daily with stronger onshore winds in the afternoons. In the northern part of the coast, the SE trade winds blow during the winter months, February to June, while NE winds prevail in summer, from July to January

3. Warm Ocean Waters with Fantastic Visibility

Divers flock to Mozambique to experience the awesome warm waters where wetsuits are unnecessary and the amount of huge sea creatures remains phenomenal. Yes, you can still be a beginner diver and get to see unique corals and incredible reef fish and you can find a PADI resort around every corner.

Take the intoxicating coast of Inhambane where luxury resorts such as Massinga Beach Lodge and Barra Beach Club entice divers to have the time of their lives. Swim with the Whale Sharks and enormous Manta Rays off Tofo Beach and then head to Vilanculos for some more. Meet dolphins surfing the waves in season, Humpback whales breaching with joy. Turtles swimming with a purpose to find a beach to lay eggs and all kinds of game fish breeding in these azure ocean waters at Massinga.

The glassy visibility means that you can snorkel off a boat over the reefs or even from your luxury villa in some regions. At Azura Quilalea in the remote Quirimbas Archipelago, step off your private deck into the waters and find entertainment for hours, just you and the underwater zone.

 4. Mouth-watering Cuisine and Beer

Mozambique is famous for its cultural tastes of spices and coconuts, fresh white bread and cashew nuts grown locally. In Mozambique restaurants you will be served things like chicken periperi and tomato based fish stews, soft Portuguese breads and deliciously sweet desserts. Huge prawns and lobster fresh from the ocean tantalise the palate wherever you go. Many luxury hotels and island resorts like Quilalea Private Island offer world class restaurants and talented chefs cooking up a storm.

5. Economical and Historical

The joy of heading to Mozambique for an affordable holiday is possible. If you are seeking solitude and the great service you can book an all-inclusive special package that includes comfy accommodation, airport transfers, non-motorised water sports, meals, drinks and maybe one or two other extras. This way, you could bring along your children, or book a week away in Mozambique, on the islands, with your best friends.

And what’s more, you will be enthralled by the history of a destination that was once a major trading base for Arab and Asian traders. On Ibo Island you can enjoy the Guided Ibo of Yesterday Tour which takes visitors into the world of ancient Ibo when pirates were news and people traded with amber, jet, ivory and turtle shells. The Guided Ibo of Today Tour allows visitors to meet and mingle with local Ibo people and to understand their fascinating beliefs and culture. The Quirimba Island Day Tour is a 90-minute walk through pristine mangrove swamps at low tide to the tiny Quirimba Island where tales of Arab maritime merchants dominate and the legendary Gessner family now holds forte.

The ancient architecture in most of the coastal towns is reminiscent of an era gone by when the Portuguese held sway and things were rather colonial. You too can see this and much more. Book your ticket to Mozambique with the Mozambique travel experts and see why the country is now becoming so popular.

Where to go for Fine Dining Mozambique

Blue Footprints Eco Lodge Breakfast view

Blue Footprints Eco Lodge wins hands down when it comes to environmental ethics and endeavour. There are very few places where you can disown the guilt about your carbon footprint and relax in style, knowing you have chosen well. For this unique beach hotel uses solar energy for lighting and hot water and there is no air-conditioning as the sea breezes do the job just as well.

Home-grown Ingredients 

Everyone remembers and raves about the food at Blue Footprints – it is so delicious and so wholesome and now you will understand why: all fresh produce comes from local growers which supports local entrepreneurs and decreases the need to drive anywhere looking for food and wasting energy.

Fresh fish direct from the ocean at Tofo and Barra ensure succulent seafood meals marinated in originality. And you know that no endangered or vulnerable species are caught for food at Blue Footprints because they care about the conservation of the ocean.

Unforgettable Diving 

This is revealed in the quality of the scuba diving here in Inhambane –  view the rich marine wildlife in all its glory when you dive down into unique dive sites. Manta rays and sharks cruise these waters and are the subjects of varying research projects in the area. The lodge borrows the expertise of other dive centres nearby to treat their guests to dives of a lifetime.

Designer Menus 

So tuck into meals that start with genuine grilled prawns marinated in lime and chilli and end with scrumptious homemade chocolate mousse. The talented chef carefully chooses his ingredients and designs his menu to surprise every guest and to show them the exotic flavours of this region. Dine slowly, remembering the subtle flavours and the care that went into the creation of such glorious cuisine.

Fine Dining in an Eco Setting 

Yes, it brings people back for more, again and again. They come to indulge in their favourite Mozambique flavours and to sip cold local beers while planning another dive tomorrow. Look out for majestic Humpback whales in the area from June to October. Choose Blue Footprints for its beautiful outlook, its great value for money, its fine food, its green conscience and its unique location that is more private and exclusive than other venues in the Inhambane-Tofo area.

Surf the Tofo/Barra Waves 

Surfers flock to Tofo Barra beaches  to catch waves and chat to new friends in local pubs up and down the coast. Blue Footprints sits on its own private bit of beach, allowing for more space and tranquillity than many other beaches in this part of Mozambique. Make the most of the bar, restaurant, lounge and swimming pool as you relax in sun and surf. Sit on expansive decks as you tantalise your taste buds.

Cool Villas, Hot Rates 

Stay in only 5 luxury villas  designed for maximum privacy and access to the quiet beach. Breath-taking views make your day and the clever blend of rustic chic décor ensures you have a relaxed hotel in style. Pay only R1150 per person per night in a villa out of season, including breakfast, dinner, teas and coffees.

Book your culinary diving experience with our consultants now.


Why take a Holiday in Mozambique?


The gloriously friendly east African country of Mozambique, with its amazing Indian Ocean coastline and stunning white sand beaches, is fast becoming a popular place as more tourists discover its hidden delights. As the experts in travel to the country this is one reason we recommend you come now – before the best resorts begin to attract crowds as the similarly priced resorts in the likes of Zanzibar and Mauritius. So what other reasons are there to holiday in Mozambique? There’s the weather, the amazing choice of resorts and accommodation, and then there’s the cuisine.

Just as it is famous for some of the best beaches in the world – especially those on the amazing Inhambane coast and the islands off the shore – so Mozambique is famous for exquisite food. Dine in any of the many restaurants in the delightful capital city, Maputo, and you will be able to try a range of exciting seafood dishes that display a combination of African and Portuguese influence, which results in a fine combination of flavours that can only serve to delight and inspire.

If you are in self catering accommodation then the markets in the provincial towns are ideal for getting fresh produce to cook on the barbecue of kitchen back at you accommodation; in cases where a houseman is present you will find they may be more than happy to drive you to the nearest town and help you buy the best goods. Inhambane town is particularly revered for fine seafood, fruit and vegetables, cooked and grown locally and ready for use. Mozambique really does offer a chance to enjoy a taste of cuisine that is unique to the region, and that seafood lovers, in particular, will enjoy.

Why should you book your stay in Mozambique with us? As we have such a lengthy relationship with the best resorts we are able to offer you great deals on accommodation in the finest locations, and we could save as much as 15% on the cover price in some instances. Our team of expert travel consultants know Mozambique better than anyone and can help put together  package ideas that includes everything you could need. There’s no need to shop around more for the best deal – get in touch with us right now, and we will help you book a Mozambique holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.