Visit the Quirimbas Archipelago for the Perfect Holiday

Quirimbas Archipelago

There are few more beautiful countries on earth than Mozambique, one of the true jewels of the African continent. A place of many faces, Mozambique offers some stunning holiday destinations, none more impressive and truly glorious than the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago. This amazing chain of very pretty islands lies in the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean off the Northern coast of the country and features many fine locations for family holidays, romantic breaks and honeymoons. As the acknowledged experts in holidays to the islands, we can find you the best deal.

The Quirimbas Archipelago includes some of the most wonderful destinations you could imagine: Ibo Island Lodge is a stunning example of Mozambique accommodation in a truly amazing location, and also affords the opportunity to take a dhow safari and explore the remaining islands. Vamizi Island offers a chance to experience a genuine private island experience that is second to none, and there are much more to choose from. Diving off the islands is highly recommended as the ocean is home to some stunning coral reefs and beautiful marine life, and if lazing on the beach is your thing there is nowhere better.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

Why book your holiday to the Quirimbas with us? With many years of experience in arranging packages to the islands we have built excellent relationships with the owners of the best resorts, and we guarantee the very best prices around. We know the best places to go to enjoy a holiday without having to endure crowds such as those found in similarly priced resorts in Zanzibar or Mauritius, and we can put together a deal that includes all your transfers to and from the islands at a price that you will appreciate.

Our team of expert travel consultants have personal experience of the resorts in the Quirimbas and can help you find the one that is right for you. Furthermore, if you so desire we can arrange a beach and bush package that allows you to spend time on safari at one of the game reserves on the mainland, something you will enjoy to the full. Mozambique really is a very special place and now is the time to visit, so why not let us book your dream holiday in this tropical idyll? Get in touch now and we will call you back very soon.

Award-winning lodges in the Quirimbas

Mobili Island Hopping

Why do we love the three featured award-winning Mozambique holiday lodges in the Quirimbas Archipelago? Because they offer it all. Azura Boutique Retreats at Quilalea is a romantic paradise for honeymoon couples where privacy and exquisite surrounds make real life seem so far away. Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa is so the Now, the Everything, the You – slide into a lifestyle of unforgettable, attentive service, intense solitude and infinite sunshine. Then there is Ibo Island Lodge, place of Portuguese and Arab history, of silversmith creations and of unique dhow safaris. All three lodges are winners of top tourism awards thanks to their commitments to sustainable tourism and responsible travel – to keeping Mozambique holidays alive for you!

  1. Azura Boutique Retreats at Quilalea

Setting off on honeymoon to the breath-taking Azura Boutique Retreats at Quilalea can only be described as out of this world, dreamy and fantastical. Your journey begins with an unforgettable helicopter ride to the tiny Quilalea island, a fun and mind-blowingly beautiful journey.

Suddenly you see paradise beaches and so much space you need to pinch yourself to see if you are still awake. When you are introduced to your personal Mozambican butler who will look after you for the duration of your stay, you know that you have found Relaxation in the true sense of the word!

One of the highlights of staying as a couple at Azura Boutique Retreats at Quilalea is your daily cocktail to be sipped in a different location daily, allowing you diverse angles of the sunset, in beautifully decorated settings – how romantic and how unreal! Your beach picnic is also set up on a piece of white sand where you will see no one else for the rest of the day – eat, swim, snorkel and relax, just the two of you.

Choose the best room on the island, Villa Quilalea, if you need a luxurious haven away from the madding crowds. The spacious deck and infinity pool are only the start of something glamorous – with just one en-suite bedroom, bathroom with large bath and outside shower, Villa Quilalea offers a large living area and bathroom with free standing huge bath.

All villas are built from natural coral stone and makuti thatch, decorated with earthy materials.  A green ethic at AzuraQuilalea ensures as little impact on the island ecology as possible – wind generation, solar power, rainwater harvesting and rechargeable batteries save energy.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday more or less off the grid with great weather and great food then look no further, rave some guests. A perfect private island experience! Small, outstandingly beautiful and unspoiled, it takes a maximum of 18 guests at a time in very private spacious villas each with their little piece of beach. The staff are outstanding – whilst warm and friendly, they go out of their way to make one’s stay as enjoyable as possible by tailoring their services to customer requirements.

  1. Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort & Spa

This place is absolutely incredible. Honeymoon couples could not be happier with the times they experience on Medjumbe. Management and staff are there to ensure that your Mozambique holiday is unforgettable. From start to finish, Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort and Spa is an amazing experience. While the luxurious villas are also rustic and have tremendous soul, guests shouldn’t be spending much time in their rooms anyway.

We can assure you that this will be one of the most breath-taking locations you have ever been to and you should be outdoors enjoying everything it has to offer – including pristine coral reefs for snorkelling and untouched white sandy beaches at your doorstep.

At Medjumbe, the island location and its sheer beauty speaks for itself. Make that dream a reality by booking your ticket with us – we can organise your flights and your transfers, your special villa and your activities for you in an all-inclusive deal.

Try a massage at Medjumbe, or go snorkelling into mind-boggling coral reefs. You could say that this Quirimbas island is a jewel, so rare and so valuable that you only get to hold it in your hands for a while, then it is gone. Enjoy the many hues of blue and white, green and brown – the colours of clear blue seas and beaches and indigenous vegetation. The villas have been built to blend into these surrounds, their plush interiors also reminiscent of rustic island living.

You can watch TV is that rocks your boat or you disconnect and allow Anantara Medjumbe to relax you completely. Guests all say that the chef produces incredible food, in a place so far from supplies that inspiration really counts. Meals are exceptional and based on the freshest of seafood with a Mozambican twist. Visitors enjoy breakfast pastries every morning and fresh lobster every evening. Take the advice of staff and enjoy a sunset cruise – the friendly staff will have you smiling all day with their true hospitality.

Only 12 cabanas with en-suite baths and showers ensure that the island remains peaceful and uninhabited, as it is meant to be – the island is only one kilometre long and 500 metres wide making it the best honeymoon destination in the Quirimbas Archipelago. Take a boat cruise to the nearby Quissanga island and explore the incredible vertical drop-offs when you go diving into some of the world’s most stunning coral reefs.

For special occasions like weddings, birthdays and family reunions, visitors can book the entire Medjumbe Private Island and its luxurious accommodation. The only way to describe it is as a place of peace and healing.

  1. Ibo Island Lodge

If you are looking for an island holiday in Mozambique that offers that something extra, we recommend Ibo Island. Here you will not only enjoy the sun and the sea, but some top class diving, snorkelling and island tours. Ibo Island is renowned for its cultural attractions, rich history and friendly local people. It is also famous for its award-winning accommodation at Ibo Island Lodge, built with the community and a place where you can ease yourself into the charm of the luxury rooms and peaceful gardens. Ibo Island is the only place where you can set off on mobile island hopping dhow safaris, into the heart of the remote Quirimbas Archipelago, to see the best of Mozambique’s marine environment.

Try the winter months at Ibo Island Lodge when the weather is perfect and the whales wander by. Friendly staff will attend to your every need and ensure you see the best of what the island has to offer. Eat fresh coconuts off the trees, walk around the villages and meet intriguing local people, buy silver jewellery from the silversmiths at work and kayak into the mangroves to see the birds and lush vegetation. At low tide, take the boat out to the secret sandbank beach where you can spend hours sunning your body, snorkelling and picnicking with your family.

The food is fresh and delicious and the lodge is beautiful with quaint decor and antique furniture. You will love lazing around in the blooming gardens, on the swings, in the comfy living room and around the pools. Meals are served on the rooftop which has one of most gorgeous views of the sunset in Mozambique and where you go for drinks every evening.

We think that the activities on Ibo Island are excellent – from the excitement of a dolphin safari to the tranquillity of a sunset dhow cruise, from kayaking into the mangroves, snorkelling and lunching on a sandbank to taking a full history/cultural tour you can do it all. This is a great place to relax, refresh and reenergize and we highly recommend it!

From the luxury of the lodge to the wildness of the dhow safari, you cannot go wrong – your dedicated staff and crew will ensure that you camp in style under the stars and learn more about the stars and the ocean than you ever thought possible.

Take it from us, these 3 award-winning lodges in Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago DO offer it all. Aura Quilalea and its romance, Anantara Medjumbe and its solitude, Ibo and its dhow safaris – enquire here!

Holidays to the Quirimbas Archipelago

Ibo Island resort

The exclusive islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, off the northern coast of Mozambique, are home to some of the most wonderful resorts in all of Africa and offer a real chance to experience a genuinely idyllic holiday with great weather, stunning beaches and superb accommodation. We have been arranging packages to the islands for many years and have garnered a reputation as the experts in Mozambique travel, so you don’t need to shop around any longer – you’re already in the right place for the very best deals.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is home to some of the most tranquil of all resorts in Mozambique; from the wonderful Ibo Island Lodge, from where you can enjoy a dhow safari in the Quirimbas National Park and explore other islands, to the truly exclusive private retreat of Medjumbe Island you have a fine choice, and there is plenty to do besides lounging on the beach. Diving and snorkelling are both strongly recommended off the islands as the coral reefs are home to some of the most exciting marine life of all, and with most accommodation featuring private decks you can simply sit back and relax.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

Why book your Quirimbas Archipelago holiday with us? We have great relationships with the resorts on the islands and as a result, can offer you as much as 15% discount by booking via us. Furthermore, we have access to the finest accommodation and the best resorts and endeavour to make sure our clients get the very best service as well as the best package for their requirements. Booking with us means you get the finest travel to Mozambique, with all transfers included.

If you want to spend time on the Quirimbas Islands and take a safari on one of the mainland game reserves you’re talking to the right people; we are experts in arranging beach and bush tours, and one of our expert team of travel consultants will be more than happy to help you find the best package for your requirements. we recommend that you visit Mozambique now, for this beautiful country is yet to experience the crowding that has overtaken similarly priced Zanzibar and Mauritius. Get in touch right now: we will call you back soon and help you book a dream holiday on the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Looking for the Perfect Family Holiday


This unspoiled country on the east coast of Africa – with a glorious Indian Ocean coastline and a choice of stunning island destinations that are simply sublime – is something of an unheralded gem in terms of African holiday locations, and now really is the time to go! At Mozambique Travel we have the experience and knowledge to help you find the best location at the right price, and nobody knows the country better than we do.

Head to the beautiful Bazaruto Islands for amazing accommodation options – the wonderful andBeyond Benguerra Lodge on the island of the same name is a quite delectable choice with superb facilities and luxurious accommodation – and you will find that you really are in a place that is unequaled for tranquillity. Or check out the wonderful Quirimbas Archipelago with amazing private island resorts such as Azura Quilalea and the beautiful seclusion of Ibo Island Lodge; few places in the world can match Mozambique for tranquil and originals locations, and we can take you to the very best of them.

Azura Quilalea

Ibo Island Lodge

andBeyond Benguerra Lodge

What to do when you are in Mozambique? The islands are surrounded by stunning coral reefs that are perfect for scuba diving, fishing is excellent throughout the area, and the amazing beaches on the Inhambane Coast are among the very best in the world. The local cuisine is quite superb with seafood dishes a specialty, while the quaint towns and villages are replete with interesting colonial architecture and teeming with history. For the very best  kid friendly holiday in a truly amazing country you can’t beat it, so why not get in touch with us at and we will help you book the holiday you know you deserve.

10 Beach Holidays for Every Kind of Traveller

Mozambique Nampula Province NUARRO Lodge

1. For the Conservationist – Vamizi Island

Vamizi Island is big on conservation and the preservation of the marine and island wildlife. Fly to the Quirimbas Archipelago and learn more how the community monitors turtle populations and manages the surrounding marine sanctuary. This could be the most meaningful Mozambique island holiday you have ever experienced. Vamizi is ideally situated in specific sea currents which contain huge reserves of minute plankton, a major food source for most species living within this complex coral reef system. Divers should look out for huge groups of Giant Potato Cod, Grey Reef Sharks, Snapper, Batfish, Turtles, Barracuda and more. Dive sites such as Neptune’s Arm, Fraggle Rock, and Skunk Alley suit both beginners and experienced divers.

2. For the Camping Expert – Ibo Island Dhow Safaris

It is all about snorkeling off deserted white sandbanks into clear blue seas then camping overnight on secluded Quirimbas beaches eating fresh seafood on the fire. Yes, Ibo Island Lodge is the only Mozambique island holiday resort offering fully tailor-made Mozambique Dhow Safaris into the Quirimbas Archipelago. Look out for indigenous fishermen drying their sardines on the sands,  whales frolicking in the lake-like ocean and turtles digging out a sandy nest.

You will be under the eye of an expert professional guide and local crew who will erect tents, arrange the food in an elegant picnic and ensure you are left alone in a discreet manner. Go for the standard recommended minimum itinerary of four nights island hopping by dhow or kayak and three nights at Ibo Island Lodge – but you are free to tailor make your perfect adventure and include some diving and snorkeling too.

3. For the Party Animals – Maputo

If you are looking for a trendy place for a weekend break, fly into the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo. All travelers love its diverse accommodation, cosmopolitan vibes and stunning setting of harbor and beaches. The architecture is a wonderful blend of Arab, French, Oriental, Portuguese and African, as well as fashionable Art Deco. Meet people gathering to eat great food in diverse restaurants, and to unwind in great nightclubs after long working days. Maputo is a place of music, dancing and great seafood. People are friendly and most places are safe. From exclusive hotels and restaurants to the more lowly, local and very real eating places, this is the place to be for fun and great tastes.

4. For Lovers of Sailing and Water Sports – Bazaruto Archipelago

Benguerra Island floats in the Bazaruto Archipelago like a diamond in the sun. Go and see for yourself an authentic Mozambique lifestyle with plenty of luxury thrown in. You can relax in your private villa at the edge of the sea or get out and scuba dive, walk, snorkel or enjoy ocean safaris to see dolphins and whales. The island is part of the Marine National Park which makes it a diver’s dream destination -offshore coral reefs, inshore seagrass beds, large stocks of pelagic fish and long stretches of pristine sandy beaches. Dolphins come regularly to the beach and whales migrate seasonally past these shores.

Go snorkeling to see underwater sights that take your breath away. Helicopter flips to overnight dhow safaris and ocean safaris to dive with the dolphins. The best way to get around between islands is by motorized boat or traditional sailing dhow – and island hopping safaris are now a popular way to get to see more than one island in this splendid Bazaruto Archipelago.

5. For those who are exhausted – Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa

For a very laid back, chilled Mozambique hotel, look for the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort on Bazaruto Island. Book a chic island style room and enjoy swish island style cuisine – far from predictable, your holiday in the Bazaruto Archipelago will be so remarkable that you will never want to leave this paradise!

Think hammocks swinging in the breeze, cocktails served around the lovely pool area and a deep tissue massage at the spa while the ocean view dominates your vision. All of this enriched by the genuine smiles of the staff, the genuine dedication to good service that is Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa.

The beach is pristine – leave only your footprints as you stroll daily along white sands, picking up shells and forgetting what happened yesterday. Tons of fresh air and sunlight spark that appetite so be ready to indulge in pancakes for breakfast, fresh salads for lunch from the hotel’s own garden, and seafood to die for in the starry evenings.

6. For Bird Lovers – Ibo Island Lodge

Ibo Island is not just any island – it is a floristic wonderland where all kinds of birds come to play, breed and feed. The headquarters of the Quirimbas National Park, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, find the isle in front of one of Africa’s largest mangrove forests. So, whether you are a dedicated ornithologist or an amateur bird-watcher, you will marvel at the wealth of beautiful, and often rare, birds in Mozambique.

Explore the wooded areas on Ibo and get there when the tides are coming in or going out. The lush, low-lying ocean mangrove forests are a special adventure for ardent bird-watchers. Settle in quietly at sunset when hundreds of birds fly in to roost – what an impressive sight! More than 700 different bird species, 10 of these being threatened, have made their home on Ibo. Goliath Herons, Fish Eagles, Egrets, Flamingo’s and Pelicans are all regular visitors and the tropical gardens at the lodge support a large range of Sunbirds, Woodpeckers, and the beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller. Trained guides teach you about every little Ibo flitter and flutter.

7. For Culture – Ilha de Mozambique

Your holiday on Ilha de Mozambique, a historical island and famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, guarantees unforgettable experiences. Discover numerous relics of its ancient past. Book an awesome accommodation special package and spend your holiday exploring ancient ruins, taking a traditional dhow cruise out to sea and watching local people go about their daily business.

Ilha de Mozambique is famous for its Stone Town and Fort São Sebastião, a reminder of an interesting past. Originally the capital of Mozambique, for 400 years, before the Portuguese decided to make their capital Lourenco Marques (now called Maputo) this island is a unique blend of cultural times gone by and breath-taking beauty. Book a few days at the unique Hotel Escondidinho, a renovated 19th-century house – once a trading house where slaves were housed.

Or the house of Terraco das Quitandas which is more than 300 years old, located in the heart of the island’s Stone Town. This gracious old colonial building dates back to a rich past of Portuguese, African and Arab influences. It was once home to many different merchants and traders, followed by Portuguese rulers and oozes with history and authenticity.

8. For Furious Fitness Freaks – Tofo

From scuba diving and surfing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing, Tofo offers a perfect outdoor activity for those who love moving. Horse riding, bird watching, quad biking, and dhow cruises are also fantastic fun on beaches and sand tracks around the region.

Explore some 15 pristine dive sites which are part of a renowned coral reef, one being Manta Reef. Come between October and February and catch a gigantic Black Marlin trophy. Catch a ride with big game fishermen to see how they do it. You may see Humpback whales breaching while out at sea and can also try your hand at sea and lagoon kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing/bodyboarding, parasailing, and jet-skiing. Afterward, book your dhow cruise to Inhambane and see Tofo from a different angle completely.

9. For the romantic – Massinga Beach Lodge

Mozambique is the quintessential honeymoon hideaway, surrounded by aquamarine waters, beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and freshwater lakes.  For here you will find luxury island resorts and hotel accommodation, sunny skies, moonlit walks and candlelit dinners on a beach stretching for miles. At Massinga Beach Lodge couples are treated like royalty and respond well to five-star service, the huge lobsters grilled to perfection, the secluded beaches. Stay for longer in an Ocean View Villa complete with phenomenal views, beautiful decor, crisp white linen on comfy beds, rain showers and free standing baths. The private deck and plunge pool promote relaxation and romance.

Massinga Beach Lodge

Enjoy special meals served to you on your deck – or enjoy the elevated restaurant and bar. Cuisine at Massinga includes fresh seafood and other delicious dishes. A real hit with honeymooners is the private beach picnics – choose a secluded spot, sip a glass of bubbly and enjoy a swim in the warm Indian Ocean.

10. For Anglers and Scuba Divers – Machangulo Beach Lodge

High tide at Machangulo is a wild time of natural energies and surging waters. Fishermen love the deep channels here and all kinds of fishing are on offer. Guided offshore and channel fishing will teach anglers new tricks while rock and surf fishing is up to you although you can request a guide. This is a great fly fishing territory and the lodge can assist with tackle and set up. Fishing, like some of the other activities, is dependent on the weather and tides. Machangulo Beach Lodge uses two modern and safe powerboats designed for diving and fishing.

Diving is very rewarding at this lodge, the estuary and sea coming in to create a unique setting. Within the marine reserves lie some excellent visuals of protected marine species that create that ideal and sublime diving experience. The lodge offers courses for novice divers and some wonderful shipwreck sites for those in the know. The PADI instructor is one of the first Mozambicans to ever attain his Instructor Level with PADI!

We have mentioned 10 different beach holidays for all kinds of travelers. Mozambique has it all. We could go on until we reach 100 so allow this sample to whet your appetite to travel into Mozambique for your next holiday.

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7 Things to do while in Mozambique

Dhow Cruise Ilha De Mozambique

Mozambique is in the news again because it is the IN tourist destination this summer. There is so much to do in sunny Mozambique and we are going to whittle this down to only 7 MUST do’s. There are world class beaches, fancy hotels and island villas, top end water sport activities, scuba diving, whale watching and spa treatments. The list goes on and on. Try these 7 things to do for starters:

1. Visit Maputo and stay in the awesome Hotel Avenida 

Maputo has been the capital of Mozambique for nearly 120 years. Once known as Lourenço Marques, it is also the biggest city in Mozambique and home to the country’s most important natural harbour. Only 90 km from the border of South Africa, this was initially known as Delagoa Bay, discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1498.

You can visit the port or take a walk to the picturesque beaches from there – where you can surf the strong waves and meet smiling locals selling fresh cashew nuts. When you set off on foot to explore Maputo, you will find many others doing the same – residents, visitors, business people, tourists and children.

Make your base the plush Hotel Avenida which offers the highest standards for tired businessmen and families rearing to go. Work out in the high-tech Health Club and Spa, do laps in the outdoor swimming pool, then sip great South African wines in the wonderful bar. Discover this regal Mozambique hotel only five minutes away from the glorious Botanical Gardens, colonial city hall, museum of natural history and Maputo Cathedral. Enjoy ballroom and honeymoon facilities, a hair salon and sauna plus state of the art business facilities including free high speed Wi-Fi, modern audio-visual equipment and computer station.

2. Picnic on Inhaca Island 

Launching from Maputo Bay, boats take tourists to one of the last biodiversity hot spots in Africa. Few people live here on a peaceful isle where rare and wonderful plants and animals still exist. Take time to wander around, visiting the museum and snorkelling the bays to see incredible ocean creatures. This is the kind of destination people dream about – space, silence, wild nature and somewhere beautiful to stay. At low tide, you can walk to nearby Portuguese Island for a swim but time it when the cruise ships are not there.

3. Deep Sea Diving in Tofo

Tofo is undoubtedly one of the best underwater destinations in the world. The marine life is plentiful and the list of breathtaking sea creatures seems endless, with the region hosting 16 coral reefs with pretty manta rays and curious whale sharks. The rich layers of colorful coral are rich in tropical fish, butterflies, angels and graceful Moorish idols. With water temperatures between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius, this underwater world carries large amounts of nutrient plankton. And if you’re lucky enough there is a chance to witness the majestic leatherback turtle or loggerhead sea turtle.

4. Ocean safaris 

If you want to get out and see marine wildlife in comfort and without getting wet, choose an ocean safari. These boat rides are offered by many luxury hotels and lodges and often go out at sunset where cocktails and cold beers are served as you watch the sun sink into the sea.  You may be lucky enough to see dolphins surfing the swells and the ocean is so clear in Mozambique that you will also be able to view Manta rays, Whale sharks and if you are in the Bazaruto Archipelago, the rare Dugong grazing sea grasses far below you. Most Mozambican boats are simple wooden vessels called dhows and their local sailors have many stories to tell.

5. Holiday in the Bazaruto Archipelago 

These idyllic islands off the Mozambique main coastline offer a wide range of beach holiday activities where holidays centre around sea and sun and sand. Time to escape real life and do something completely different – get active or relax on an island in Mozambique when you try kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, deep sea diving and fishing. Relax in various therapeutic spas and wellness centres, gyms, libraries and stunning swimming pool decks. Discover a unique rustic-chic atmosphere where everything is built in natural Mozambique style yet features luxurious facilities.


6. Dhow Cruise in the Quirimbas Archipealgo

Pretend to be an adventurer of yesteryear who searched the waters for land, having never set foot in these parts ever before. Look out for traditional fishermen still catching fish from their Dhows as they have been doing for centuries. Ibo Island Lodge (LINK) island hopping dhow safaris involve camping in tents on a desert island somewhere, elegant picnic lunches under shade and chats around the fire all night while professional guides and local crews leave you in peace.

Evening fires and lanterns create soft lights and food is grilled to perfection – smell those Mozambican spices as the lobster cooks! Choose the scheduled dhow safari that suits you or tailor make your own safari in discussion with Ibo Island Lodge staff. The best package is the standard recommended minimum itinerary of 4 nights’ island hopping by dhow (with kayaks and dive equipment on board) and 3 nights at Ibo Island Lodge.

Quirimbas Archipelago Dhow Safaris Ibo Island

7. A Cultural holiday on Mozambique Island 

Book a wonderful Mozambique holiday package to this tiny island, only three kilometres long and 500 metres wide. Walk across the bridge connecting the island to the mainland and mingle with the approximately 16 000 people living mostly in thriving Macuti Town. Stone Town, on the northern half of the island is worth a visit due to its significant architectural and cultural landmarks. Choose hotel or lodge accommodation then walk all over this island but bike riding is increasingly popular – bike hire stands are on offer at some hotels.

Visitors to Ilha de Mozambique can book a bike tour to see every historical site with stops at restaurants and bars, beaches and shops. Diving holidays reveal wonderful sites underwater and visitors can start at the dive centre at the north of the island. Boat trips out to see nearby islands of Goa and Sete Paus or Sena Island are amazing and swimming at the Pontao (pier) is fantastic with surprisingly good snorkelling including a sunken barge.

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Holiday like a champion in Mozambique

Chuiba Bay Lodge

It’s a seashore that stretches an amazing 2000+ kilometers and almost all of that is blissful beaches, swaying palm trees and bright turquoise-baby blue bays. This is Mozambique at its best and we are here to show you how to holiday like a champion along the coastline. You can choose to live like royalty in a five-star hotel with much entertainment and bright lights, or rather to kick off your shoes and live more naturally in a rustic eco-lodge hidden in the sand dune forests.

Get to the islands first 

You can also choose to set off on a boat or a plane into the Indian Ocean to find an island to hide away on. Whatever your pleasure in Mozambique, you simply have to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago and 5 islands in the sun. Then the remote northern isles of the Quirimbas Archipelago which still offer soulful experiences lost in time. Yet you still find some of the best scuba diving in the world here, firstly off the port of Vilanculos and secondly off the harbor of Pemba. And these gateway towns are also lively tourist bases from which to launch your island explorations.

Bazaruto Island for Blissful Luxury 

Traveling to the Bazaruto Archipelago is about excellent accommodation, warm water, fantastic fresh seafood and service from local islanders, not forgetting romance on endless white beaches. Try the scintillating Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa for five-star luxury right on the sands on Bazaruto, the largest island. Find more than enough outdoor entertainment and several restaurants for real local tastes and fresh seafood. Pack nouvelle cuisine picnics on island hopping boat rides to see the other 4 atolls in this ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ – Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue Islands.

Quiet Quirimbas

The Quirimbas Archipelago is one small destination in the world where there are no cars, no roads, few hotels, and therefore few tourists. So if you are looking for a very special African destination and romantic holiday venue, the Quirimbas Archipelago is it. You will remember this forever – the excellent weather and clear blue ocean all around the island hotel of your choice. Perfect for swimming and enjoying a sundowner cruise on a dhow with drinks and snacks – magical! Relax in beach bars after a long day in the sun.

Ibo Island Charm

If you choose Ibo Island Lodge, you will be inundated with a charming cultural and historical aura. And you will stay in ancient buildings and visit sites ringing with the sounds of 600-year-old history. You will be pampered with great food and vistas, gardens and walks. Best of all, you will find coral reefs under the sea to write home about and tidal sand bars on which to have breakfast of a lifetime.

Magical Medjumbe 

Not far away lies picturesque Medjumbe Island, a diver’s delight and a honeymooner’s dream. The exclusive Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort & Spa is luxury and hands-on service at its best, also offering one of the best dive centers in the Quirimbas, for those who want to see the magical underwater world around the island. Only 45 minutes from Pemba, this island is easily accessed by light plane. Being only one kilometer long and five hundred meters wide, the island is ideal for romance.

Back to that Amazing Coastline 

One of the best places to stay is Chuiba Bay Lodge, only seven kilometers from Pemba town, the gateway to the Quirimbas. Book one of their six eco bungalows with spacious bedrooms and lounges, en-suite bathrooms, super patios, air-conditioning, satellite TV, personal bar and wireless internet. Beautiful reed touches and earthy decor blends with the environment outside. Spend time in the natural Jacuzzi and Talassa Spa or swim in the two pools. A top class gym also ensures exercise and relaxation come first.

Island and Beach Accommodation in Mozambique


There are some truly beautiful countries across the world, and many make excellent holiday destinations. If you are looking for a fresh place to go, somewhere with wonderful weather, glorious beaches and charming towns and cities, why not consider Mozambique? This friendly and welcoming country, on the East coast of Africa with the Indian Ocean lapping at its beach-lined shores, is gaining a reputation as a place for truly exotic, and often exclusive, holidays, and the choice of accommodation in Mozambique is comprehensive. With everything from stunning luxury lodges on beautiful beaches to a variety of Maputo hotels in the capital city, there is something for everyone.

The capital, Maputo, is a fascinating place that reflects the many years of Portuguese influence on Mozambique – indeed, it is the official language of the country – and if you are looking for accommodation in Mozambique in the city then there is plenty to choose from. With a choice of luxurious hotels or more affordable, comfortable accommodation there is a hotel here for every budget, and the nearby Elephant Park is a must for families with children. Here you can see elephants and many other exotic local creatures in an open space, an experience that will never be forgotten.

Vilanculos Beach Lodge
Pemba Beach Hotel
Azura Quilalea

The Inhambane Coast, with its famous sandy beaches, is home to many world-class resorts, and the town of Inhambane itself is another fascinating place. With many superb lodges in resorts along the coast, and private luxury villas to choose from, some of the best accommodation in Mozambique can be found in the region, and it really is a world away from home with it’s relaxed and unhurried atmosphere and ambience. Other interesting towns with excellent Mozambique accommodation include Vilanculos and Pemba, both of which can be visited as part of many special package deals.

For many visitors the best of Mozambique is to be found on the islands; the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, which lie off the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, are both home to stunning destinations for island and beach holidays and cater for all budgets. From the gloriously exclusive private villa resort of Quilalea to the beautiful and luxurious Ibo Island Lodge, private villa accommodation in Mozambique is among the very best in the world, and all are perfect for family holidays as well as romantic breaks and even very special Mozambique honeymoons.

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