10 Facts about Mozambique You Probably Didn’t Know


Mozambique is a unique African destination offering beautiful beaches, wild game reserves, diving escapes, swimming with dolphins, city breaks and more. Many people head straight to the beaches, forgetting that the country is brimming with kind local people, fresh markets, rich historical architecture rich historical architecture and a past that included slavery, spice trading and the export of homegrown nuts and cotton.

We now let you in on 10 facts about Mozambique that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Geography: Mozambique is mainly a savanna plateau drained by the mighty Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers and the warm tropical climate is conducive to plenty of rain and flooding which has displaced thousands of people in the past who live in simple villages along the coast and in the river valleys
  2. Independence: Mozambique became independent in 1975 and the country was devastated by war, also enduring almost 500 years of Portuguese rule. Thereafter there was plenty of fighting against white rule in Rhodesia and South Africa, and between the government and right-wing guerrillas. Thousands of people died.
  3. Exports: aluminium, cashew nuts, cotton and sugar.
  4. Area: The country stretches some 309 496 square miles with more than 22 million people living there.
  5. Official language: Portuguese, spoken by 50.3% of the population. More than half the population is Christian, nearly 20% is Islam, 10% is animism and some 20% of the population do not have religious beliefs.
  6. Driving: can be hazardous and stressful – more often than not you will be stopped at a police checkpoint so you need to remember to wear seat-belts, obey the speed limits, and carry your driver’s license, your 3rdparty insurance and road tax documents and a huge smile.
  7. Mozambique borders:
    Ressano Garcia to South Africa – 120 kms from Maputo
    Namaacha to Swaziland – 80 kms from Maputo
    Machipanga to Zimbabwe – Beira via Mutare
    Nyamponda to Zimbabwe – Tete to Harare
    Chanida to Zambia
  8. How to greet and dress in Mozambique: shake hands wear neat casual gear to most venues. Formal attire is not really necessary in this warm climate.
  9. Photographs: do not take photos of any armed forces, airports, bridges or government buildings but as a tourist, you can take photos of tourist attractions and beaches and wildlife, etc.
  10. Landmines: there are still a few remnants of landmines found in the central parts of the country from the civil war, so stick to known roads and paths as emergency facilities will not get to you!


New visa regulations Mozambique


Travel to Mozambique just keeps getting better and easier. The Mozambique government has announced on 2 March 2017 that all visitors can now get dual entry Mozambique visas at almost all entry border posts that will last 30 days. At last the borders have been equipped with up-to-date facilities that can issue biometric visas for all.

Affordable and Convenient

The new visa will cost $50 USD. Border visas are open to all visitors irrespective of whether there is Mozambican representation in their home country or not – because High Commissions and Consulates will no longer be issuing 30-day tourist visas as of this announcement.

A total of 44 Mozambique borders will now be issuing biometric visas to visitors with the remaining 14, in many of the least-crossed land borders, to be able to issue them soon. It seems that 26 border posts were already issuing the visas since 2005 but there was plenty of confusion here about who was eligible or not and now all visitors from other countries can safely enter Mozambique for 30 days with an instant visa.

South Africans Still Don’t need a Visa

South African travelers must have a valid passport (validity at least 30 days after the intended return date) with two clean pages in the passport when they visit Mozambique but they do not require a visa for a stay of up to 30 days.

Excitement Mounts in Preparation for Holiday Seasons

Accommodation providers and tour operators throughout Mozambique are excited about this announcement and are now hoping for an increase in foreign visitors this year. Mozambique has so much to offer every holidaymaker: from dazzling white, tranquil beaches and panoramic ocean views to clear aqua bays, indigenous dune forests, and inland lakes. Visitors can experience a wealth of marine and land wildlife, ensuring fantastic game viewing and underwater adventure. The high quality of accommodation and holiday packages entices visitors from afar afield as the United States, Scandinavia, Europe, and Great Britain.

Our best-selling packages combine Kruger National Park with the island lodges of Bazaruto. It’s a beautiful bush and beach combo with direct flights and growing rapidly in popularity. Combine Lion Sands and Azura Benguerra for a five-star holiday of a lifetime.

The granting of a 3-day visa at most border posts in Mozambique has paved the way for smooth sailing by visitors into this popular tourist destination. Now Mozambique can compete with Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi for their huge piece of the tourism pie as the year’s upcoming holidays start in earnest.

Border posts in Mozambique Issuing 30-day Tourist Visas

  • Maputo Airport
  • Vilankulo Airport
  • Pemba Airport
  • Beira Airport
  • Tete Airport
  • Inhambane Airport
  • Nampula Airport
  • Nacala Airport
  • Ressano Garcia Border (South Africa)
  • Giriyondo Border (South Africa)
  • Namaacha Border (Swaziland)
  • Ponta do Ouro Border (South Africa)
  • Goba Border (Swaziland)
  • Chimefusa Border (Zambia)
  • Mandimba Border (Malawi)
  • Zobue Border (Malawi)
  • Milenge Border (Malawi)
  • Chicualacuala Border (Zimbabwe)
  • Machipanda Border (Zimbabwe)
  • Nyampanda Border (Zimbabwe)

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Guide to Maputo Restaurants and Night Life

maputo nightlife

Maputo is the vibrant capital city of Mozambique where people gather to eat great food in diverse restaurants and to unwind in great nightclubs after long working days. Our consultants have used their travel experience in Maputo to list for you some of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs which stand out. Interact with local Mozambicans and other travelers for the social time of your life!

Maputo is a place of music, dancing and great seafood. People are friendly and most places are safe. From exclusive hotels and restaurants to the more lowly, local and very real eating places, this is the place to be for fun and great tastes.

Find out more about the excellent food and parties in Maputo from one of our consultants.

Nightlife in Maputo:

  • Africa Bar is a popular nightclub on Avenida 24 de Julho and Karl Marx street, only five minute’s walk from the city center. Join the long queue with the more affluent Mozambicans in fancy clothes. Live jazz every Thursday.
  • Coconut Live is a huge nightclub, boasting three large video screens and an enormous dance floor in the middle. One level up is a VIP lounge on the mezzanine, overlooking the dance floor. Drinks are affordable and the place is very crowded on weekends. Definitely for the younger crowd.
  • Sinatra’s on Ave. Martires de Inhaminga opens at 21:00 and closes very late – a place to sample Mozambican- Brazilian food and music.
  • Chez Rango at Maputo’s main train station is one of the best places to enjoy jazz in an intimate environment with live bands every Saturday night and Afro-Jazz during the week.
  • Gypsy’s Bar on Rua do Bagamoyo is popular but go in a group – a seedy part of town.
  • Complexo Sheik on Ave. Julius Nyerere is more upmarket and dancing goes on until dawn with the city’s upper class.
  • For the more adventurous, head to T3, a suburban area in Maputo usually not visited by foreigners. Small bars are the nightlife in these dusty streets – find burning barrels outside the bars and cafes to replace lights in the night. A genuine African atmosphere.

Recommended Restaurants:

  • Mundo’s restaurant is popular with those who don’t mind a crowd – a great place to eat and chat, meeting new people. Order pizza, hamburgers, seafood.
  • Cafe Camissa is a casual eatery for snacks and beverages. A meeting place for artists, intellectuals, travelers and locals.
  • Milano Grill House is a steakhouse with an African atmosphere at the intersection of Avenida 24 de Julho and Avenida Salvador Allende, right in the city center. Good food but expensive.
  • Costa do Sol is a great place for very fresh seafood – about six kilometers from the city center. Order a plate of prawns!
  • The Taverna offers genuine Portuguese food where many local Portuguese people eat. Lovely bread, meat dishes, and seafood plus decadent desserts.
  • The Polana Hotel presents a seafood evening every Saturday evening. Eat lobster, prawns, paella, seafood curry and more from the buffet while enjoying live music.
  • For the more adventurous go to the fish market in a group. Order fresh fish or seafood and take it to the back, to a range of small restaurants where they will cook it to perfection on a grill.
  • The T3 area just outside Maputo harbors small cafes which sell things like T-bone steak, fresh bread, and beer – very cheap, very African!

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All you need to know about Mozambique’s Independence Day

mozambique independence

When you visit Mozambique for the first time, you discover an innate public pride in the country. If you visit Mozambique during Independence Day, on June 25 every year, you discover just how huge this pride is because Mozambique is independent from Portugal and the people are sailing their own ship on both smooth and turbulent seas ever since 1975.

The history flows like a story book

Independence Day is a national holiday in this beautiful African nation is also known in Portuguese as Dia da Independência Nacional. It is worth finding out more about the history of Mozambique and how it came to be an independent nation on 25 June 1975.
It all started when the Europeans first landed on Mozambique shores during the voyages of Vasco Da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, at the end of the fifteenth century. These adventurers liked what they saw and set up a strong base here as early as 1530. This meant that they displaced the Bantu tribes who were actually here first and by establishing control of the entire nation, they created a feudal system. Local Mozambicans were forced to be slaves and trading took off between the Arab, Eastern and European nations.

Frelimo for Freedom

It is not surprising therefore that the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) was formed in the country in the 1960s, specifically as a guerrilla organization that fought to get the Portuguese out. When they began their opposition to colonial rule, Frelimo started their armed campaign in September 1964 with attacks against Portuguese diplomats and military set ups.
The Portuguese Colonial War had started and fighting continued for nearly 10 years. At last, in 1974, a corresponding revolution in Portugal resulted in democracy to that country which inspired a new approach to overseas territories such as Mozambique. Then FRELIMO seized Maputo, the capital, in April 1974 in a coup. And the rest is history – a year later, Mozambique was declared an independent nation on 25 June 1975.

More strife and another leader

The people voted FRELIMO in as their first government and they chose to follow a Soviet way of government and connected with the Soviet Bloc. Later on, however, Mozambique experienced its own internal conflict when the Mozambique National Resistance set up their own movement. Aided by South Africa, the president was assassinated and in 1990 a new constitution was drawn up and peace returned to the country but only after a devastating civil war which many Mozambicans still battle to forget.

Celebrate today with Mozambique

Today local Mozambicans from all walks of life celebrate Independence Day with parades and processions in the capital and other cities and villages all over the country. The president and prime minister preside over the parade, which is dominated by military regiments, and usually announce improvements to government on that day. People eat well, dance, have fun parades and generally party all day long.

So book your holiday to Mozambique in June to overlap with this significant holiday and declaration of freedom.

Fabulous Summer Fun in Luxury Resorts of Mozambique

Baia Sonambula

Guests can learn about the country, the culture and the way of life on their holiday at a Mozambique resort. Leaving your troubles behind and absorb the lovely setting you find yourself in. the environment in Mozambique is absolutely beautiful, characterised by clear blue skies, turquoise seas, pristine white sandy beaches and marine wildlife.

Many resorts in Mozambique are very luxurious, and always putting the needs of the guests first. Expect top class service and sumptuous facilities which often exceed all expectations. At Ibo Island Lodge in the Quirimbas Archipelago, you will be served amazing huge lobsters, fresh prawns or crab and fresh line fish, and a dhow safari out to the tidal sandbank for a late breakfast under a tent is an amazing experience.

Watch incredible sunrises and even better sunsets during your stay in one of the Mozambique resorts. The Quirimbas Archipelago is a land of tranquillity as if it is stuck in the past and Ibo Island is the centre of this.

The island has been called a dream place from a lost world – from the magnificent sunsets and the mangroves to the village walks, the old forts and the lighthouse at the tip of the island, it’s no wonder it was nominated for World Heritage Site. The Ibo Island Resort fits in so perfectly with its century-old buildings, its tasteful decor harking back to India and beyond, plus the incredible setting with bougainvillaea blossoms to frame every picture you take.

Azura Quilalea
Ibo Island Dining<br /> Here

The lodge has been lovingly restored over the years and is designed to incorporate as many of the original features of Mozambique’s architecture. All rooms are well-appointed, with individual designs, reflecting the island’s history and original architecture – understated elegance, with splashes of opulence.

Combine Ibo and Azura Quilalea in a wonderful package combo of tropical island paradise meeting cultural experiences, or the eco-friendly Guludo Beach Lodge and Nuarro Lodge with their environmental slant to the Mozambique Resort idea.

For a unique beach-bush experience, choose a Mozambique resort deeper on the mainland and combine it with Ibo Island Lodge – take Nkwichi on the shores of Lake Malawi or Lugenda Camp in the remote bushveld of the Niassa National Reserve. Experience some of the last wild places in their beautiful contrasts of landscape and people.

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Best Mozambique Holiday Packages

Medjumbe Private Island

The beautiful country of Mozambique, on the east coast of Africa, is one of the most amazing tropical destinations you will ever visit. Not only does it offer excellent holiday package rates and a choice of special deals for everyone, but so too does Mozambique offer diverse holiday destinations. Find a genuine tropical paradise with a choice of beach resorts, island villas, wildlife safaris and city hotel destinations.

At Mozambique Travel we offer Mozambique holiday packages that are ideal for families, honeymoon couples, and business retreats. We guarantee the best rates and packages and you can book online.

Beach Lodges or Island Villas?

Mozambique occupies a prime location with an endless white shoreline bordering the warm and wonderful Indian Ocean – it is no wonder that Mozambique holiday packages can be found to suit all budgets and requirements! There are few places that provide you with such an exotic break from the rigours of everyday life.

Mozambique holidays can take many forms and at Mozambique Travel, we bring them to you. Your special package may include a visit to one of the many stunning Mozambique beach lodges or a stay in the capital, Maputo. Here you can enjoy the lively bars, wonderful restaurants and quaint shops from your luxury hotel. With special package deals, you can perhaps enjoy both.

Some of Mozambique’s best accommodation comes in the form of its exclusive private and truly elegant island destinations reached by private charter or boat and offering something totally extraordinary and off the beaten track, so to speak.As one of Africa’s top tour operators, Mozambique Travel has access to the very best villas, lodges and beach resorts in Mozambique, both on the islands and on the mainland. We can find you the perfect package deal, from wilderness safaris to island retreats and we also offer combo specials -tailor make your ideal holiday and make Mozambique your destination of choice.

We cater for honeymoons, team building, family fun

See it to believe it –we offer a range of combinations for honeymoon couples, families and business delegates alike. We know what everyone likes – good service, modern facilities and fantastic surroundings! From Maputo, set off on day trips to Kruger National Park in South Africa or Inhaca Island in the bay. Read more about Maputo here.

Mozambique is a diving and snorkelling paradise and land of best beaches in Africa. Fishermen will want to hook game fish while families will want to take ocean safaris and climb the sand dunes. Divers will seek out the unique dive sites, some still unexplored and everyone wants great accommodation, fantastic food and know that they are guaranteed world class service from the smiley people of this country. Mozambique Travel offers you the best rates and package deals online.

With something for everyone, Mozambique holiday packages can be arranged to encompass every aspect of the country. For a relaxing and exotic break it is strongly recommended you take a look at the amazing choice of Mozambique beach resorts, island villas, and luxury hotels. The Bazaruto Archipelago off Vilankulo and the Quirimbas Archipelago off Pemba offer genuinely exotic and exclusive holiday opportunities that cannot be matched.

Islands in the sun

If you are keen to travel  to a remote Quirimbas wilderness, then Medjumbe Private Island is for you – picture rustic eco chic accommodation on the beach, promising you the holiday of a lifetime. A five day package deal includes your return flights and air transfers between Pemba and the resort, all three meals, your drinks, wonderful water sports including kayaking, windsurfing, hobie cat sailing, and pedallo boats for a bit of fun!

Ibo Island Lodge room interiorMozambique travel packages to places like Ibo Island Lodge can be linked to the other Quirimbas Islands and exotic destinations. Mozambique Travel will assist you to also book an exclusive beach and bush experience, combining Ibo Island with a true African safari in Gorongosa National Park. Or a holiday with a difference on a yacht charter from Ibo Island into the Indian Ocean! Check out our beach-bush combos here.

Combine water sports with ocean safaris, island beauty and cultural interaction – Mozambique holiday packages in the Quirimbas Archipelago to fulfil any visitor’s expectations. A honeymoon special deal at delightful Medjumbe Private Island includes a fresh fruit platter and bottle of wine in villa on arrival, a three course romantic dinner for two plus wine, a snorkelling trip for two. And the bride pays half price on accommodation!

Islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago off the Mozambique coast at Vilankulo are famous for their unique Stay Pay packages – at Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa choose your accommodation and stay for five nights but only pay for four! This Special Mozambique Package includes return boat charter transfers from Vilanculos to Indigo Bay, three meals daily, local drinks and select alcoholic beverages and non-motorised watersport activities.

A family holiday package to Mozambique will include diverse activities for adults and children including snorkelling, boat cruises, fishing, scuba diving, horse riding and more. A Mozambique holiday package to Inhambane, in the south of Mozambique, may include a few nights at Barra Beach Club.  You could get a special rate if you choose your seasons at the right time!

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Why take a Holiday in Mozambique?


The gloriously friendly east African country of Mozambique, with its amazing Indian Ocean coastline and stunning white sand beaches, is fast becoming a popular place as more tourists discover its hidden delights. As the experts in travel to the country this is one reason we recommend you come now – before the best resorts begin to attract crowds as the similarly priced resorts in the likes of Zanzibar and Mauritius. So what other reasons are there to holiday in Mozambique? There’s the weather, the amazing choice of resorts and accommodation, and then there’s the cuisine.

Just as it is famous for some of the best beaches in the world – especially those on the amazing Inhambane coast and the islands off the shore – so Mozambique is famous for exquisite food. Dine in any of the many restaurants in the delightful capital city, Maputo, and you will be able to try a range of exciting seafood dishes that display a combination of African and Portuguese influence, which results in a fine combination of flavours that can only serve to delight and inspire.

If you are in self catering accommodation then the markets in the provincial towns are ideal for getting fresh produce to cook on the barbecue of kitchen back at you accommodation; in cases where a houseman is present you will find they may be more than happy to drive you to the nearest town and help you buy the best goods. Inhambane town is particularly revered for fine seafood, fruit and vegetables, cooked and grown locally and ready for use. Mozambique really does offer a chance to enjoy a taste of cuisine that is unique to the region, and that seafood lovers, in particular, will enjoy.

Why should you book your stay in Mozambique with us? As we have such a lengthy relationship with the best resorts we are able to offer you great deals on accommodation in the finest locations, and we could save as much as 15% on the cover price in some instances. Our team of expert travel consultants knows Mozambique better than anyone and can help put together a package that includes everything you could need. There’s no need to shop around more for the best deal – get in touch with us right now, and we will help you book a Mozambique holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

Enjoy the Pleasure of Complete Solitude in Mozambique

Mozambique Holidays

Sometimes we all want to get away from it all, and to enjoy a holiday somewhere quiet and peaceful. It’s a time to let the batteries recharge, to relax and let the world pass us by, and the best places are those that are tranquil and idyllic. For a place that is welcoming, wonderful and free from crowds you can do no better than Mozambique, the stunning East African country with a glorious coastline on the Indian Ocean. As the acknowledged experts in Mozambique travel we have been arranging packages here for 20 years, and nobody knows the country better than us.

One of the most charming aspects of Mozambique is that it offers many different opportunities for holiday destinations; you can choose from the quite spectacular beaches of the famous Inhambane Province, where you can enjoy unparalleled diving opportunities and stunning accommodation in remote and secluded places, or you could head to the Bazaruto or Quirimbas Islands, and enjoy a genuine private island idyll in some of the most utterly astounding surroundings on earth. Whatever you want from your peaceful hideaway, you can find it in Mozambique.

Why book your Mozambique holiday with us? Quite simply we have unrivalled access to the very best in resorts – include the private island retreats that are as exclusive as it gets – and as such we have great relationships with the resort owners. This means we can offer you the very best deals, and in some cases could save you as much as 15% on the standard price. Nobody else can offer you this sort of discount, and we have the best packages for all budgets and requirements. You don’t need to shop around – you won’t find a better deal than the one we can offer you.

Furthermore, booking with us means you get the expertise of our experienced team of travel consultants, each of whom has firsthand experience of the best resorts and accommodation in Mozambique. We can arrange a package that allows you to enjoy time at one of the beach resorts combined with a safari experience on the mainland, or perhaps an exciting water safari onboard a traditional Arab dhow. Whatever you want from your Mozambique holiday we can help you, so why not get in touch right now and one of our team will call you back to arrange the holiday of a lifetime.


Beira hotels Mozambique

Avenida Beira

Mozambique is a country of many wonders, a place where you can stay in some of the most exotic beach resorts in the world. Furthermore, this east African country, with its wonderful Indian Ocean coastline, is also home to many welcoming and friendly towns and cities, each of which has its own character. Maputo, the colourful and fascinating capital, is one such, and the second biggest city in the country, Beira, is also popular with visitors. With a wide choice of Beira hotels offering a range of accommodation options, this bustling and lively port is as far removed from the quiet island resorts as it could possibly be.

Beira is in the central region of Mozambique and is popular with tourists thanks to its multicultural heritage. Built by Portuguese rulers in the late 19thh century, it fast became a thriving city thanks to its busy port, and also shows influences of the Arabic and Chinese traders who frequented the city. Many Beira hotels hail from the early days of the city, including the spectacular Grande Hotel, which exhibits typical colonial style and occupies a location facing the Indian Ocean that is difficult to match.

As a city still developing, Beira is finding its feet rapidly in the tourism industry, and is often included as part of packages and special deals that allow visitors to stay in the city and perhaps also visit Maputo or the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, where the tranquil and exotic islands offer a chance to stay in some of the very finest of luxurious Mozambique accommodation. With more Beira hotels joining those that already exist it is clear that this is a city ready to embrace tourism, but for now, it remains a largely untouched colonial city that still reflects the influences of more than a century ago.

Beira is perhaps not as popular a holiday destination as Maputo, Pemba or the island resorts, but that should not put visitors off exploring this unexploited and unspoilt place. With excellent deals on accommodation in Beira, and access to the very best deals on the finest Beira hotels, we are the leading experts in Mozambique holidays, and our team of advisers can help put together the best package so that you can explore this amazing country to best effect. For the right deal on Beira accommodation, Maputo hotels and Mozambique beach resorts, get in touch now and we’ll help you book the holiday of a lifetime.