Travel Guide – Your Questions answered on Ponta Do Ouro

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Ponto do Ouro is a quaint little town set deep in the south of Mozambique. This town offers lovely beaches, markets, plenty of watersports, restaurants and pubs and the pleasant weather makes for the great outdoors. This ‘Point of Gold’ also afford visitors opportunities to swim with the dolphins.

Getting to Ponto do Ouro:

Ponto do Ouro can be reached from the South African border at Kosi Bay, 10km away and the most common route to use, or from Maputo, 120km north.4×4 vehicle is required to travel this sand road and most visitors rely on their accommodation representatives to fetch them at the border.

Everyone needs a passport and a visa to enter Mozambique except for South Africans and citizens of Botswana, Zambia and Swaziland. Getting there on public transport from Maputo tests your patience to say the least!  You first get a ferry to Catembe then hop on a Mozambique chapas or taxi that will take you along the sandy road to Ponto do Ouro in about 4 hours – with numerous stops to fix something broken or because you are stuck in the sand!

This trip takes time but the pecks of passing by the Maputo Elephant Reserve where camp sites are available are just worth the trouble. can take a private operator, a lot more expensive, to save you the trouble. Otherwise you can take a mountain bike along the 30km of sand, pushing for most of the way! Contact one of our consultants to help you with your travel plans and accommodation.

Various ‘need to knows’ about Ponto do Ouro:

When you get to Ponto do Ouro,book into a range of accommodation venues – from a motel, private guest houses,villas, backpackers on the beach and camp sites. The quaint little town offers restaurants, pubs and a local market selling fresh foods. There is no pharmacist, no doctor and no ATM and so you need to remember to draw cash to take with you and to pack some basic medical supplies – just in case. It is best to bring provisions from South Africa including long life milk but you can purchase bread and fresh fruit and vegetables in the village.

Weather and activities:

The weather sub-tropical, and always warm and calm with most rain falling between December and March. It can be very humid in summer, and so many travellers arrive in winter. Temperatures at sea can reach 28 degrees C in summer and 21 in winter! You can spend most of your holiday swimming and diving with the dolphins is the main highlight of Ponto do Ouro.

People come here to dive, snorkel, and watch the whales, snorkel. Horse riding on the beaches and hiking are thrilling and so is birding and exploring the wetlands inland.

Starting a Mozambique holiday in Ponto do Ouro will set the scene for a superb time further north.

10 of Mozambique’s best kept secrets

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When you hear the word Mozambique you immediately think white beaches, swaying palm trees, untouched game reserves and sandy roads. Space, wilderness areas, azure turquoise seas, islands in the sun and friendly, smiley people. Now we have found 10 of Mozambique’s best kept secrets that reveal more about this fascinating African tourist destination. Hidden from the main stream tourist routes and often not even heard about, these secret spots will open your heart and mind to the real beauty of Mozambique:

    1. FEIMA – Feira de Artesanato, Flores e Gastronomica – Maputo – a wondrous colourful place where you can find anything created by hand: baskets, wooden boxes, carved bowls, jewellery, T-shirts, art and much more. Barter your way around and get good prices for quality souvenirs to take home. Sit down at one of the two restaurants within the market grounds for something Mozambican and delicious.
    2.  Fort Sao Sebastian – Mozambique Island – impressive in size and history, this landmark on Ilha de Mozambique is the oldest complete fort still standing south of the equator and many feel it is the finest military building in Africa. The Portuguese started building the fort in 1558 and took 62 years to finish their masterpiece. There is little information about this iconic building but it is worth the visit just to feel its aura.
    3. Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima – Nampula – If you love churches, then visit Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral or the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima in Nampula. This Catholic Church still functions as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Nampula and was built between 1941 and 1955. Check out the two towers and arched portico.
    4. Ndzou camp – Chimoio – get back to nature in an eco-camp in the middle of Moribane Forest Reserve near Chimoio. A local NGO called Eco-Micaia and a local community developed this amazing initiative together in a bid to conserve and preserve the beautiful forest and their endemic elephants. Enjoy great food, accommodation and staff who treat you to elephant tracking safaris in authentic nature. Go “back to the basics” way of life, using saved water from the tank and power from the solar batteries. Your dedicated guide will mix legends and field knowledge while looking for the elephants.
    5. Swim with the dolphins – Ponto do Ouro – experience the unforgettable thrill of this surreal ocean swim with wild Dolphins. Learn more about these playful and very clever mammals from the researchers who go with you. The Dolphin Centre has nurtured a very special bond with a group of wild dolphins that come regularly to Ponta do Ouro waters. The creature-human relationships are strong and the two mammal species really have learned to socialise under water Follow the responsible Code of Conduct, appreciate the sustained conservation of the ocean and its creatures.



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    1. Maputo Elephants Board – enter one of the remaining unspoiled regions of vast, craggy and magnificent beauty in southern Mozambique. This is 4×4 country so come prepared for adventure and wild fun. This reserve forms part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, home to more than 200 elephants. The best part of your holiday is the many close encounters you get with these huge creatures for a thrilling and serene experience that is certainly not to be missed. The Reserve covers approximately 90 km2, and rises from sea level to approximately 150 metres near the western border. Look out for hippopotamus, duiker, zebra, kudu, baboons and bushpigs. There are also said to be important nesting sites for sea turtles along the west coast.
    2. Street bash in Pemba on Sundays– Stroll down the main road just behind Wimbe Beach in Pembe on a Sunday afternoon around 3pm. You will be pleasantly surprised at the throngs of happy people also strolling along. You may wonder if it is someone’s birthday or a festival but this is the usual Sunday afternoon vibe. Join in the jam sessions with the sounds of guitar and drums then sit down where you are to eat delicious street food from various vendors along the street. Or pop into one of the many restaurants for authentic peri-peri prawns and traditional Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine.
    3. Ibo Island Dhow Safaris – Jump on board a modernised, motorised dhow with billowing white sails and you will be in the hands of our pro guide and experienced skipper and crew. Ibo Island Lodge is the only operator to offer fully guided mobile Island hopping dhow safaris in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago National Park in northern Mozambique. You will spend your sunny days snorkelling, diving and sea kayaking. Throw in three nights of comfort at Ibo Island Lodge, with all its fascinating history and culture, and you are set for a dhow safari of a lifetime!

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    1. Bahia Mar Boutique Hotel Conference & Wellness Centre – for real comfort and style, choose this modern accommodation where luxury and privacy matter. A spacious, fully serviced en-suite bedroom, fully equipped self-catering pied à terre, or combinations of both – for the perfect holiday base in Mozambique. Wake up to breath-taking sea views and indulge in spa treatments or a gym session. Meet caring, friendly staff, taste superb food, and sip cocktails in the sparkling infinity pool. Find it on an elevated plateau with panoramic views over the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago.
    2. Matapa – you simply have to try this traditional dish that the locals love. A Mozambican speciality that goes best with prawns and rice and a meal most Mozambicans choose if given a choice. Matapa is made from stewed cassava leaves, ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk. Be a devil and sample this wholesome dish next time you are hungry. You won’t regret it. When in Rome…

We have introduced you to 10 of Mozambique’s best-kept secrets so can you keep a secret? Go and find these things and rate them according to their uniqueness, their ability to entertain and create happiness for all tourists.

Start Panning your escape to Mozambique and let us know if there are any more secrets out there worth keeping.