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The Quirimbas Archipelago National Pa

rk is one of the most important and biodiverse marine regions in the world. It has an abundance of extremely rare species such as sea turtles, Dugongs, Humpback whales, dolphins and sharks. On land, lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, wild dog, hyena, a diversity of antelope and much more add to this natural wealth.

A Much Sought After Destination

The Quirimbas National Park is located in six central districts of northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province, encompassing an area of approximately 7,506 square kilometres – 5,984 of these are on the mainland and 1,522 encompassing island habitats.

The marine section of the Park comprises 11 of the southernmost islands: Quipaco, Quisiwe, Mefundvo, Quilalea, Sencar, Quirimba, Ibo Island, Quirambo, Fion, Matemo, and Ilha das Rolas. Mogundula Island lies in the park buffer zone.
The islands are oriented in a rough north-south line parallel to, and at a distance of approximately 10km from, the mainland.

Matemo Island
Medjumbe Private Island
Attols at Situ

The story of the creation of the Quirimbas National Park is a unique scenario. The Park was declared in June 2002 with the celebrations and official functions taking place on Ibo Island – which is now the Park’s headquarters. What is extraordinary is that the Park was established at the request of local communities, stakeholders and NGO’s, all interested in working together to protect the region!

It has been found that conservation can only really be effective if it has the support of the communities that inhabit the areas. Many communities live within the Quirimbas National Park boundaries and their decision was unanimous.

The Quirimbas National Park goal is “to conserve the diversity, abundance, and ecological integrity of all physical and biological resources in the park area, so that they may be enjoyed and used productively by present and future generations”.

The Park is extremely selective about which tourism projects and investments it allows into the region, with an emphasis on high quality, low impact responsible tourism where the communities also benefit.

The world-renowned offshore sea atoll, Banco de São Lázaro, is 42 nautical miles due east of Ibo Island, and is also included in the Park area. The Banco de São Lázaro is located between 12°06’00” S and 12°17’00” S and 41°25’32” E and 41°26’00” E.

Diving in the Quirimbas
Kayaking in the Quirimbas
Kite surfing in the Quirimbas

The marine section of the park displays wide variations in depth. The underwater topography is characterized by a series of deep, east-west running channels which cut through the continental shelf and support a diverse coral growth. The Montepuez Channel south of Quilalea Island, the Ibo Channel north of Ibo, and the Matemo channel just south of Matemo island are examples of these.

The fringing reef begins at the end of the coral flats. Depth here falls away rather directly, in some cases vertically, to the abyss below! Depths of 200 metres occur extremely close to the coral fringing reef as the continental shelf is quite narrow here. In a nutshell, the marine world and diving in these areas is spectacular and is considered some of the best in Africa.

Visit the Quirimbas Archipelago for the Perfect Holiday

Quirimbas Archipelago

There are few more beautiful countries on earth than Mozambique, one of the true jewels of the African continent. A place of many faces, Mozambique offers some stunning holiday destinations, none more impressive and truly glorious than the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago. This amazing chain of very pretty islands lies in the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean off the Northern coast of the country and features many fine locations for family holidays, romantic breaks and honeymoons. As the acknowledged experts in holidays to the islands, we can find you the best deal.

The Quirimbas Archipelago includes some of the most wonderful destinations you could imagine: Ibo Island Lodge is a stunning example of Mozambique accommodation in a truly amazing location, and also affords the opportunity to take a dhow safari and explore the remaining islands. Vamizi Island offers a chance to experience a genuine private island experience that is second to none, and there are much more to choose from. Diving off the islands is highly recommended as the ocean is home to some stunning coral reefs and beautiful marine life, and if lazing on the beach is your thing there is nowhere better.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

Why book your holiday to the Quirimbas with us? With many years of experience in arranging packages to the islands we have built excellent relationships with the owners of the best resorts, and we guarantee the very best prices around. We know the best places to go to enjoy a holiday without having to endure crowds such as those found in similarly priced resorts in Zanzibar or Mauritius, and we can put together a deal that includes all your transfers to and from the islands at a price that you will appreciate.

Our team of expert travel consultants have personal experience of the resorts in the Quirimbas and can help you find the one that is right for you. Furthermore, if you so desire we can arrange a beach and bush package that allows you to spend time on safari at one of the game reserves on the mainland, something you will enjoy to the full. Mozambique really is a very special place and now is the time to visit, so why not let us book your dream holiday in this tropical idyll? Get in touch now and we will call you back very soon.

Kite Surfing in the Quirimbas Archipelago

Ibo Kitesurfing Quirimbas

Of all the places to go for some fun in the sun, Mozambique should rank high on your shortlist. Perfect weather, prime coastal setting and superb facilities to boot, it doesn’t get any better than this country on the south east of Africa. And for the ultimate island escape, the Quirimbas will no doubt delight the discerning day tripper. Among the myriad of activities available in this region, kite surfing at Quirimbas Archipelago is definitely something to consider.

What makes the Quirimbas Archipelago a premier kite surfing destination, you ask? Well, for starters, this string of islands, 32 of them, benefits from year round trade wind conditions that make kite surfing possible pretty much anytime. But of course, there will be an occasional break in the wind, allowing you to enjoy other activities such as fishing and diving. There’s always the best time for everything and kite surfing at Quirimbas is most rewarding in winter from April to August as the South Easterly monsoon winds (Kusi winds) are in full force. These blow for several days at a time and at an average of around 20 knots.

quirimbas archipelago kite surfing
kite surfing quirimbas archipelago
kite surfing mozambique

The other thing is that the ocean around the islands offers crystal clear flat water, and this makes it ideal for both novice and seasoned kite surfers. Add to that the fact that water is constantly warm and the air temperature ranges between 28 – 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year and you’ve got yourself the perfect spot to spend time in the surf.

So stop waiting on the fence and book this exciting adventure holiday with the Mozambique Travel team. Our friendly and professional consultants are more than happy to tailor your kite surfing safari according to your specific requirements. With all camping and catering equipment plus a dedicated crew supplied to you, all that’s left is for you to pack your kiting gear, reef shoes as well as a short wet suit for those winter chills and head to the remote Quirimbas Archipelago for a memorable holiday experience.

Quirimbas Archipelago Paradise

Ibo aerial view showing sandbank


The Quirimbas Archipelago has loads of exciting holiday opportunities for everyone big and small. Many travellers are drawn to this region to explore its pristine underwater realm where a staggering marine population is found. You too can experience this phenomenon when you book your holiday to this premier destination! Choose from our selection of exciting and affordable high quality holiday packages
to the Quirimbas paradise for an unforgettable beach break.

A holiday in the Quirimbas Archipelago is not only about spending your time in the surf. It’s about escaping the pressures of everyday routine and putting the oomph back into your life. In a place that is unchanged by development, where there are no roads, no cars and a few hotels, you can be guaranteed complete escapism as far away from the crowds as possible. This is what the Quirimbas paradise is all about.

quirimbas archipelago
Mozambique Travel Sample Image
quirimbas archipelago

Of the few inhabited islands in this archipelago, Ibo Island has to be the most significant one. Not only does it play host to one of the best dive resorts in Mozambique, Ibo Island Lodge – it has some historical landmarks that tell a story of an era lost in time. Crumbling ruins of 17th-century mansions and other ancient remnants dot this historic island. Here, you get insight into the locals’ daily lives and get a chance to witness silversmiths hard at work making trinkets, using age-old methods passed down generations.

The islands are not as popular as Zanzibar and Mauritius, as a result, it receives very few visitors. This has helped in keeping the regions as pristine and unspoilt. Divers and snorkelers enjoy fantastic diving and snorkelling conditions where sometimes, if not always, have the dive sites to themselves! The Quirimbas paradise is a mecca for fishermen, offering excellent, year-round opportunities for hooking big game fish. Sailfish, Kingfish, Barracuda and marlin occur in these waters.

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Things to do in the Quirimbas Archipelago

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort

Situated in the beautiful Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a collection of stunning islands that offer a choice of excellent holiday options. From private island retreats such as Anantara Medjumbe to more popular resorts this glorious place is one of many choices, and with 20 years of experience in arranging holidays to the islands and Mozambique we are the right people to talk to for the best deal, so look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is famous not just as a relaxing place to take a holiday, but as a place where you can indulge in some exciting activities. Take a dhow safari from Ibo Island and enjoy the delights of the Quirimbas National Park or go kayaking on the rivers, or you can even take a fishing cruise and dive over the amazing coral reefs. Or if you prefer you can simply take the time to relax on the stunning beaches and enjoy a drink under the shade of a palm tree, and take time out from the rigours of daily life.

quirimbas archipelago
Mozambique Travel Sample Image
quirimbas archipelago

Why should you book with us? We’ve been arranging packages to the islands and Mozambique for many years and have excellent relationships with the resorts in the Quirimbas Archipelago, and this means we can give you superb discounts on packages to the islands. Some of our clients have, in fact, saved an amazing 15% on their packages to Mozambique. With no crowds as you would find in Zanzibar, for example, now is the time to enjoy an exotic Mozambique holiday, so why not book right now?

Our team of highly experienced travel consultants knows the Quirimbas inside out, and they can help you devise the perfect package for your requirements. Are you looking for a beach and bush combination that involves a safari and time relaxing? Look no further as we have the best deals on such packages. Do you want an activity filled itinerary? Not a problem; we can arrange it for you. Why not get in touch right now, and one of our team will be more than happy to get back to you to arrange the right package for you? Go on, you know you deserve it!

What’s Hot in the Quirimbas

Quilalea Azura

Many years ago, elegant women wandered around on Ibo Island dressed in long gracious dresses, their parasols held over their pale faces in the hot tropical sunshine. Grand buildings and plenty of trees shaded the wide streets and the dominant language was Portuguese. If the three forts could talk, they might whisper about the merciless slave trade days and when people were imprisoned and tortured by the Mozambique secret police.

Moving On 

So whats  hot today in the Quirimbas? We recommend the charming and constantly award-winning Ibo Island Lodge where history radiates from every ruin and tired street corner but where a rich and friendly people welcome you with open arms. Revel in lavish accommodation with three sumptuous meals daily then find time to get to know the locals and their lifestyle as passed down through many generations. This is the rustic life on a deserted island.

Hot Quirimbas Stories

And the heat is definitely on in this heart of the Quirimbas where these same walls might whisper about the return of the local people after 1975 -and the skilled silversmiths who to this day still create exquisite adornments for tourists. The fishing community claimed their ocean back and the island is today a very laid-back, safe destination for a holiday that oozes charm. Many ruins are being strangled by crimson bougainvillea and huge old figs twist their limbs around what were once inhabited edifices.

Intimate Holiday Pleasure 

We urge you to visit the Quirimbas Archipelago in all her low key glory – especially if you love getting away from it all and immersing yourself in true wilderness deserted island bliss. Here you will find enough sunshine, warm ocean water, dazzling white beaches, friendly people and food to indulge in, not to mention a wide variety of trendy water sports and leisure activities.  There is also a pampering spa wherever you are. Turn up the heat!

Luxury on Deserted Isles 

A few hours by boat across the Indian Ocean lies the tiny Medjumbe Private Island, playground for companies who want to team build or honeymoon couples who are escaping everyone they know. Find yourself on an isle no bigger than a large sandbar stretching a mere 800m by 350m and completely surrounded by beach and ocean! Choose one of 13 rustic-chic villas to while away long sunny days and remind yourself of the meaning of the Here and Now.

Come to the Quirimbasfor the massages and facials, the impeccable service with a smile and the opportunity to do nothing that even sounds like work for several days. Lay back, soak up the sun and let your body work in the ocean when you go deep sea diving, or fishing or kite surfing or stand up paddleboarding. There may even be a luxury yacht that you can hire for a few hours to a week, enjoying sublime decadence in a floating hotel of supreme elegance. Is this hot enough?

Vamizi Island is the landing pad for the rich and famous – or for you and your family. Book a huge private villa in its own private garden with private chef and butler and vehicle, water sports equipment and boats. Often regarded as the most stunning island in the Archipelago, Vamizi is a crescent-shaped gem where conservation of ocean species comes first, and guests get involved in meaningful outdoor activities. Remote desert island bliss with a touch of class!

Located in the Quirimbas marine reserve, Azura Quilalea is also focused on the preservation of the ocean and island environment. Discover another Quirimbas Archipelago paradise where you get to observe your soul and that of your loved one. Book your honeymoon here, on an island so beautiful you have to pinch yourself every morning as the sun rises.

The amazing Quirimbas comprises 32 jewel-like islands surrounded by such reefs and almost surreal turquoise waters. Mangrove swamps offer bird sanctuaries and fishermen wander around as their families tend homegrown vegetables. Tall coconut palms create shady havens and skilled dive instructors appear out of nowhere to take you on a course to see a fantasy underwater wonderland.

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Quirimbas Archipelago Hotels



Take your pick – choose a holiday destination of your choice in a Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago Hotel. They are amazing places, all of them, brimming with luxury, comfort and bliss. The best part of going to this northern region of Mozambique is that you are so far from civilisation that you feel alone and utterly refreshed.

Sitting in the midst of all this beauty and pageantry is Ibo Island – so regal and proud after centuries of confusing yet fascinating history. Do you know that the Portuguese, Dutch, Indian, Arabian and the Chinese all had a hand in the houses and buildings on Ibo? Architectural heirlooms from the 1500′s are grown over with wild tropical bush.

But some are preserved and restyled into modern hotels where visitors come to learn more about that time so long ago. Ibo Island Lodge is one of these where you too will learn that as early as AD600 Arab traders had made contact with Ibo Island and then established trading posts and forts along the coastline to ship slaves, gold and ivory to the Arab world.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

For hotels in the Quirimbas completely in tune with their natural environment, try Vamizi Island or Medjumbe Private Island. These Mozambique holiday destinations are so picturesque and so devoted to the area’s marine diversity and pristine beaches that visitors really switch off and tune into the natural environment around them.

At Medjumbe, 13 palm-thatched chalets are fully equipped to cocoon you in absolute bliss throughout your stay. Each chalet features a private plunge pool and access to the pristine coastline, with abundant opportunities to explore the treasures of the ocean beyond.

And at Vamizi Island, designed to take your breath away, you get to mix barefoot bliss with exclusive luxury. See it to believe it – sleep in enormous villas on this 12 km long crescent-shaped desert island where the finest linen encourage deep sleep.

Another not to be forgotten Quirimbas Archipelago hotel is the glorious Azura at Quilalea – all villas are built from natural coral stone and makuti thatch, decorated with earthy materials.  The lodge’s refreshing green ethic means that it impacts as little as possible on the island ecology using wind generation, solar power, rainwater harvesting and rechargeable batteries to save energy.

The Picturesque Quirimbas Archipelago

Quilalea Azura

With a choice of prime resorts in amazing locations and some of the most exclusive private island retreats the Quirimbas is a place of many options, and as the leaders in Mozambique travel we are the people to come to for the best deals at the right price. Whether you want a family holiday or a romantic break there is something for you here.

The clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean that surround the Quirimbas Archipelago are the perfect location for diving, with amazing coral reefs teeming with gloriously spectacular wildlife, while fishing is also a popular sport here. You can choose to take your time relaxing in your luxurious accommodation or lazing on the beach, swim in the ocean or even take an exotic dhow safari, a great way to enjoy and explore the less populated islands in the chain. This is a truly magical place and one where you will find genuine seclusion and tranquillity.

quirimbas archipelago
Mozambique Travel Sample Image
quirimbas archipelago

We have been arranging holidays to the Quirimbas Islands for many years, and we can help you whether you want a private island such as beautiful Quilalea or a more mainstream break in one of the fine spa resorts. As we have excellent relationships with the best resorts we are well placed to get you the finest deal, and we can save you as much as 15% on the list price. This makes us the best place to go for the finest deals on the Quirimbas, so look no further for where to book you dream holiday.

We can help with any special requests that you may have, and bear in mind we are the experts in beach and bush packages combining a stay at one of the finest beach resorts and a visit to the mainland to take in a superb safari. Our team of expert travel consultants can help you book the best possible package to suit you, and we can arrange an itinerary so you get the best out of Mozambique. You need to visit this wonderful country now before it begins to get overcrowded, so what are you waiting for – get in touch right now and we will call you back to help book the holiday of a lifetime.

Holidays to the Quirimbas Archipelago

Ibo Island resort

The exclusive islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, off the northern coast of Mozambique, are home to some of the most wonderful resorts in all of Africa and offer a real chance to experience a genuinely idyllic holiday with great weather, stunning beaches and superb accommodation. We have been arranging packages to the islands for many years and have garnered a reputation as the experts in Mozambique travel, so you don’t need to shop around any longer – you’re already in the right place for the very best deals.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is home to some of the most tranquil of all resorts in Mozambique; from the wonderful Ibo Island Lodge, from where you can enjoy a dhow safari in the Quirimbas National Park and explore other islands, to the truly exclusive private retreat of Medjumbe Island you have a fine choice, and there is plenty to do besides lounging on the beach. Diving and snorkelling are both strongly recommended off the islands as the coral reefs are home to some of the most exciting marine life of all, and with most accommodation featuring private decks you can simply sit back and relax.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

Why book your Quirimbas Archipelago holiday with us? We have great relationships with the resorts on the islands and as a result, can offer you as much as 15% discount by booking via us. Furthermore, we have access to the finest accommodation and the best resorts and endeavour to make sure our clients get the very best service as well as the best package for their requirements. Booking with us means you get the finest travel to Mozambique, with all transfers included.

If you want to spend time on the Quirimbas Islands and take a safari on one of the mainland game reserves you’re talking to the right people; we are experts in arranging beach and bush tours, and one of our expert team of travel consultants will be more than happy to help you find the best package for your requirements. we recommend that you visit Mozambique now, for this beautiful country is yet to experience the crowding that has overtaken similarly priced Zanzibar and Mauritius. Get in touch right now: we will call you back soon and help you book a dream holiday on the Quirimbas Archipelago.