Things to do in the Quirimbas Archipelago

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort

Situated in the beautiful Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a collection of stunning islands that offer a choice of excellent holiday options. From private island retreats such as Anantara Medjumbe to more popular resorts this glorious place is one of many choices, and with 20 years of experience in arranging holidays to the islands and Mozambique we are the right people to talk to for the best deal, so look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is famous not just as a relaxing place to take a holiday, but as a place where you can indulge in some exciting activities. Take a dhow safari from Ibo Island and enjoy the delights of the Quirimbas National Park or go kayaking on the rivers, or you can even take a fishing cruise and dive over the amazing coral reefs. Or if you prefer you can simply take the time to relax on the stunning beaches and enjoy a drink under the shade of a palm tree, and take time out from the rigours of daily life.

quirimbas archipelago
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quirimbas archipelago

Why should you book with us? We’ve been arranging packages to the islands and Mozambique for many years and have excellent relationships with the resorts in the Quirimbas Archipelago, and this means we can give you superb discounts on packages to the islands. Some of our clients have, in fact, saved an amazing 15% on their packages to Mozambique. With no crowds as you would find in Zanzibar, for example, now is the time to enjoy an exotic Mozambique holiday, so why not book right now?

Our team of highly experienced travel consultants knows the Quirimbas inside out, and they can help you devise the perfect package for your requirements. Are you looking for a beach and bush combination that involves a safari and time relaxing? Look no further as we have the best deals on such packages. Do you want an activity filled itinerary? Not a problem; we can arrange it for you. Why not get in touch right now, and one of our team will be more than happy to get back to you to arrange the right package for you? Go on, you know you deserve it!

Quirimbas Archipelago Hotels



Take your pick – choose a holiday destination of your choice in a Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago Hotel. They are amazing places, all of them, brimming with luxury, comfort and bliss. The best part of going to this northern region of Mozambique is that you are so far from civilisation that you feel alone and utterly refreshed.

Sitting in the midst of all this beauty and pageantry is Ibo Island – so regal and proud after centuries of confusing yet fascinating history. Do you know that the Portuguese, Dutch, Indian, Arabian and the Chinese all had a hand in the houses and buildings on Ibo? Architectural heirlooms from the 1500′s are grown over with wild tropical bush.

But some are preserved and restyled into modern hotels where visitors come to learn more about that time so long ago. Ibo Island Lodge is one of these where you too will learn that as early as AD600 Arab traders had made contact with Ibo Island and then established trading posts and forts along the coastline to ship slaves, gold and ivory to the Arab world.

quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago
quirimbas archipelago

For hotels in the Quirimbas completely in tune with their natural environment, try Vamizi Island or Medjumbe Private Island. These Mozambique holiday destinations are so picturesque and so devoted to the area’s marine diversity and pristine beaches that visitors really switch off and tune into the natural environment around them.

At Medjumbe, 13 palm-thatched chalets are fully equipped to cocoon you in absolute bliss throughout your stay. Each chalet features a private plunge pool and access to the pristine coastline, with abundant opportunities to explore the treasures of the ocean beyond.

And at Vamizi Island, designed to take your breath away, you get to mix barefoot bliss with exclusive luxury. See it to believe it – sleep in enormous villas on this 12 km long crescent-shaped desert island where the finest linen encourage deep sleep.

Another not to be forgotten Quirimbas Archipelago hotel is the glorious Azura at Quilalea – all villas are built from natural coral stone and makuti thatch, decorated with earthy materials.  The lodge’s refreshing green ethic means that it impacts as little as possible on the island ecology using wind generation, solar power, rainwater harvesting and rechargeable batteries to save energy.