Yacht Safaris in the Quirimbas

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Embark on luxury yacht safaris in the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique. We organise tailor made diving, fishing, kayaking and snorkeling activities while you sail. Camp out under the stars in rustic island campsites. Eat fresh seafood straight off the beach fire. We recommend Sail and safari combo packages – you can even book online.
For personally designed itineraries where you get the best in marine and land wildlife viewing, in spectacular, uninhabited and untouched Mozambique destinations, sit back and relax as we steer you into unexplored waters and treat you to a holiday like no other. Choose luxury yacht safaris in the Quirimbas combined with a few days at an exclusive safari lodge in East Africa and you simply cannot go wrong. Read more about the yacht details right here.

With Mozambique Travel, you not only find the trip of a lifetime but you also discover the best package deals and special offers around, saving you money and ensuring your holiday under sail in this paradise is unique.

During a luxury yacht safari in Mozambique, you find yourself sailing into the vast regions of the Bazaruto or the Quirimbas Archipelagos, as well as Inhambane, Vilanculos and Pemba – then docking on the African coast to see the fantastic Niassa Wildlife Reserve.

If you are in search of a special Mozambique holiday, a yacht safari on the Indian Ocean is for you. Mozambique Specials offers you the perfect sailing holiday to east Africa where pristine white island beaches await you – choose to do nothing at all, or take part in every water sport imaginable from the safety of your catamaran.
Places like the Quirimbas Archipelago are so remote that you will be the only yacht floating around the 32 islands of this dreamy destination. And cruising around the Bazaruto Archipelago on board a luxury sailing vessel offers discerning client’s magnificent outdoor experiences on the Indian Ocean.
Spend several days under sail during the holiday of a life time -live aboard a luxury catamaran and fish, dive and snorkel to your heart’s content. Sail around this island region for as many days and night as you want to. This is the ultimate holiday where relaxation takes on new meaning.

Some travellers to Mozambique will prefer a combination holiday consisting of a few nights at a luxury lodge and a few nights on the yacht, floating gently on the Indian Ocean as the sun sets and the moon rises.
A good idea is to head straight to Ibo Island Lodge in the Quirimba’s where special packages ensure you find the right combination safari. It is usually here where your tailor made yacht safari is launched and where you find yourself floating between remote islands, experiencing a splendid display of natural beauty, fascinating local culture and history and the many tropical wonders that make this Archipelago so magical. Read more about Ibo Island Lodge .

You can also tailor make your special Mozambique yacht safari to be once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip to Banco St Lazarus as an add on! Usually guests throw a line from the yacht as it cruises between islands, in the hope of catching something fresh for dinners but actually fishing off the Banks is especially exciting.

The more than 30 islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago are considered to be some of the best yacht charter destinations in the world. It is the undiscovered nature of these islands that make it so special. For this is one of the very few places in the world where there are no cars, no roads, few hotels and therefore few tourists. This is a destination on the edge of Africa where you are also unlikely to come across any other yachts on your cruise – so, for the yachtsman looking for a very special location, this is it.

If you decide to book a diving yacht safari in Mozambique your luxury yacht becomes your villa and the ocean your playground as you sail above the surface of an underwater wonderland which you explore at your leisure, in your complete diving kit provided by the yacht cruise.

Mozambique Travel can organize something unforgettable for you – a combination of yachting, fishing, diving and seeing awesome wildlife – all in Mozambique. We offer super packages you cannot refuse, all inclusive of your accommodation on board the luxury “ship”, diving adventures including gear, all meals, island hopping to stretch those sea legs and more.

Base yourself offshore in Mozambique and try to lure charismatic game fish to your yacht somewhere around the deep Mozambique Channel. Here you will find Snappers, Barracuda, Queen fish, Kingfish, King and Queen Mackerel, tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish, Short bill spearfish and Black, Blue and Striped Marlin.

Book a private charter aboard our Catamaran yachts which allow you full use of the entire boat for your group of friends or family. Not only do we provide an experienced skipper, expert deck hands and a highly regarded chef on board to cater for your every need, but so too do our luxury yachts come fully licensed with all the required certification. Up to eight guests can make the luxury yacht their home for a week or less.

Don’t hesitate, contact Mozambique Travel now to secure your sail and safari holiday package in Mozambique.

Mozambique Island Resorts

Bazaruto Island Lodge Beach Resort

The African continent is home to a great many very impressive holiday destinations. With a rich and varied landscape covering everything from desert to mountain it is also a place of great wonder, but some of the best of all Mozambique holidays can be found not on the mainland, but out in the Indian Ocean. Mozambique includes two main island chains – the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos – and each is home to Mozambique island resorts that are simply as beautiful as it gets. With a choice of beach resorts & lodges, you can find something to fit all budgets.

It must be said that when it comes to beach holidays Mozambique offers perhaps the finest choice in Africa; with some superb packages on Mozambique island resorts the chance for a family holiday, romantic break or even a mozambique honeymoon special has come within reach of everyone, and this is a place that is very special indeed. From the stunning private island resort of Quilalea, to the wonderfully friendly and great value Bazaruto Island Lodge there is plenty to choose from, and you may be surprised at how affordable a holiday in a genuine tropical island paradise can be.

Benguerra Island, in the Bazaruto Archipelago, is a wonderfully evocative place, and Benguerra Lodge was the very first to be established on the islands, paving the way for the popularity of Mozambique as it is today. With excellent facilities and a range of activities to take part in – diving and snorkelling are particularly recommended around these islands – plus the relaxing beaches and excellent accommodation, this popular example of Mozambique island resorts is the perfect choice for a family holiday in an exotic and wonderful place that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

The Quirimbas Islands are considered more remote and exclusive than the Bazaruto Islands, yet also offer many fine opportunities for superb Mozambique island resorts and holiday destinations. Medjumbe is one of the finest beach resorts on the islands, and offer the perfect choice of luxurious accommodation and the opportunity to explore the coral reefs off the islands that are home to some exotic and amazing marine life. With fine restaurants on the islands, many serving the speciality local seafood dishes that the area is famous for, you have a choice of self catering in your accommodation or eating out in a friendly and welcoming place where the locals will be more than happy to accommodate you.

With so many Mozambique island resorts to choose from you can rely on us, the acknowledged experts in Mozambique holidays and travel, to find the best deal for you, and with special packages available in many resorts you can find a luxury Mozambique holiday at a great price. Our friendly and expert team are specialists in beach holidays to Mozambique, and will endeavour to find you the right accommodation in the right place. With our knowledge and reputation, you can be assured of the very best service, so get in touch now and we will help you book that dream family holiday you have always wished for.

Tropical Mozambique Hotels

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There are few more beautiful places to be than on a stunning beach in Mozambique, which has to be one of the most glorious countries on Earth. Located on the east coast of Africa, and including a selection of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, Mozambique welcomes tourists openly, and the many Mozambique hotels that you can choose from cater for all needs and budgets. For a family holiday, a romantic break or even a honeymoon, this is the place to go, and with excellent Mozambique holiday packages available to book online you will definitely find the dream holiday and accommodation you have always wished for.

Mozambique holidays cover all the bases: from a relaxing beach holiday on one of the stunning islands to an enjoyable stay in one of the many Maputo hotels in the lively and colourful capital city, you can tailor your package to make sure you get the full experience. For many, however, it is the islands that are best served by Mozambique hotels, and they are a truly fabulous place to visit.

Off the coast of Mozambique, in the amazing blue Indian Ocean waters, are two main island groups: the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelagos, both of which provide many fine holiday opportunities. With a choice of Mozambique hotels on the islands of Bazaruto and Benguerra, plus private villas such as the wonderful Bazaruto Island Resort &  Spa, you can decide whether you want a simple and enjoyable stay, or one that will see you basking in luxury for the duration. Likewise, Benguerra Island, home to the oldest lodge on the islands Benguerra Lodge, you will find beaches that are simply amazing, where you can lie back and enjoy a cocktail and forget the rigours of daily life.

Back on the mainland, and Maputo has plenty to offer visitors, with many of the best Mozambique hotels to be found in the city. Within Maputo you can find many restaurants serving local and international dishes, lively bars where you might find musicians playing traditional music, and colourful shops that make a walk around the city a charming experience. For many, a visit to the Maputo Elephant Reserve is a highlight, for here you get a rare chance to get close to these massive and majestic animals, plus rare white rhino and many other exotic and exciting creatures.

With many more attractions to experience, Mozambique hotels make an excellent base from which to explore this quite amazing place, where the unspoilt landscape gives you a genuine taste of the real Africa. From the islands to the Inhambane coast – where you will find some of the best beaches in the world – we have access to the very best in hotels, lodges and holiday packages to Mozambique, and as our team of travel consultants are experts in Mozambique resorts we can help you find the best package for your dream African holiday. There really is nowhere like Mozambique, so click here and book an exciting break to a unique and enthralling place, at excellent rates to suit all budgets.

Top 3 Mozambique Easter Holiday Destinations

massinga beach lodge mozambique

I recently discovered that Páscoa means Easter in Portuguese. I thought this would be worth knowing if you are thinking of celebrating your Easter holiday in Mozambique this year. But I guess that what most visitors want to know is where to stay this Easter and how much will it cost them?Take it from me – if I could choose an Easter holiday destination in Mozambique I would choose one of these three superb beach destinations: Massinga Beach Resort, Azura Benguerra Lodge or Machangulo Beach Lodge.

Easter in Mozambique is popular so you need to book early – in fact, you should book your holiday package as much as a year ahead of your holiday! I have hand-picked these destinations because a) they are all easy to get to, and b) they all offer a unique experience which promises quality relaxation away from the buzz of the start of the year. Think service and accommodation, supreme settings in nature and you are halfway there. Mozambicans love Easter and try to get away on holiday to celebrate – it gives them another excuse for feasting on great food and enjoying funky music! I think that the best thing about Easter is that it falls at the right time of the year.

A few months after New Year we are already rubbing creaking backs and scanning our calendars for another break. And we are anticipating the coolness of Autumn, followed by the dreariness of winter – which means we really need a few days off before the southern Hemisphere clouds over a little.

At Massinga Beach Lodge on Mozambique’s east coast near Inhambane, you can make your Easter weekend feel like a whole week. Here, you really get to feel like a special guest when you awake every morning to the lapping of the waves onto the beach below your suite, the sun bright in the sky. Massinga Beach Lodge is quite simply one of those destinations that make for a perfect Easter. Picture dreamy coconut palms, private plunge pools and blue views… Check out this special!

Easter in Mozambique is therefore all about fun in the sun for both the local people and for international visitors. South Africans flock to Mozambique during the Easter break to make the most of the beaches, the quality accommodation and the glorious weather.One of my fave lodges ever is the uber-luxurious Azura Benguerra Lodge in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Situated on Benguerra Island, of course, this world acclaimed Mozambique hotel is all about the water sports, the serenity and being pampered by a personal butler or host.You can literally have your cake and eat it at this top class Mozambique island destination. Why not dine under the stars one night on your private deck, surrounded by lanterns?

This year, Easter falls on 3-5 April, when the weather in Mozambique is at its best – the rains have eased off and the humidity is less. Take my advice and plan your Easter holiday in Mozambique the year before you travel and that way, you won’t be disappointed!Maputo is the ideal Easter destination for a party during Easter as here the church bells ring and the restaurants are alive with the sound of great music and the aromas of delicious Mozambique cuisine.

A good suggestion is to fly into this buzzing metropolis for a few days to celebrate with the locals, then to catch a boat out to Machangulo Beach Lodge high on a sand dune, to get in a few days of absolute solitude in the midst of the sea’s tidal energies.

You will be staying on the Santa Maria Peninsula in Maputo Bay in a lush sand dune forest, in a setting known for its moody tidal estuaries and lakes on its western side. Fishing and diving here are some of the best in the world and the magical beaches certainly make for a unique Easter. One of the best activities at Machangulo Beach Lodge is doing nothing. Relaxing on the deck beside the swimming pool is the ideal way to spend a hot day. Visit the spa for a wellness session then choose a hammock and swing in the breeze.

While you may get to escape to an island resort this Easter, this religious holiday does mean different things to different people. Can you believe that of the 18 million plus people living in Mozambique, about 30% are Christians? I found out the Portuguese Catholic Church still exerts a strong influence in Mozambique which means that Easter is a huge celebration in this country.It is not only about the Easter bunny and stuffing as many chocolate eggs into your mouth as possible!t is also about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and remember that we can all become better citizens with a sprinkle more mindfulness.

So take a few days off from work and explore a different nation, a beautiful setting and a place where Easter can mean what you want it to mean.

MozambiqueTravel.com can help you to book your special retreat during peak times. Contact us today.