Bazaruto, largest of the six islands that make up the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” is one of the last true bits of paradise left in the world. About 600 km north of Mozambique’s capital city Maputo, Bazaruto is approximately 35km long and only about 7km wide and remains unspoiled. The Bazaruto Lodge, one of the two hotels located on the island, manages to provide luxury accommodation without intruding on the natural beauty of the island. The hotel is made up of 40 thatched bungalows built in an A-frame style, typical of much of the architecture you will see on Mozambique. Palm trees line the paths between the bungalows, and the restaurant is perfectly located above the warm Indian Ocean so you can watch the waves lapping on the beach as you enjoy your dinner. African drums signal meal times at the lodge.

The Bazaruto archipelago is a National Park in Mozambique and its coral reefs, beaches, fauna and flora are thus protected. Only about 3 500 people live on the islands that make up the archipelago and because it is off the mainland, the islands escaped much of the damage caused by the civil war in the country. What all this translates into is a location that feels untouched by man. More than 2 000 fish species live in the coral reefs off the island. While whales, dolphins and the famous whale sharks of Mozambique also love to roam the waters around the islands, making it a spectacular snorkelling experience. Bazaruto Lodge does arrange scuba diving trips for guests, as well as fishing and boating trips to explore the islands.

For landlubbers the pristine white beaches are never crowded and if you are feeling energetic enough to hike and explore the island prepare to stumble upon inland lakes, forests, huge dunes and wetlands. Just watch out for the freshwater crocodiles.

As a destination, Mozambique is growing in popularity and the crowds pull in by the thousands in the holiday season. Bazaruto lodge offers a certain amount of privacy and peace because of its island location. Bazaruto is probably not a holiday destination for those who want nightclubs and shopping to form part of their holiday itinerary, but if you are looking for peace, natural beauty and solitude, Bazaruto is the way to go.

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