Book package holidays to Mozambique and attend some of the Top Festivals

Mozambique festivals 2024 are fun and lively. Read on for all you need to know about off the beaten track music and cultural gatherings including the amazing hot spots for music in Maputo. We feature three of our favourite Mozambique festivals, parties and events that you might want to check out while on holiday in the region.

Book that dream package holiday to Mozambique over one of our selected top festivals – we have all the info about these celebratory calendar events. Mozambique celebrates so many festivals throughout the year that if you’re looking for a way to celebrate, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Read all about the top music festivals in Mozambique here!


STRAB – The Subterranean Rhythm & Blues Festival in May

If you’re in Mozambique in May, you have to include the STRAB festival in your itinerary. This annual musical festival event first started off as a live show for a birthday party for a group of scuba divers in Ponta Malongane as long ago as 2003. The first official STRAB kicked off in 2005 and is now a huge calendar event for music festivals in Mozambique. Every May, this music festival features at least 20 bands who come together to play. It’s a very famous festival and people travel far and wide to attend the beach party, so make sure you’re organised and have your tickets sorted well in advance. There is also a kind charity investment by the festival every year, motivated by the sad history of Mozambique, to assist local communities. 

Independence Day in Maputo in June Mozambique Festivals

Just one month later, you’ve got the Independence Day festivities in June that take place in Maputo. Goings-on include traditional dancing and live performances at the national stadium, with lots of famous bands from Mozambique in attendance. The President has been known to attend the festival, so you’ll be in excellent company. Be prepared for lots of dancing, poetry and visual arts in the weeks before the big event as well.

the people of Mozambique celebrating independence day

CHOPI Mozambique Music Festival in July and August

If you want to find out more about culture and life in Mozambique, the CHOPI Music Festival in July and into August is the one for you. It was set up to help preserve the musical heritage of this part of the world, celebrating in particular the mbila, a handmade xylophone unique to the region. Other traditional instruments that take centre stage include animal horns, rattles, drums and whistles.

These are our top 3 music festivals in Mozambique with all the info about the events. We love Mozambique festivals, and we have all you need to know about off the beaten track music and cultural gatherings including the amazing hot spots for music in Maputo. 

Of course, whenever you go to the country and whatever you do, you’ll have a brilliant time. Just do some research to find out what’s on while you’re there! Contact us for more festival information here.