I recently discovered that Páscoa means Easter in Portuguese. I thought this would be worth knowing if you are thinking of celebrating your Easter holiday in Mozambique this year. But I guess that what most visitors want to know is where to stay this Easter and how much will it cost them? Take it from me – if I could choose an Easter holiday destination in Mozambique I would choose one of these three superb beach destinations: Massinga Beach Resort, Azura Benguerra Lodge or Machangulo Beach Lodge.

Easter in Mozambique is popular so you need to book early – in fact, you should book your holiday package as much as a year ahead of your holiday! I have hand-picked these destinations because a) they are all easy to get to, and b) they all offer a unique experience which promises quality relaxation away from the buzz of the start of the year. Think service and accommodation, supreme settings in nature and you are halfway there. Mozambicans love Easter and try to get away on holiday to celebrate – it gives them another excuse for feasting on great food and enjoying funky music! I think that the best thing about Easter is that it falls at the right time of the year.

A few months after New Year we are already rubbing creaking backs and scanning our calendars for another break. And we are anticipating the coolness of Autumn, followed by the dreariness of winter – which means we really need a few days off before the southern Hemisphere clouds over a little.

At Massinga Beach Lodge on Mozambique’s east coast near Inhambane, you can make your Easter weekend feel like a whole week. Here, you really get to feel like a special guest when you awake every morning to the lapping of the waves onto the beach below your suite, the sun bright in the sky. Massinga Beach Lodge is quite simply one of those destinations that make for a perfect Easter. Picture dreamy coconut palms, private plunge pools and blue views… Check out this special!

Easter in Mozambique is therefore all about fun in the sun for both the local people and for international visitors. South Africans flock to Mozambique during the Easter break to make the most of the beaches, the quality accommodation and the glorious weather.One of my fave lodges ever is the uber-luxurious Azura Benguerra Lodge in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Situated on Benguerra Island, of course, this world acclaimed Mozambique hotel is all about the water sports, the serenity and being pampered by a personal butler or host.You can literally have your cake and eat it at this top class Mozambique island destination. Why not dine under the stars one night on your private deck, surrounded by lanterns?

This year, Easter falls on 3-5 April, when the weather in Mozambique is at its best – the rains have eased off and the humidity is less. Take my advice and plan your Easter holiday in Mozambique the year before you travel and that way, you won’t be disappointed!Maputo is the ideal Easter destination for a party during Easter as here the church bells ring and the restaurants are alive with the sound of great music and the aromas of delicious Mozambique cuisine.

A good suggestion is to fly into this buzzing metropolis for a few days to celebrate with the locals, then to catch a boat out to Machangulo Beach Lodge high on a sand dune, to get in a few days of absolute solitude in the midst of the sea’s tidal energies.

You will be staying on the Santa Maria Peninsula in Maputo Bay in a lush sand dune forest, in a setting known for its moody tidal estuaries and lakes on its western side. Fishing and diving here are some of the best in the world and the magical beaches certainly make for a unique Easter. One of the best activities at Machangulo Beach Lodge is doing nothing. Relaxing on the deck beside the swimming pool is the ideal way to spend a hot day. Visit the spa for a wellness session then choose a hammock and swing in the breeze.

While you may get to escape to an island resort this Easter, this religious holiday does mean different things to different people. Can you believe that of the 18 million plus people living in Mozambique, about 30% are Christians? I found out the Portuguese Catholic Church still exerts a strong influence in Mozambique which means that Easter is a huge celebration in this country.It is not only about the Easter bunny and stuffing as many chocolate eggs into your mouth as possible!t is also about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and remember that we can all become better citizens with a sprinkle more mindfulness.

So take a few days off from work and explore a different nation, a beautiful setting and a place where Easter can mean what you want it to mean.

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