Coconut Drink at Barra Beach Club

How to travel alone to Mozambique and Barra Beach Club

Do you want to learn how to travel alone to Mozambique and Barra Beach Club? Do you want to know how to get to Inhambane on Mozambique’s extensive coastline, to enjoy an exclusive hotel with endless ocean views? Do you want to experience the best of Mozambique accommodation with direct access to Inhambane Airport and good roads?

Check out Barra Beach Club, designed with guests in mind – everyone is treated like a superstar with personal needs and tastes. This Mozambique beach accommodation is all about tantalising your six senses. Not only can you feel, see, hear, smell and taste the ocean and sun, but so too will you instinctively know that you are a winner when it comes to friendly service and five-star facilities.

Arriving and leaving by air or road

Get there from Maputo, Lanseria or Johannesburg on LAM and jump on board the hotel transfer for 20km to your hotel. Or drive your 2×4 car right to your destination with no problems arising because of road issues.

Travelling alone to Mozambique can be done and is done all the time, by males and females from all around the world. There are some tricks to travelling alone in this African country so take note:

  • Travel by long distance buses or use the local Chapas, mini bus taxis which only leave for their destinations when every seat is taken. They are cheap but can be quite frightening as some drivers drive very fast and recklessly.
  • Choose buses run by companies that do long distances. There a few choices and many of these move between major city centres.
  • Catch your ride to and from Barra Beach Club if you wait at Inhambane at Maxixe. This way, you can explore the region safely if you stick with other travellers and just ask questions. Mozambicans are known to be very friendly!

Learn the lingo

When you travel alone in Mozambique, you need to know a few Portuguese words to get by and to appreciate interacting with local people. Learn how to say Bom dia (Hello or good day) and Obrigada/o (Thank you). Other Portuguese phrases which may help include these daily expressions:

How are you?              Como esta?

I’m OK, thank you.      Estou bem, obrigado/a

Is everything OK?        Tudo bem?

Pleased to meet you.  Prazer

Good night.                  Boa noite

Yes.                                Sim

No.                                 Nao

Support local businesses

Another great way to learn about the country and the people is to buy your necessities at local shops. This way, you meet entrepreneurs and support their businesses – these include the many roadside vendors who are selling roasted cashew nuts, fresh bread rolls, hot sauces, coconuts and coconut products, curios, art and other wonderful Portuguese and African items. In addition, you save money and make friends.

Rules of the road and police bribes

Travelling alone to Mozambique and Barra Beach Club means learning the rules of the road and remembering that the police tend to bribe visitors a lot. They will always try their luck to make extra money by pulling you over and checking you have your seatbelt on, you are sticking to the speed limit and have all your papers with you including third party insurance, safety triangles and a reflective jacket. They will find something to make you pay for. Just have enough cash available for such bribes but there are times you may have to put your foot down. Just remember to drive slowly and carefully and obey all road rules.

  • View of dhows from the beach
  • Barra Beach Club Villa Room
  • Garden view

Malaria is for real

Take all precautions against malaria as this disease is prevalent in Mozambique. Take your prophylactics at all times and cover up: with clothing and mosquito repellent at night. It is not fun to get malaria, especially when travelling alone.

Cold beer and fresh fruit

When in Rome… applies to being in Mozambique. So, when in Mozambique, drink the local beer and sample the local food and you will be happy. This is how to travel alone to Mozambique and Barra Beach Club – become a local and fit in and you will feel safe and have so much fun. Tasty beers, rum, cocktails and fresh coconuts, cashew nuts, fruits and more. You have to try peri peri everything and a few stews and desserts too.

Be safe and vigilant

When travelling alone, try to travel with other travellers just for your own peace of mind. There have been stories of travellers being hassled and robbed – this is Africa so you need eyes in the back of your head and you need to be vigilant. If you suspect someone is not being truly honest or is suspicious, you need to avoid them. Don’t go out alone at night and avoid groups or men especially if they are drinking. Most Mozambicans are very friendly but never be too careful.

When you travel alone to Mozambique and Barra Beach Club, your main goal is to appreciate your destination and the journey getting there and back. Enjoy the people, the fantastic scenery, the awesome accommodation and beaches, variety of water sports and laid back atmosphere. We will assist you to get there safely so contact one of our travel experts today to secure your mission to Inhambane and we can ensure you get the best price for a single person.


Hazel, Published on:- June 13, 2018