Off the northern coast of Mozambique

Off the northern coast of Mozambique lies a string of islands known as the Quirimbas Archipelago. One of these is a slender, moon-shaped atoll on which a precious gem is hidden. Discover Vamizi Island #5 of 7 speciality lodgings in the Quirimbas.

There are just 13 rustic timber villas on this private island, all promising romance, secluded bliss and an unmistakable Robinson Crusoe kind of vibe and accommodation. 5 of these feature 2 bedrooms each. In addition, there are 6 individually designed Private Villas, each booked exclusively with enough room for as many as 12 guests. Here, your island holiday experience is redefined. Whether it’s a family getaway, a honeymoon retreat or just an escape for groups of friends, Vamizi Island will deliver the most amazing experiences that will forever stay embedded in your memories. Before you take the plunge, feast your eyes on the candid photos in our gallery tab to see for yourself what awaits you upon stepping on the pristine sands of this tropical paradise.

Vamizi Island receives rave Tripadvisor reviews

Vamizi Island receives rave Tripadvisor reviews and guest feedback for providing one of the best island experiences, superb food and exceptional service. One reviewer from Malibu, California went as far as to mention that it’s ranking at #5 is an injustice as it deserves a place at the top. Here’s an extract from his post, “…Of all the escapist beach lodges we have stayed over the years, this has so far been the best for us. We had the last (giant, spectacular, beautifully designed) villa on the beach, furthest from reception, and it was astonishing, definitely the villa to stay for total seclusion…We had the best vegan food ever during our stay…”

Mark Hilton from Harrogate, UK had such an amazing time at this top Mozambique beach property and found the diving terrific, “Not easy to get to but the ultimate experience is worth it. This is barefoot luxury at its very best. The food is superb, the staff on point and the diving just blew me away. Unbleached corals, abundant sharks and Rodriguez, the dive instructor is very passionate about the sport…”

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