Many years ago, elegant women wandered around on Ibo Island dressed in long gracious dresses, their parasols held over their pale faces in the hot tropical sunshine. Grand buildings and plenty of trees shaded the wide streets and the dominant language was Portuguese. If the three forts could talk, they might whisper about the merciless slave trade days and when people were imprisoned and tortured by the Mozambique secret police.

Moving On

So whats  hot today in the Quirimbas? We recommend the charming and constantly award-winning Ibo Island Lodge where history radiates from every ruin and tired street corner but where a rich and friendly people welcome you with open arms. Revel in lavish accommodation with three sumptuous meals daily then find time to get to know the locals and their lifestyle as passed down through many generations. This is the rustic life on a deserted island.

Hot Quirimbas Stories

And the heat is definitely on in this heart of the Quirimbas where these same walls might whisper about the return of the local people after 1975 -and the skilled silversmiths who to this day still create exquisite adornments for tourists. The fishing community claimed their ocean back and the island is today a very laid-back, safe destination for a holiday that oozes charm. Many ruins are being strangled by crimson bougainvillea and huge old figs twist their limbs around what were once inhabited edifices.

Intimate Holiday Pleasure

We urge you to visit the Quirimbas Archipelago in all her low key glory – especially if you love getting away from it all and immersing yourself in true wilderness deserted island bliss. Here you will find enough sunshine, warm ocean water, dazzling white beaches, friendly people and food to indulge in, not to mention a wide variety of trendy water sports and leisure activities.  There is also a pampering spa wherever you are. Turn up the heat!

Luxury on Deserted Isles

A few hours by boat across the Indian Ocean lies the tiny Medjumbe Private Island, playground for companies who want to team build or honeymoon couples who are escaping everyone they know. Find yourself on an isle no bigger than a large sandbar stretching a mere 800m by 350m and completely surrounded by beach and ocean! Choose one of 13 rustic-chic villas to while away long sunny days and remind yourself of the meaning of the Here and Now.

Come to the Quirimbasfor the massages and facials, the impeccable service with a smile and the opportunity to do nothing that even sounds like work for several days. Lay back, soak up the sun and let your body work in the ocean when you go deep sea diving, or fishing or kite surfing or stand up paddleboarding. There may even be a luxury yacht that you can hire for a few hours to a week, enjoying sublime decadence in a floating hotel of supreme elegance. Is this hot enough?

Vamizi Island is the landing pad for the rich and famous – or for you and your family. Book a huge private villa in its own private garden with private chef and butler and vehicle, water sports equipment and boats. Often regarded as the most stunning island in the Archipelago, Vamizi is a crescent-shaped gem where conservation of ocean species comes first, and guests get involved in meaningful outdoor activities. Remote desert island bliss with a touch of class!

Located in the Quirimbas marine reserve, Azura Quilalea is also focused on the preservation of the ocean and island environment. Discover another Quirimbas Archipelago paradise where you get to observe your soul and that of your loved one. Book your honeymoon here, on an island so beautiful you have to pinch yourself every morning as the sun rises.

The amazing Quirimbas comprises 32 jewel-like islands surrounded by such reefs and almost surreal turquoise waters. Mangrove swamps offer bird sanctuaries and fishermen wander around as their families tend homegrown vegetables. Tall coconut palms create shady havens and skilled dive instructors appear out of nowhere to take you on a course to see a fantasy underwater wonderland.

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