Beira is large – the second largest city in Mozambique and the busiest port. The city sprawls out towards the sea, the swampy mouth of the Pungwe River and the Beira Corridor which is the main road and railway line constructed towards the east, allowing Zimbabwe to get to the sea.

Beira is a great base for leisure and business travellers alike who are attracted to the city for economic, commercial, fun and conference activities. Typical Mozambique accommodation ranges from quality guest houses, bed and breakfasts, and self-catering units to luxury lodges, hotels and family getaway venues. There is something for everyone – contact us here to book the right place for your needs!

Start with the luxury hotels and take a chance with Hotel Tivoli Beira – in the heart of the city, this large Mozambique hotel oozes friendliness and comfort and is an easy walk from most attractions. Only four kilometres from the beach, Hotel Tivoli will suit all business and leisure travellers especially since it boasts a conference centre, coffee shop and bar. The 63 rooms and 10 en-suite suites feature private balconies, air-conditioning, TV and fantastic decor.

For something less urban and more family oriented, book a room or two at Rio Savane, situated between the sea and the Savane River, shaded by a beautiful coconut grove.  Just outside Beira, this campsite offers everything you need to camp in style, plus two self-catering bungalows. Here you can surf, fish, swim and play to your heart’s content. Birders will be enthralled by the range of species in the mangroves, forests and wet grasslands! You may even see one or two wild animals.

Beira Guest House and VIP Inn Beira are small, clean accommodation venues – ideal for people passing through the city who need a quick breakfast and a comfortable bed. Sena Hotel is also an example of typical Mozambique accommodation brimming with hospitality and comfort. Close to the beach and airport, travellers love its convenient setting.

Have you decided where to stay in Beira? Book that special package and plan your Mozambique holiday today.