Your Money is Safe With Us

Before you travel to Mozambique, make sure your money is safe with us. Book a dream holiday to that special beach hotel or island resort and get financial protection all the way with Mozambique Travel. Relax, we are here for your peace of mind to simply enjoy your holiday. Mozambique Travel is owned by Voyage2Africa, a SATSA member and bonded company. 

We secure the best available rates for our clients’ accommodation packages in Mozambique and we then guarantee this price. We update our prices regularly as part of our mission to give you the correct quotation for all expenses you may acquire on a journey to a Mozambique beach or island destination. We are honest about all costs and you get no surprises en route! 

Our holding Company, Voyage2Africa, is bonded with the Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA), a credible member-driven organisation that has been operating successfully since 1969. To become a SATSA member, Travel Companies must annually prove that they adhere to the highest standards of financial integrity, professionalism, and service.  

Our SATSA bond is essentially an insurance policy, protecting you, the Traveller. In layman’s terms, should Voyage2Africa, or any affiliated company, encounter any financial turbulence before you have the chance to travel, you’re guaranteed to get your money back. In a nutshell, when you secure your travel arrangements with us, you can be confident that your investment in a luxury African travel holiday is protected.  SATSA bonded membership number 1911. 

SATSA Bonding – Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Our International Banking house is top in their field in the processing of international “swift” payments. We have an excellent turnaround time thus ensuring the smooth operational requirement of supplier 3rd party payments.  This ensures good business practice in guaranteeing that the payment gets to the supplier well ahead of time and therefore allows adequate time for them to plan for your arrival.

We are very proud to boast a “zero chargeback history” with our world-class online credit card payment system, which is endorsed by both Visa and Mastercard globally.  Automatic travel insurance is offered by most major credit cards, but we recommend that you always confirm this with your issuing banking house.

Financial Protection: Relax, we are here to give you the peace of mind and confidence to simply enjoy your travel, the way it should be! Contact Mozambique Travel today to find out more.