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We organise all your flights to Mozambique including all inter-island transfers and land transfer to luxury coastal lodges or hotels. Flight schedules showing daily arrivals and departures vary for your convenience when flying between South Africa and Mozambique. 

Our most popular flight routes right now include Johannesburg to Maputo return, Johannesburg to Pemba return, Johannesburg to Vilanculos return and flights to Inhambane return too. Some airlines travel via two destinations on one trip so we advise you to make the most of these flights to get in al the sightseeing you can while en route to your dream Mozambique destination

Your Mozambique round trip holiday is our business. You can mix business with pleasure on flights to world class conference facilities in Maputo then team building events in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Or get married in Vilanculos and enjoy an extended honeymoon on Benguerra Island in a honeymoon villa made for romance.  We can advise you on the best travel routes according to your exact travel requirements, as well as offer you unbeatable fares for your holidays to Mozambique. Contact us to book your flights to Mozambique.

Which Airline Should You Choose to Fly With? 

Are you wondering which airline flies to Mozambique or how to get to Mozambique from South Africa? Many travellers ask us how many hours the fights are from Maputo to Johannesburg, and we tell them, just over an hour. And this all depends on whether your flights goes via another international airport like Inhambane or Vilanculos, en route to Maputo. It all depends on whether you are flying direct to your city destination for some extraordinary nightlife and a little bit of business, or if you are flying to a luxury beach boutique hotel to find some snorkelling adventures, diving excursions and ocean safaris to see the whales.

Mozambique Travel is here to help you design the best travel plan for your ultimate beach holiday. We offer you the convenience of flying direct to Maputo from Oliver Tambo International in Johannesburg. Let’s take a look at the flight schedules for SA Airlink for flying times between Johannesburg and Pemba, Vilanculos, and Beira.

SA Airlink has Regular Flights to Mozambique Airports

SA Airlink flies regularly from Johannesburg to Pemba, every day of the week (except Tuesdays and Sundays) at 11h30, landing at 14h20, making this flight just under three hours.  Flights then depart Pemba at 14h50 daily (except Tuesdays and Sundays) and land in Johannesburg at 17h45. 

Pemba is a thrilling destination for scuba diving, ocean safaris and dream deep sea fishing excursions – why not book your all-inclusive package deal at Diamonds Mequfi for slick accommodation right on the Pemba beachfront? Plus, you get a swimming pool, pool bar and excellent seafood meals in the restaurants. Try your hand at Catamaran sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoes and stand-up paddling, cart sailing and fat biking or a bit of yoga on the beach. 

Vilanculos holidays in Mozambique are trending so the arrival and departure times for regular flights is more constant. Fly Johannesburg OR Tambo to Vilanculos International every day of the week at 10am or 11.30 am, landing at 12h55 or 13h10. This means that these flights are nearly three hours or under two hours. Return fights from Vilanculos to Johannesburg are either 13.25 or 13.45 every day of the week landing at 15h10 or 15h30. 

This is the flight schedule for you if you want to explore the ocean depths from Vilanculos Beach Lodge right on the seashore with stupendous views towards the Bazaruto Archipelago. Find designer Mozambique eco accommodation on the edge of the sea, snuggling into a grove of indigenous trees as rolling lawns meet a sparkling rim flow swimming pool. A mere 8 km from Vilanculos International Airport, this local resort is all yours for a pretty package deal and more.   

Tourists to Vilanculos can also choose to fly with Mozambique Airlines, LAM, for more options and different times: flights from OR Tambo in Johannesburg leave every day at 08h40 and arrive at 13h45. The return flights, from Vilanculos to Johannesburg, leave at 14h15 or 15h10 daily, landing in the other side at 18h30 all round. These flights fly via Maputo and Inhambane. 

Find out if you can get on and off the airplane to explore some great foods and markets while you are in transit! We recommend staying for a few days in Maputo, to experience the vibrant city and all its cultures and historical architecture and modern events on the go. Lively bars, the old town nestled in the modern fixtures and a trendy beachfront too. 

Cheap Flights to Mozambique are a Winner

Get cheap flights to Mozambique when you shop around, and the best prices come from our rates and special packaged deals for lodges and island villas in Mozambique. Maputo is a very popular destination for business travellers flying from Johannesburg and other capital cities globally. Modern hotels in the capital city of Mozambique host business delegates in state-of-the-art suites with high tech conference and meeting room facilities with secretarial services too. 

It is good to know that SA Airlink is one of the few good airlines to fly regularly to Beira, arrivals and departures every Wednesday and Saturday at 11.30 or 13h30. Beira is the capital city of Sofala Province, home to the exquisite Gorongosa National Park. Book a holiday safari package to Montebelo Lodge and Safari while you are at it and enjoy brilliant night game drives with spotlights!

Take advantage of two flights a day, every day of the week, between OR Tambo and Maputo Airports. The plane departs Maputo conveniently early every morning at 06h50 for businesspeople to make their meetings in Johannesburg on time! And Maputo Airport is only 3km from the city centre making life easier for transfers to get to arrivals and departures on time.  Check out our destinations page to see where you can fly to in Mozambique!

We recommend a flight to Pemba to see the whales in season, dolphins diving and untouched coral reefs. Enjoy ocean sports such as kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding and surfing. This stunning beach town is the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago where exquisite islands float in azure seas. 

Flights leave Pemba airport every day twice a day to fly to Johannesburg – these are all afternoon evening flights except for Wednesday when there is one morning flight. Choose your flights carefully to coincide with transfers to other hotels in the city of Gold. Returning to Pemba from Johannesburg, again, flights occur daily and are a mix of morning and evening flights so again, be sure to book your package deals to Pemba with your transfers in mind to your next luxury accommodation holiday. 

What are the Most Popular Cities in Mozambique to Visit?

You may be wondering what are the most popular cities to visit in Mozambique? Well, we can say for sure that all the main airport cities are popular and Inhambane is one of them. Inhambane is the gateway to exquisite eco lodges dotted along the extensive white sandy coastline just north of Maputo, before Vilanculos. 

We recommend the trending Eclectic Beach Retreat for a holiday where you get to experience a fantastic Mozambique destination to rejuvenate body, mind, and soul, with your beloved partner. The emphasis here is on lavish attention to detail and five-star service with a smile. Guests feel at home in the privacy of their chic villa where tranquillity revives and calms – only seven boutique beach suites fully equipped with a lovely sitting area, kettle, air conditioning and showers (some suites come complete with a kitchenette and microwave).

Departures from Johannesburg to Inhambane leave every day at a constant 10h55 and land at varying times in Inhambane depending on whether the flights go via Vilanculos or not. Then, return flights to Inhambane from Oliver Tambo International Airport leave at 13h05 or 14h30 every day, some of them going via Vilanculos, the other beach destination so loved by visitors on holiday in Mozambique. 

Flights to Kenya and Tanzania for Wildlife and Island Thrills

Travellers will be pleased to know that there are flights leaving Mozambique for neighbouring countries – the Pemba to Dar es Salaam and the Pemba to Nairobi flights are very popular with visitors on a trip to Africa. This opens up doors for a combo holiday in Mozambique and Tanzania where wildlife viewing is top in the world, or Zanzibar for island bliss and long beautiful beaches. These flights are with LAM, Mozambique Airlines, and take 2 to three hours. 

Safari enthusiasts can also choose to fly with Kenya Airways every day of the week except Thursdays from Maputo to Nairobi and return. Arrivals and departures vary from morning to afternoon times. Check all details with your Mozambique Travel agent and remember that a flight to Nairobi is the gateway to some of the best wildlife safaris in the world!  Organise a combo safari holiday to Mozambique beaches and then to the heart of Africa’s big game viewing country, Kenya!

Flights with Kenya Airways are very convenient for holiday makers who are in search of the ultimate safari beach combo package – check out regular Nairobi to Pemba flights, on the flight schedule on a Tuesday and Saturday at 16h15. Pemba to Nairobi is Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12h15 on time. For travellers in the north, there is a short hop from Nairobi to Nampula at 11h05 eery morning on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday where the beaches of Nacala are calling. 

Book a dive package to Nuarro Lodge positioned at the top of a dune overlooking Memba Bay near Nacala in northern Mozambique. This eco lodge features a Beach Bar and Marine Activity Centre so divers and fishermen can explore the reefs or gently snorkel in the bay before going sea kayaking or dhow sailing. Afternoon flights from Nampula to Nairobi leave regularly on the same days – some go via Lilongwe in Malawi providing yet another option for tourists wanting to explore and adventure at the great Lake. 

Last but not least, Precision Air flights are always on time – they also fly Dar es Salam to Pemba, and Pemba to Nampula and Nampula to Dar es Salaam every Monday, Friday and Sunday. This encourages tourists to combine a Zanzibar holiday with a tour of Tanzania wildlife reserves, or a beach break in Nacala in Mozambique merged with a cruise on a dhow in Zanzibar. You choose your African adventure, and we do the rest – you choose your flight combinations, and we do the deal!

Chat to Mozambique Travel about your ultimate flight schedule to tie in with our best safari plans into Africa. See the highlights of Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi on one extended uber luxury bush beach combo holiday. 

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